300 McFarland Ave, Rossville
(706) 861-3368

Recent Reviews

Chris Dean

Used to be great now it's trash. They have 1 good employee that gets it right. Order any biscuit with egg and cheese and you get charged but don't get the egg and cheese and the biscuit is cold. Shady people hanging out at the drive through door every morning. This place went down.

John Hereford

One of the best in town - if not the best

Justin Painter

Bro, just shut’er down. It’s sad. Every morning, 30+ minute waits. And WHEN THEY GET YOUR ORDER WRONG, they want to act like it’s your fault. Oh, trying to get the item replaced? Sit another 30+ mins cause the lobby is closed. Lmao. Just do rossville a favor and let some artisan beer company take the building cause it’s of no use as a Hardee’s.

Andrew B

Everyone already knows their breakfast is the best of any drive through

Tabatha Carpenter

Service was great Carman was the one that waited on me she was great

Princess Jane Elder

I went and ordered a steak combo with a dr pepper and a side of plain gravy…… and other things but mindless to say i paid for my order and before pulling off i asked for my drink because the lady had not given it to and i checked my order and i saw that they gave me sausage gravy and i told the lady at the window this is not what i order and that my hash browns wasn’t in the bag….i try to give it back to her she told you gotta keep that i ask her for the garbage can an she shut the window….. i wanted to drop it but i didn’t…she started mouthing unruly things to her manager like i couldn’t hear through the window…. then the manager came and address me at the window saying please don’t liter in the parking lot which i told her i did …. but every time i go to Hardee’s it’s something so they will no be getting any service from me

Robin Dennel

Gravy was thick that can not eat it would not pure out bowl

Chester Greene

Had a steak and egg biscuit. A cup of coffee.It was good as always.

James Clegg

Good food, very knowledgeable and friendly staff...they had alot of food prepped but i ordered a unusual breakfast sandwich and took alot of time....so order what everyone else normally eats for breakfast and it b ready and fast

Helen Hixson

Food was hot and exactly like I ordered it. The lady at thru-window was awesome, she checked to make sure everything we ordered was in bag. The only one store I've saw that does this.

Brenton F

Nasty people nasty food really slow and never open. Please do not go here there are better places

Jeff Bowman

Always super friendly service and as always great food served hot

Joan Rutherford

Awesome hot fresh food, great friendly assistant Manager, and workers. Very clean place to eat!

Patrice Smith

Food was hot and good. I've went here twice in past week and person at drive through was very cordial

New Johns

A little slow.. However great customer service

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