Thai Diner & Sushi

5900 Sugarloaf Pkwy #435, Lawrenceville
(678) 847-5936

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Willa Norris

Let me start with the fact that I love this place. Me and my friend eat here every time we come to the mall. But our last trip had us walk out. We ordered out usual tea roses, chicken satay and calamari. But the first thing she brought out was cheese filled egg rolls, which we did not order. So when we brought this up to her she became argumentative and stated “well I repeated your order, you should have caught it”. First off: she did not repeat our order. Second when I asked to speak with someone else she walked off and pretended not to hear us. She sat behind a partition banging things around and pretending weren’t there. After asking to speak to a manager again and being ignored, we left. I tried to call and get someone on the phone and nobody answered. I’m not saying this place is bad. But watch out for the thirty something girl that works there. She is rude.

Steve Fore

Went here for dinner with a party of five. Food was fantastic. We shared among the group and had Pad Thai Noodles, Tom Yum Seafood Soup, Bangkok Shrimp, Chicken Satay, Thai Fried Rice and Spicy Thai Seafood. Everything came out great. Evelyn was our waitress and she made sure we were well taken care of the entire time. Very pleasant experience for us all.

Jessica Shin

To say I enjoyed the pad thai is an understatement. It was one of the BEST pad thai I ever had. I was doubtful about Thai Diner, as it's in a dying shopping mall and adjacent to D&B. But the space inside is welcoming with local decor scattered around with cavernous ceilings. I came just for the pad thai and it did not disappoint. It comes in 4 different heat levels: mild, medium, spicy, and very spicy. I went with just spicy but will have to try very spicy next time, because there will be a next time. The noodles were perfectly coated in the peanut tamarind sauce and it wasn't watery. The portions are huge. We also tried the boneless duck breast with sauteed peppers, but the sauce was too sweet even though the duck was cooked perfectly. On Tuesdays, they offer a free beverage with your meal, so the thai iced tea was very freshing during this heat wave.

Ma Sy

Their basil Thai rice tastes amazing. They also have a great customer service.Winnie, our waitress was amazing; she was very attentive to us. I don't think I will eat there if she is not the one helping us.We had a wonderful experience and will be back because of the food and mostly because of Winnie!

Leslie Butcher

Food has definitely improved. Loved the Panang curry, yellow curry, candy sushi and a few more sushi rolls (can't recall names). Waitress was attentive. Places appeared cleaned. I give them 4.5 out of 5. It takes ALOT to get a 5 o 5 from me

Joaquin “Bizzy” Byrd

I have mixed fillings about this place. Before covid I have seen so many people eating here. It wasn't until Post-Covid that I decided to give it a shot. It let me down a great deal. The Pad Woon Sen was flavorless. The servers stayed out of sight and did not tend to us frequently. I am not sure this is a place I would ever come back to. Thai food is suppose to be full of flavors. I have never gone to a Thai place and added salt to the meal. Good luck if you go there.

Travis Eacona

Been coming to this restaurant since the opened and I love it!! They have great Thai dishes, great sushi and damn those fried chicken wings! If you like some good Thai food then you won’t be disappointed at all! The one thing I would say isn’t the greatest is their “fried rice” it’s just sauced rices with some egg. I’ll be sure to just order white rice with my dishes as they come with enough sauce.

WildSanta Cates

I met Ricky when this Diner opened and his alway has been a great person that has worked extensively hard at making this restaurant a success and a success it is.If you have been a customer of this establishment Zach the beginning you will notice staff members that have remained nearly since the Diners beginning which is rare for restaurant workers.The food has always been good to me but to my wife whom has been a Thai Food lover for decades she loves it. My wife has brought friends and family that are Thai to eat her and they also enjoy dining here.Today we just had a few apps and shared an entree.If you haven't been to this restaurant try it...

Kewei Z.

After the 1st try, we have been coming back again and again. We really love this Thai Diner.

Lydia Ramos

Service is good and fast. We always eat here when we walk at Sugarloaf Mill. The sauce in my fried grouper today is a little salty. She wanted to get it back. I said no.The server suggested ask for sauce on the side next time.

Jean Miller

It was an awesome late lunch with my Mama. The Volcano rolls is the BEST roll there. Also had the Dancing Eel, not as great but still good. Mama had the California Dinner and I think this was first time on her visit to GA, there were no left overs! Always love my food, delivery or dine in.

Rosemarie Sullivan

the food was very good and they had lots of options. Almost everything you got to pick your meat on and tofu was available. very vegetarian friendly. Staff was kind and the place was clean. highly recommend

Ingrid S.

Apparently my friends have been coming to this place for years. So this year I tagged along and was surprised at the quality of food. It was your regular Thai fare. I ordered the green curry with pork. Someone had pad Thai and a masaman curry. When orders came to the table the aromas were just tantalizing. I couldn't help just stealing a bite from every dish. Portions were enormous. We couldn't finish it all and had to get to-go containers. As to the spicy part of each dish, we ordered just a tick below Thai hot. Well, sorry to say that it wasn't or we were not taken seriously. I think most places don't make it spicy because they think we (the customer) have no "idea" what hot is. This happens quite a lot in my experience but the food was good nonetheless.

Nick Smith

I've been coming here since I was a kid, Thai Diner has never failed to please. Just about anything I order here is great quality and delicious. Their coconut soup is downright addictive.

Eniola Dipeolu

I love this place. Food is great and customer service is great.

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