Sonny's BBQ

660 Duluth Hwy, Lawrenceville
(770) 822-3330

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Kevin Hill

Pretty good and consistent… attentive service and food hot… ??

Meechie King

Waited 9 minutes to be acknowledged but they thought I was grub hub...but food was still not up to par like last time seemed reheated

Lisa Lee

My son and I visited around lunch time today and we both had the pulled pork, baked beans, Mac n cheese, fries, and Texas toast and all of it was so hot and delicious! I forgot the name of the waitress she was the only African American waitress serving during the time we were there and she provided awesome guest service with kindness which made this overall the most pleasant lunch for my son and I. The food reminded me of when I used to come to Sonny's as a young girl.

Mannuela Santos

This food was extremely disappointing. The chicken was COMPLETELY tasteless like they didn’t season it at all. They forgot part of my order (per usual) and their poor excuse for a sauce was extremely bitter. The only thing edible was the potato salad. Never ordering from this establishment again.

Keith B.

Sonny's, What is going on? Do you not like us? There has been several occasions that I've could of written a review about but decided not to. This location is ridiculous. First, issue I experienced was a to go order placed online, which we entered the parking spot number as instructed and waited an unexpected amount of time to be told that the online portion was giving them issues and waited 30 min watching our food just sitting there turning cold to be given to me. I voiced my opinion there and was still given the cold food and an apology. The next issue, we came in and sat to wait for the food instead of placing to go to eliminate the first experience. They couldn't get it right after making the same order twice. The final time to visit this location took the cake, we just watched you give our food to the car next to us. And we heard you call our name. The food exchanged hands with someone Else! You didn't remake my order, you charged me, we left, called to speak with a manager, and hung up on. Called a second time, and finally refunded. Just passing along this info. I really hope your visit is better than ours. SONNY'S we won't be coming back!

Dee Reid

Today, I ordered curbside pickup. I arrived after pickup time and called the number posted to notify the restaurant. I was told that my order wasn't ready yet. Waited. Called again after awhile and gave name for order. Employee said, "Ok, thank you" in a tone that indicated that I was annoying and promptly hung up. Waited a total of 30 min. before going in. Gave name to lady at bar. The food was just sitting there and there were several workers just standing around laughing and talking. I told her that we had been waiting and she said, in an unpleasant tone, "I have other people to wait on." No apologies or anything. For the record, I was not rude at any time, so this behavior was not warranted. Very poor customer service.


Loved the food. I have pulled chicken, Mac and cheese and baked beans. ?

Mike Amato

Food was good but the bathrooms were in rough shape.


Wings are pretty good from here, I wish they came in a combo.

Jennifer D.

Food is decent enough - not great, but fine for fast food bbq. I had a lousy experience trying to use the curbside service, though. You pull up in a spot and call to tell them you've arrived. I tried calling a few times and no one picked up, and two employees were on a smoke break outside and looked over at the car a few times. I get that they were on break, but after about 8 minutes I went inside. The hostess wasn't at her station, and after about four minutes came inside. She'd been one of the ones on the smoke break watching the car, and was still texting when I said I was there for a curbside order. She was totally sweet after that, but it defeated the entire purpose of offering curbside.

Erin C.

EVERYTHING is amazing. It's so hard to find a BBQ spot that does everything well, but this place nailed it. I'll be a lifetime customer. Highly recommend this spot. I've only ever ordered delivery /take out so I can't speak to the service, but the food is top notch.

Author Mary Mag-dalene

I am very disappointed with this restaurant. I previously left a review about my dissatisfaction with my small dry ribs that I received. Immediately, I was contacted by the social media department expressing how apologetic they were.Then, a lady by the name of Dana Saccoccio emailed me asking for my telephone number to discuss my issue further. How about it's been almost 2weeks and no more communication from them.Initially, I was done after I left my review. However, they began contacting me expressing concern. They acted as if they genuinely cared about achieving customer satisfaction. I am disappointed, because why bother. Why bother with contacting me, if there was never a real intention to help resolve this issue.At this point, I do not feel as though Sonny's BBQ care about customer feedback. Those ribs they sold me were tiny, dry, and not worth the $20 dollars I paid for my meal.I was a fool to trust that they genuinely wanted to resolve this issue. Just because we are battling some many issues does not mean that customer satisfaction should change.

Kevin Bolton

Suzanne is top notch great service!The Family meal was great for 4 big eaters she was on the money with the portion sizes with good balance of flavors.The Brisket had a nice smoke ring very tender/ lean no fat along with the pulled pork and Ribs thanks again.

David G

Always enjoy Sonny's pulled pork. Was seated instantly and got food on table in about 5 minutes

Shirtz Jackson

Absolutely amazing bbq if your in the area eating here is a must

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