Marietta Fish Market

3185 Canton Rd, Marietta
(770) 218-3474

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Adrianna Riposa

My husband and I moved to Marietta right before the pandemic and all throughout kept passing by and saying we need to eat there! Well 1.5 years later we finally made it and it was amazing!!! Our server Anthony was excellent and we really appreciate his customer service!! (8/6/21)

Michelle Brown

Food was wonderful. Loved the atmosphere.

Kiesha Dunlap

This place is awesome! Our server was very pleasant and efficient!The entire staff was friendly. We didn't have to wait long for our food! The food was amazing! It was more than enough! Everything about this place I love!

Dawn Brown Watkins

great food!! friendly staff


We never like to give “bad” reviews but this was LESS than good. 3 stars is being generous. The wait staff was great very kind. The bread was okay, not homemade. Kind of like big hamburger buns. Bacon wrapped shrimp app “good” over grilled a bit and floating oil on plate and I’m not talking about the sauce on the plate. My ceased salad had some old lettuce and my husband very basic salad not so good either. My husband got the grouper. Oh my, so bad. No flavor, no salt, green beans not edible and his sweet potato mash was old and can you say creamy oil on the plate. My salmon piece was good. The plate was SWIMMINGGGGGGG IN OIL, the broccolini over cooked and the shrimp on the plate were over cooked. Over $100+, will not go back. Sorry they totally have gone down hill.


Woah! This place is insane. If you want seafood, definitely go to this place. My husband got the seafood tower and I had the salmon. Everything was magnificent. The service is great, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the whole experience was awesome. Check out the menu and some pics from dinner. ?

Shikira J.

It was extremely busy on a Sunday night, 45 minute-1hr wait. My husband and I were lucky to get a spot at the bar after waiting 25 mins. Our waitress/bartender at the bar was laser focused and attentive. She made sure she checked on us throughout our meal and kept our drinks filled. We had the catfish and fried jumbo shrimp platters. The seafood was fresh, tasty, well seasoned (not salty like a lot of places, and not greasy at all. The hush puppies, coleslaw, fries were really good too. Portion sizes were nice, we had leftovers. I look forward to going back and trying more menu items. The crab cakes and salmonthe guy next to us had looked scrumptious.

Jocelyne M.

Food is ok but the customer service that I experienced was trash. We came in for a surprise birthday party. First off, the restaurant does not do reservations. Which is understandable I guess. So I made it a point to get there as early as possible to make sure this surprise went smoothly unfortunately it did not. I emailed the establishment 2 days prior with the desired date and time just to ensure they would be able to accommodate such a large party. I NEVER received a response back. Which poses the question of why they provide the option of contacting them on the website via email if they do not even respond. This was the first red flag but since I had already sent out invitations and everything had been setup, it would have taken too much to change venues. I called the day of at 3:30 to get the wait time which I was quoted 45 mins so I informed them I was on the way and this was a surprise. I literally live 1 hour from this restaurant as well as majority of the party. I've worked in a restaurant so I know wait times change however I also know that in order to provide a wonderful dining experience, the manger and hostess/host need to be proactive when it comes to expecting a large party. The co-host of the dinner actually made it before I did at approximately 5:20 pm and proceed with getting on the wait list which she was told 45 mins again. I made it to the restaurant at 5:30, By the time I made it there majority of the party was waiting. 6:00 pm we are still and at this point the person whom the dinner was for had made it there as well. So the plan of being at the table and setup went in the trash. My co- host check to see if we would be seated soon. In which they told her a few more minutes they were waiting on one more table as well as being told they were short staffed. @6:30 I go into check and I was given the same answer which I accept even though it was unacceptable . Around 6:40 our buzzer goes off. I walk in and I'm rudely greeted by a woman I can assume is the manager. She proceeded to say " we had to sit you at two different tables since you insisted on being seated now." INSISTED!!! I was not angry before not even after wasting $70 on a hairstyle that was done earlier that morning which at this point the humidity had ruined from waiting outside but that shit made me so mad. INSISTED! Exactly at what tf did I insist and when did I insist it. I wanted to curse her ass and walk tf out. However this was a joyful occasion with great ppl so I let it go. She showed me where we would be seated and showed me where they were trying to seat us but could not because they were waiting on a family to get up. So I made the decision to take the tables we were already setup for. Glad I did because this family did not get up until 7pm . Our server Alexis was definitely nothing to be impressed by. Her attitude was very much nonchalant and idgaf. Which is fine if you work for the dmv or the post office but hell even they got better attitudes. Overall the food was ok. I enjoyed the people I was with but I will definitely the manager did end of being helpful at the end . But I will not be returning or recommending this establishment for personal reasons. Definitely will not keep it in mind for gatherings.

Eugene Brewster

Absolutely great atmosphere, great staff made for great service. The food had my taste buds dancing with absolute love. The tank was more beautiful in person than it was on TV.

Taylor H.

Loooveeeeee! More of an intimate setting than family, but still a good place for a family small get together or dinner.

Joshua Giles

Phenomenal dining experience as always, huge plates of food for a fairly reasonable price presented in a wonderful atmosphere. Service was speedy and helpful. I've had both the fried plates as well as the grilled seafood and all that is amazing. I particularly love the hush puppies. They have cheesy bread and cheesecake that is made in house and is delicious. Also check out the selection of bakery cakes common to this location as well as the Marietta diner and Cherokee Cattle Company.

Debra Slagle

You will not be disappointed if you choose to pass by all the other seafood places on the way out to Marietta Fish Market. The biggest challenge will be what you decide to order! Take your time, it’s a big menu. Great specials for seafood, fish and meat lovers in your party. Broiled, fried and grilled options are available. And if you want that steak, you can add shrimp to any order. Don’t overlook the lemon Greek potatoes. Yum. Worth ordering as a side just to try. Save room for dessert! Their cakes and pies are worth the trip by themselves!

C P.

The waitress was AWSOME and so was the food, the soup was amazing and the food was served in large portions. Will definitely come back again.

Sharon M.

I used to love going to the Marietta Fish Market but the last several times, it just hasn't been good. Yesterday was our anniversary and we decided to give it another chance. Not good. Lobster was on the special for $21.95 for a whole lobster with baked potato and corn on the cob (half). The service was sooooo slow. We ate bread, I had a cup of soup then we waited a good 15 more minutes for the food. The lobster was so overcooked that I asked the waitress if it was always this dry. She said yes. So I just went with it. I ate the rubbery tail meat then looked for the lobster cracker. Not on the table. I got up and found some one who would bring me the utensils. Claws also rubbery. So I went for the baked the potato that was clearly either a day old or just sitting around a long time and the corn was hard on the outside so I couldn't eat that either. Very disappointed and I'm just not really sure I will ever go back. It cost the two of us $50 for a crappy meal. The good things were the soup was tasty and the bread was good. And they gave us a slice of cheesecake to go for our anniversary. I wish they could just be like they used to be. Sad.

Deborah W.

Fish was way over cooked charged me 28.95 for grouper royale ,photo shows what we were served with a small fish portion with a few small pieces of lump crab my fish was cooked so much the sides crunched the scallops were good my baked potato that I never received looked good on other peoples plate the service was good

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