Roy's Grill

116 Chickamauga Ave, Rossville
(706) 841-7697

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Erastos Evdoxiadis

Did not take any pictures of the food or diner but I should have. They are an amazing old style dinner with amazing quality burgers. I ate the fried egg burger with the home made chips. The meat was amazing quality and the overall presentation and flavor were great. The server behind the counter was excellent and struck up good conversations about the area. I definitely recommend this place.

Ray Gross

Hey Guys, if you know of Roy's Grill down on Rossville Blvd just across the TN/GA line, well it had closed and reopened, then closed again. Well, its under new ownership and us better than ever. Come on down and enjoy a good good food Cheeseburger. Great dinner plates, fried Okra was awesome and their Chili (made in house) is really good. Come out, sit up front or in the upper back room for more privacy. Lets work at keeping Roy's Grill in the black and having a great little grill to enjoy in this day and are.

AvengedFlames01 -X

This will be a weekly stop for my family from now on!Food is incredible and so fresh that it feels like home. Plus the staff is awesome! 10 out of 10 no doubt.

Kelley Banks

I went for lunch and had a pretty good experience. I ordered the Elvis burger and added bacon. I was not disappointed. It was good. We had good service as well. I will definitely go back.

Michael Williams

Love the nostalgic atmosphere. The food is really good. It's a blast from the past!

Janet Sanchez

Friendly service, but not much can be said for the food -- onion rings cooked too long, sandwiches overpriced and fell apart, tea tasted old. Disappointed.

Sarah Speaks

Happened upon this gem! Excellent food and service! Everyone was wonderful and so kind. We had the best lunch! If you are ever in this area go check it out!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Marge Neely

It was early staff were nice met the owner answered allY questions breakfast was good. I didn't like hash browns not cooked to my liking. But owner told me to say scatter them which means they cook them a little longer on grill. Prices comparable to other eateries.LUNCH IS GREAT. BURGERS N STEAK FRIES ARE AWESOME. YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM YOURSELF TO APPRECIATE THEM.

Matthew Pawley

The family and myself where on vacation and looking for something to eat. We where wanting something different. We stumbled upon Roys Grill. We hit the jack pot! The food was great, the atmosphere and service was top notch! Dense took us in like her own, and she didn't hesitate to take up with the kids. They loved it! If we're ever back in the area, we'll definitely be stopping by!

Jojo 0.

We never pass through Chattanooga without stopping for a peanut butter shake at Roy's! The old-diner feel and friendly service just add to the experience. The current owners have added to the menu and we've decided we need to come back to try the grilled pimento cheese and the egg salad sandwich. we will continue to stop at this little diner on the corner in Rossville, GA.

Allie Reed

First time there. Too Expensive for what they offer. 15 minutes after we put in order we were told they were out of an item already. We were there at 12pm. Waitress couldn't answer simple questions about food. Had to ask for thr toppings to my burger that was suppose to already be on it. Got a piece of lettuce that I wouldn't even serve to my family. Onion rings and BLT were good but the Sundae was just melted ice cream. Cant even say it was a milkshake. Gross. For a burger, a BLT, small side onion ring and a soupy sundae it was $42.00. Will not recommend or go again. Sad because I never give bad reviews.

Amanda Byrd

The food is delicious but what really makes Roy's is the staff. Super friendly and attentive! Thanks, Miss Denise! We'll be back again soon ?

Sara Warren

Called in our order was told they were out of fries. So we wanted to get just sandwiches but had to get chips since no fries. Ordered a chocolate malt was told machine was down couldnt make malt. Went to pick up order, while waiting a lady came in ordered a burger, fries and milkshake. I said I was told no fries and milkskake machine broke. They fixed me 1 order of fries for 3 plates I ordered and made me a malt. Food to expensive for what you get. My advice would be stay away. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME MONEY!!!

Charles Hixson

We had a great meal and our waitress Ansley was a hoot. This place is amazing!

Erma T.

We loved our food and experience, from the tasty burgers (with delicious house made pimento cheese, if you like) to the hand-dipped banana split served in the 60s diner atmosphere. The owner gave us (in particular our 6 year old history buff) a history lesson of the area and tour outside the restaurant that we enjoyed as much as the food. It is great to find good local places and help support them.

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