Shoney's Lawrenceville

5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville
(678) 847-6175

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Christine K.

Went to this location to have dinner with mom and sat over an hour for food. Only upon the server (I use that term loosely) overhearing us say wth where's our food. She said we were next. Over 30 mins later and not one time being checked on or drinks filled - we walked out! Over an hour and a half for a salad and couple sandwiches! 2 other tables next to us seemed to be having the same experience! Horrible and poorly managed or not managed at all. Close your doors for good!

Gretchen S.

So my fiance picked this place for dinner last night while we were at Sugarloaf Mills, and honestly I just wasn't impressed with any of it. The good aspects of the restaurant were just decent and the bad parts were pretty bad. First of all, my gut was telling me to either order from the menu something fresh or to just em have my fiance order something if he really wanted to and eat at one of the other food court vendors. I'm not even a picky person, so from the get go I think I just had a bad vibe. I glanced over at the buffet and looked it over before deciding, and even though most of it looked dried out and in need of refills, I went with it because my fiance decided to. Our waitress was friendly enough, although most of the servers were just on their phones or gossipping. While I was making a plate, somebody in the kitchen (in direct earshot of the dining room) was yelling, "You're not gonna fire me!" She just kept going on and on about how she wasn't getting fired and what not. I thought she was joking, except I didn't hear any laughing after. It was kind of a turn off hearing all that while I was already putting some dried out food on my plate. I have never seen or felt such dry overcooked/old biscuits in my life - truly a disgrace to the South! I tapped them on my plate and they were rock hard. I salvaged what I could, but even that had to be drowned in gravy. Luckily at least the country gravy was good. After they refilled things, the food tasted considerably better. Although, there was no saving the biscuits. The BBQ chicken was tender and juicy. The new batch of macaroni and cheese was very gooey and cheesy - tasted good, but similar to Golden Corral style which could make or break it for you depending on your preference. The potatoes were your standard cafeteria style mashed. The salad bar had a decent array of toppings and was fresh. The tortilla soup looked good, though I didn't try any. Whatever the other soup was it had barely any ingredients in ratio to the chowder part. It didn't look too appetizing. Overall, have I had worse? Of course, but for $12.99 a pop you're better off at IHOP/Denny's for an entree and Golden Corral or Hibachi for a buffet. The arguing in the back and quality of the food were big turn offs. First impressions are everything to me sometimes, so I have no real reason to go back. My waitress said she likes the spinach artichoke dip and burgers, so maybe try those if you're thinking of going. I don't recommend the buffet. Honestly, next time I'm at this mall I'd rather try the Thai restaurant or one of the sandwich places. Hibachi-san also looked good...Oh, well.

Katrina T.

Whilst I was sashaying in the mall, I came across one of the most nostalgic places, EVER..... Shoney's. Back in the day, in Maryland, my dad would take us out to eat at the Shoney's in Montgomery Village. We would occasionally go on Sunday, after church. To be honest, that was the only reason I went to church....... To eat. So, you can imagine how I felt when I saw this restaurant. It was me and my two girls. We sat down and the waitress took our order. I ordered the bacon, sausage, potatoes, and scrambled eggs with cheese. One of my daughter's had bacon cheeseburger and the other had steak and fried shrimp. I also ordered the spinach dip. The waitress was somewhat attentive. She wasn't rude or unkind. She was ok. The spinach artichoke dip arrived, I tasted it, and sent it right back. It was too watery. The chips that came with it was salty, but good. My daughter, who ordered the burger, got her food first. She took off all of her toppings (onions and lettuce) and ate it all. She said that it was ok, but needed salt. My food came out second. I immediately noticed that my eggs looked wet. I don't eat over easy or undercooked eggs. So, I inspected it and they looked fine. They weren't slimy at all, but a little too moist, if that makes sense. My daughter even said the eggs looked "off." I tasted it, and it tasted ok. We waited five more minutes for my daughter's steak and shrimp to come out. She was mad as all get down. She said her steak was tough. She is use to eating ribeye steak, so of course their steak (I believe it was sirloin,) was going to taste tougher. The place could use a better cleaning. It wasn't dirty, just a bit unkempt. They did have a little salad bar there. There was also soup at the salad bar. This place was not worth it to me. I was let down. I should have sashayed to the Chinese place, a few feet away. I will keep the Shoney's in Montgomery Village, close to my heart. This restaurant was nothing like it.

Richard Lang

Half o pound as delicuous as ever. Tender green beans and a melt in your mouth loaded baked potato.. delicious

Arun Gaikwad

Went in for the first time. I felt the staff number was too much for amount of customers. I saw too many girls inside the kitchen and food area than serving customers. Only one lady was running around taking orders from customers. She missed our order. She didn't keep the spoons and forks after asking twice. She didn't give or ask for any sauces with the food we ordered. I felt the manager was also not keen on taking care of customers but was very busy talking to others girls..gossiping with phones in their hands...overall lacking professionalism in service industry...


I love the salad bar with an All American Burger and tea! Delicious!

Joy Guzman

I went tonight a Friday night at about 4:45pm. The service was horrible. My food took forever and I had a birthday coupon and when I told the server what I wanted she was like ok but then came back like 10 min later and said they never made it that the ticket fell down. O was all ready irritated for waiting so long on my food. And I was supposed to get the $5 promo burger but was charged for the regular one. And the regular one should of been $3 it was so small. And fries were cold. It was definitely not worth my money or time. Not sure if I will ever go back. They need a manager to get the staff straight. And need dependable help.

Matsui Matusi

i would have given their place no stars if possible. lucky they even got 1 star to be honest. do not eat here. food tasted like dinner tray food. wife got the salmon and half of it was raw. they took it back to the kitchen and for some reason took them over 45 minutes to bring it back. the team seems to have a lack of communication because none of them seemed to know which drinks from the soda machine had syrup or not. water tastes like they scooped it out of the toilet bowl. none of the staff seem to have any kind of customer service experience or they just don’t seem to care. if this restaurant is part of the shoney’s franchise, i’m glad they’re going out of business

John Siejkowski

Wrong drink, wrong toppings on one meal, another meal done so wrong they didn't bring it out and had to wait for it to be re-done, then charge on bill for something that wasn't ordered. Total disaster on this particular day.

Miss G.

I really feel bad to gave 1 star only. To be honest, the food isn't bad at all. But I had to wait 30mins to get 2pieces of chicken was really unacceptable. Especially when it was a slow day and it doesn't take THAT long to cook fried chickens.

Arlene Madrid

I went here for the first time with my boyfriend and we waiting for 40 minutes for our food and I received my sandwich with absolutely no toppings and the chicken was super super dry and the mac and cheese was so cold and unappetizing. The server was our hostess and he was super sweet. Howeve, I'm never coming back their ever again I rather be ordering at the food court than this place again.

Cathy Stinnett

Surprisingly really good to be in a mall. The only setback, very small compared to the actual restaurant. Food was great

Michael B.

Listen, I'm a foodie so I would NEVER choose this spot but my littlest saw a buffet and he was hooked! And ya know what, it wasn't bad. Their $5 burger was just fine and he enjoyed the buffet. So, hey as far as food in this mall, it does fine.

Marc Sanders

The food was ok at best, but what really lacked was the service, in this case, lack of. The person that was supposed to be our server only brought us the check and some condiments. The host tried his best to help us. Food sat at the counter for 15 minutes, we watched it sit there, then they brought it. Had it been served earlier, it would have been better. A 30 minute meal was drug out to an hour because we could e get a server. Sad, very sad. I expect better for a sit down meal. I get better at Burger King.

Wayne Eby

This says it's a Shoney's but it was disappointing. Service bad. No refills. Breakfast bar closed Saturday by 11:30. Your Shoney's favorite food will not be the same here. We drove a significant distance just to come to Shoney's to be severely disappointed. By the way: It's in the mall. Nothing about this place is Shoney's.

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