Rising Roll Gourmet Café: Sugarloaf

1812 N Brown Rd NW #10, Lawrenceville
(678) 847-6088

Recent Reviews

Boom Johnson

Absolute joy walking into this sandwich spot! FANTASTIC OWNERS and AMAZING FOOD. They took the time to literally make a whole new loaf of bread, because the original batch was not to their standards. Offered me a drink while I wait. Literally could not ask for more! Oh and their food is priced great!!

Monica Varga

So tasty! We ordered the Tuscan and Milano wraps. They were fresh and so comforting.They close at 3:30 instead of 2:30.Would definitely recommend to anyone as they have vegan and gluten free options as well.

Texas T.

This place has the BEST chicken salad melt. Add it to a croissant and it's absolutely amazing. We could eat there daily. They also have yummy sides. The fresh fruit and also the potato salad are great additions to any sandwich. So good!

Joi B.

Cookies are amazing ,my order was correct, but the chicken in the sandwich was a little under cooked for my taste besides that delivery was smooth and easy

Andy Becker

I'm with Rietta - this place simply cannot be beat in terms of freshness, quality and friendliness. If anyone finds faults, they are transient (someone having a bad day) and definitely something that repeats. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Lance Pettus

Best sandwich and salad spot around. Love the owners, so friendly!Great for catering orders as well.

Lance Pettus

My favorite sandwich place! Owners are so friendly and customer focused.

John P.

Our favorite lunch spot in Gwinnett, owners are so friendly and customer focused! Fantastic catering service as well.

Rietta Campbell

If I could give this place more than five stars I would. The people at this cafe are literally so nice. I've never gone to a restaurant to eat and left feeling so wholesome, but they manage to put a smile on our face every time. You can tell they really try their best to accommodate everyone and make you feel welcome when you eat there. That to me is the best part about this Rising Roll ☺️ but the food is also amazing! Everything is freshly made, you get great deals on Saturdays, and the cookies are dang delicious ? if you're looking for a low cost and healthy lunch don't hesitate to come here

Quarteria Atkins

Customer service is literally amazing. The gentleman who took my order was so nice it made my day. They top Chic Fil A in customer service. I will definitely be coming back here. Food was amazing as well!! Would give more than 5 stars if I could!

Trey Dunlap

For a lunch spot to have customer service as good as Chic-fil-a is RARE these days, but these folks pull it off EVERY TIME. And their food is much better! Joe never lets your cup go dry and ALWAYS thanks you for your business. Not many places out there like this anymore. ???

Paul Allan

Best Place to have lunch in Gwinnett county. Food and service is top notch. Spicy Cuban is the best on the menu.

Amy T.

I cannot wait to go back! I want to try everything on the menu! I had the rhythm and blues sandwich with the potato salad and it was fabulous! The service was great. Very personable and friendly. Very well priced. I highly recommend Riding Roll!

Surf G.

Nope Not going Back! Do not want to leave a negative review Just not going back!

stevenjenn Meadows

Firecracker Chicken wrap with some cole slaw, was $12, and didn't come with chips! Had to pay extra. Sandwich was mediocre at best, and tasted very plain. 2 times now, same experience.

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