Boss Burgers

620 E M L King Blvd, Chattanooga
(423) 490-7632

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Joey S.

According to its website, this place is permanently closed. Another sign of this place being out of business is that the phone number is disconnected. So if you live in or plan to visit Chattanooga, TN, don't try to go to this place. I'm Sofa King disappointed that I didn't get to try this place, and you will be, too, if you try to go.

Rachel B.

This is the best burger in chattanooga. Very polite staff. Cheap food that is so delicious.

Angel J.

I ordered 2 burgers and fries here it was horrible I was better off eating a McDonald's dollar burger!

Herbert R.

They're not open at this time of review. It is probably due to the pandemic but who knows. Everything looks very shut down.

Leah W.

The service was excellent, and the food was incredible! Having a burger with strawberry jam never occurred to me, but it was definitely a match made in Heaven! The fries were Equally as delightful! Great atmosphere, great food, and had a great time


We really liked this place! Onion rings were the BEST in town hands down! The burgers were good but not the best . Be ready to wait awhile, but it will be worth the wait.

Madyson C.

One of my favorite burger joints in chatt. I do the build your own burger, their angus beef patties are delicious, I can eat it by it's self. They use frozen nitrogen in their milkshakes that makes it more of a blizzard type treat than a milkshake. My favorite is the chocolate with thin mint cookies when in season, but you really can't go wrong with any flavor.

Frank B.

Please, please clean the floors, it was like walking on ice due to grease and water. We stopped in for a juicy burger and a liquid nitrogen milkshake, we got neither. My burger was dry and overcooked. My son ordered the BBQ burger and he said that the sauce is disappointing: very odd BBQ sauce it reminded him of McD's "secret sauce" (thousand island dressing). We were told by Alex that the city shut down the liquid nitrogen due to unsafe practices, so now the shakes are made with soft serve ice cream.

Betsy A.

My husband and I went there Saturday. I had been once before and thought it was just OK, but he had never been and wanted to try it. My first clue should have been the hairy cook wearing the sleeveless shirt. The place is run-down. The booths are all nasty and the place looks generally cruddy. One other group ask the only waitress a question, to which she answered, "I don't know. I just got out of rehab." Good grief. Then the food came. It seemed promising until I found a HAIR on my burger. We got up and left without paying, of course. Needless to say, we will never go back. I forgive some mistakes in a restaurant, but there were just too many things that made me say "ick" at every turn. They didn't even offer to make it up to us by providing a free meal.

Zach Weaver

The hamburger tasted like meatloaf. The ceiling was leaking. They were selling weird stuff other than food.

Zachy P

The hamburger tasted like meatloaf. The ceiling was leaking. They were selling weird stuff other than food.


Great place to build your own burger with a quirky name and atmosphere. They have a "Milkshake Lab" which is kinda unique. The onion rings were great with the Aretha Frankenstein batter.....but really, really greasy. .....but, I guess that what make burger, fries and rings so good. Great place for a casual, laid back lunch.

Brit W.

I was a long time holdout and skeptic.... and I'll be honest the name thing is kind of annoying because I want to bring my kids here and we have to call it king of sofas ... haha jokes on us I guess... but I digress... We really love the food here. Normally turkey burgers at restaurants aren't worth eating; they usually just are okay at best - but I love Sofa King's turkey burger. It is really good with Swiss cheese . My husband has always loved his beef burger every time as well, and that has not been his experience at the other burger places in town. The fries are super good too. This place has a very relaxed atmosphere and our server ( the same guy both times) has always been very nice. Go here if you want a relaxed, good burger and fries meal and aren't in a rush .

Tozia W.

The best burger I have probably ever had. It's season to perfection and the liquid nitrogen shakes are sooooo good. Get the bananas fosters. You won't regret it!

Tina B.

So I live nearby and when I saw this place open I was like "oh great, another burger spot". I think Chattanooga has a lot of good burgers so I rarely try new ones knowing I already eat way too many burgers at my regular haunts. My husband and I were headed towards north shore though and got a phone call that derailed our plans but we had to get lunch so we decided to pop in, grab a burger to go and head back home. It was a Monday around 1 and the place was dead. Only one other table sitting. We walked in and headed to the counter to order our food to-go. My husband was talked into the Awesome burger add bacon and jalapeños, I'm adventurous but today I wasn't feeling it, especially at a place I've never been, so I went for a classic ol pepper jack cheeseburger. We got one order of fries to share and sat down. Atmosphere is cute, vintage seating here and there and lots of things to look around at. Our food was ready pretty quick, burgers were wrapped in foil papers, fries were in a tray and all tucked snuggly into one styrofoam box. We started picking at the fries on the way home, they were perfect, fresh skin on potato style, perfect amount of salt and crisp. By the time we got home we were excited to dig into our burgers. The awesome burger which has jelly on it was surprisingly good, my husband only shared one bite, but I'm intrigued to get another. Mine was perfect for what I was wanting that day. Fair amount of meat, cheese, lettuce and the special sauce which kind of reminded me of a ketchup mayo mix of some sort. It was cooked perfect, very juicy and tender. Great flavor. We will for sure go back and work it into our burger rotation schedule!

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