Kumo Hibachi Sushi

2595 Sandy Plains Rd #103, Marietta
(770) 575-2822

Recent Reviews

L S.

We've been customers here for quite a long time. The servers are so good to us and the food keeps getting better! They have gone above and beyond with their food presentation the last several times we've visited. The chefs have even prepared special appetizers for us to try. Great place and highly recommended!

Bee b

Love the food and the food came out extremely fast. I would highly recommend eating here and the inside environment is extremely calming. The server was great and helpful (very hardworking as well) and overall eating here was a good experience.

Barbara Piley

I must say, Kumo Hibachi Sushi offers so many wonderful options that you cannot go wrong! Hope you enjoy!

Blaire Robinson

Best food, welcoming employees, constantly awesome atmosphere. They charge convenient rates and the food quality is very good.

Grayson Blair

This is a fantastic date spot and just a great place for sushi in general.

Krista Stapleton

I LOVE finding good sushi! I am pregnant so cannot eat fish. Even though I ordered through Doordash, they listened to all of my special instructions and requests for fish free rolls. Fresh rice and ingredients. Would definitely recommend. Quality did not suffer even after 30 minute delivery ?

Landon Hughes

The sushi experience was amazing. Not because of the food but because it's a real authentic food made by native people. Delicious and perfect!

Kylie Byron

Love the food!! A bit pricer than some others in the area but overall worth it. Highly recommend for date night.

Pretty Nina

Food is amazing but customer service skills lacking. I spent $60 on takeout tipped and everything and bought $5 worth of sauces just for my order to be wrong when I got home :( and the girl who took my order over the phone wanted to let me know when I made it back to the restaurant for a 2nd time that it was my fault my order was incorrect and that next time I need to make sure I tell her what I wanted the first time.. which I did.. the first time I placed my order over the phone.. she couldn’t comprehend what I was saying and that’s not my fault. As a business you take the blame on things like something being incorrect ( it’s should have been a “oh I’m sorry let me fix it for you” with a smile.. I definitely didn’t appreciate being scolded and basically told off when I showed up the second time for my order to be fixed. When I was the one being inconvenienced having to drive back and forth. never again. I didn’t even have a attitude but for $60 and tipping for takeout I guess I just wanted to get what I payed for which is what I asked for over the phone. I know the owner is probably reading, maybe you should have someone who speaks and talks better English to take orders over the phone because it seemed like a language barrier between me and the lady over the phone. Unfortunately I’m uneasy eating here ever again because she made it seem like I was being problematic when I just wanted my order made correctly.. hopefully I didn’t get any spit in my food tonight for “my inconvenience”.~ a paying customer

Allison H.

This is our go-to sushi/hibachi restaurant. We still aren't going into restaurants, but the food is packaged nicely for delivery. We did enjoy the ambiance the restaurant offers before covid times and look forward to visiting in-person again SOON.

Brian Strange

We always order delivery from here and it never disappoints. The sushi is very good and we love the hibachi. This is about a twice a month order for us for the past two years and we have never had a bad order.

Chet M.

Great sushi!

Teresa Todd

Food was good my tea glass was very sticky so that made me leary to start with. I know that groups over 6 get charged an automatic minimum gratuity and I fully appreciate that and I normally tip 20% or better on weekend. I don't however believe they should charge me a service fee over and above the tip then expect me to tip. What the heck is the service fee for??? Because they've begun serving in house again??? I didn't have to pay a service fee before covid and I'm not paying 1 now. So u cheated urself out of a better tip


This is our favorite place to go.We’ve been customers when they just opened.Sushi is amazing and service is spectacular.Sushi price are reasonable.Best sushi ever made!

Tyler Baird

Wife and I went here for the first time, having placed our order over the phone and picking it up. (It traveled from restaurant to home in under three minutes, so arrived fresh)We ordered several types of Maki and Sushi, and the Lobster Miso Soup. I'll list the pros and cons of our experience below.PRO:-Sushi was very tasty, and reasonably priced. Would order it again.-Food was ready for pick up in 20 minutes, very fast!-Enjoyed food enough (except for the soup) that I would try it again.-Was only in the restaurant for pick up, but interior design was very pleasing. (Nice relaxing music too)CON:-The phone/ order person was very impatient and this did not get any better when picking up the order. Everyone working inside restaurant seemed impatient and very unhappy.-The Lobster Miso Soup was super disappointing. The lobster was rubbery, the miso flavor non-existent, and I didn't actually see any fish cake. Not worth the $5+ dollars.I can't speak to the quality of everything there, as I have yet to try it, but the sushi is pretty good. I would give it another try, and maybe just not get the soup next time.

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