Los Magueys Mexican Restaurant

2404 Dallas Hwy, Marietta
(678) 426-8856

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Michelle Tweedy

This place has delicious food! Highly recommend checking them out. The service is pretty good too!

Robert Scott

Hair in food today!!!We have ordered from there once or twice, and decided last time was so good and fresh that it would be our choice today. The food was awful, not fresh, lukewarm, and the worst thing was there was a hair in the salsa!! We immediately stopped eating and threw it in the trash, and are now feeling very sick. Very disappointed and will not be going there again even though it was super convenient and had been a stand out as far as service and quality.

Celia Hendricks Shaw

Always great service and food.

Yvette Clayborne

The presentation was not the best. It was very muddy looking. Not the best tasting Mexican food. The guacamole was very creamy like a thick soup and over priced for the amount given.

Paige Carter

We went in on Sunday with a larger party after calling and making sure they had the staff and room for us. I believe it may have been the manager on duty that waited on us, it was an older man. He was absolutely the rudest person. He acted as though he was put out by having to take our order and was rolling his eyes and cutting people off mid sentence. We frequent the Crossroads location and have been to this location a few times. We have never dealt with anyone like this before. He needs to stay away from the customers.

Jerri T.

REALLY want to love this place. My girlfriends and I have been going there at least once per month for lunch and margaritas. We were there this past Friday and were a MAJOR inconvenience to the staff. I would totally understand if they were short-staffed as many restaurants are these days, but the servers were rolling silverware and playing/texting their phones. We literally had to walk over to get noticed. My tacos normally came out on flour tortillas (which I LOVE), but this time they are out in corn tortillas (which I Hate). Took one bite and HATED IT!!! Server didn't come back by until it was time to clear plates. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement. We would have spent WAY more money and we even tip VERY GENEROUSLY when service is good! It will be a while before we go back. Fortunately, La Parilla is nearby and the service has always been very good!


Amazing atmosphere friendly servers and very clean. Great food as well as a lot of TVs throughout the entire restaurant. Great setup and location. By far one of my favorite Mexican restaurant to go to. Manager and owners are very friendly and amazing as well.

Adrienne Johnson

The food is delicious.... We love it..... The street tacos are a must have and the taco salad. The margaritas are just right.....Irelda is awesome....

Mike A.

Three words. Carne Asada Tacos! Simply amazing. You won't be disappointed. The staff was nice and there was no wait at all

Karen Strobel

Good food, nice staff, reasonably priced. The Texas margarita is delicious!

Travis Evans

Great atmosphere and amazing food. I go here at least 3+ times a month. Daily specials are priced very generously and there's always enough food to take home for later.

Raquel Simpson Welborn

Good food and good service every time I've been here.

Terry Ford

Customer service was Superb! Food was Delish. And the Restaurant was very very Clean. Clean menu's, clean tables, clean waitresses.

Jose Luis Mijes

Great food, nice service, cleaning

Ashley Elizabeth

This may be the worst Mexican Restaurant I have ever been to. The ppl next us decided to come sit in our booth and started touching and kissing our kids. We immediately stopped them and when the guacamole arrived it came out spicy as hell. Apparently there are jalapenos in it but the menu doesn't say that. And they won't make you a fresh bowl without it. They play American bands all night and have no caution for covid. I left cash on the table and headed out before the main entree came out. This place is very uncomfortable. Go to the La Parrilla up the street. Don't waste your time and money.

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Los Magueys Mexican Restaurant

2404 Dallas Hwy, Marietta, GA 30064
(678) 426-8856