3442 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy NW, Marietta
(770) 426-0904

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Michael Wolfe (Wolfe)

Absolutely horrible service. Messed our order up and the person in front of us as well. Caused us to have to sit and wait almost 15 minutes in drive-thru. Manager had her hands full with incompetent workers. She did all she could to get them organized, but some kids just don't care and the attitude of the drive-thru workers showed.

S. Donta Corbett

The food was great! The staff was very friendly... I'll recommend it to anyone! Great Job ladies and Gentlemen! ??

Omelus Culver

Today a little slow, made up for it. With Five STARS Baconconater!! LOL

Shayne Robinson

It took 20 minutes with only 3 cars in front of me in the drive-through to get cold food. The entire time I was in the drive-through line I could hear the employees cackling and yelling inside. And one of the other employees was standing in view eating a frosty. Bad food and worst service will not be going back.

Holly Gonet

This is one of the worst Wendy's we have ever been to. We have been there 3 times in the last month and and they are supposed to be open until 10 and they are close before 9:00 p.m. The last time we were there 1 of the employees was standing out back and said we're closed and my husband said but you're supposed to be open until 10. she said well there's only 2 of us here so we're closing.. There's always something wrong with our order. The frosty machine is never working probably because the employees don't want to start it up or clean it every day. This place is completely unacceptable and the management needs to get their employees and customer service in line!

Veronica Ayers

I went through the drive thru tonight and saw burgers ,that I was given that I returned because they weren’t for my order, repackaged and given to the car behind me. Please see photo in this review to read the full story I posted on FB to make people aware. Please be safe out there people :)

Jamie Hayes

The junior frosties are the perfect sized treat for the family.

Sherry Smith

Food was very good. Order wasn't complete.

Chase Carter

DO NOT GO TO THIS WENDYS! I am not the guy to write reviews but this place has horrible customer service. I ordered over $20 worth of food and they would not give me sauce unless I paid. Workers are very rude don’t go here. Take some time and drive somewhere else.

Matthew Richardson (Corbenik42)

The pretzel pub chicken sandwich was amazing, as was the new bourbon BBQ cheeseburger. Staff were friendly.

Brittany Remole

Our experience was the best I have had in a long time. It was so meaningful to have employees happy and seem to be enjoying their day. You don't find that very often. I don't leave reviews ever so that alone says a lot. I wish I would have gotten their names to thank them directly. Keep up the great work!!

mary esa

Love their hamburgers and fries and their frosties. Great place to go when you don't feel like cooking supper.

Linda Hollis

The $3.00 breakfast was good. I had bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. It was not served on a biscuit but a nice roll. Nice change.

Anna McLeod Bowman

We used to go here every Sunday. It was fine. No issues. But the past year has been awful. There's at least 3 significant things wrong EVERY single visit. And a piece of grilled chicken was $3 a few weeks ago. Now it's 4.99! The 4 for 4 used to have a regular size drink. Now its a kid size. Wendys is making poor decisions.

Gary Fareed

Top notch customer service. The lunch time experience was positive. Food well cooked and seasoned. Manager at Barrett Pkwy location professional and attentative to customer. Amari service was the best, patient, spot-on, and efficient. I was wowed as a customer.

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