Chili's Grill & Bar

1350 Scenic Hwy N STE 1000, Snellville
(770) 982-4727

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Tee S.

I went to Chili's this evening for a particular meal....A southwest chicken ceasar salad..When it was bought out to me, it was an entire MESS! The chicken was uncooked and was not cut properly...And it had ICEBERG lettuce (we all know ceasars are made with Romaine) Ok, so we sent it back with the waitress she tells us, oh he's new, and forgot the spinach, we make ours with spinach....ok cool! ...So she brings the salad back out...With THREE LEAVES of spinach! YES ! THREE!! So we ended up, not getting anything... the manager came to speak with us, and didnt offer us any type of compensation for our inconvenience!!! Bottom line, don't visit this place!! Period.

Lisa Butler

Good food, good service, floors are messy, table had crumbs and smudges from previous guests and the tablet at the table is never sanitized. I always have to wipe everything down before we have a seat. They use the same rag to wipe down everything, which is not very sanitary in a pandemic.

Adam Alvarez

One of the Chili's I have been to. They have a top notch staff. Bartenders and servers are super friendly. Managers are great always come over and say hi and make sure that things are good.

B Smith

Great dinner date with my hubby. Great atmosphere and great service. We will return soon.

Shannon Harvey

The 2 for $25 was right on time! Meal was fresh, drinks were strong and dessert was yummy! Definitely going back ??

Micheal Nelson

My family and i visited.this location for the first and last time.its not our problems that you're under cook etc.first time cutomers dont want excuses for sub par of 7 .were told they couldn't seat us at first then said oh.its going to be 30 minutes .2 kids 4 2kids [email protected] .with 3 adults place wasn't packed so where's the problem. @ 2.10pm on friday .?? June June 4th.

Jim Flynn

Was very disappointed with the service. Webb Ginn location used to be really good but the service has been going down for a while now. The time it takes to get food via curbside or pickup is getting longer and longer

Shartice Turner

It took over 30-40 minutes to get our order. When we got the order our street corn was burnt beyond being able to eat. I got my drink 10 minutes after my food. Other than that we had a great meal.

sanam bhuiya

I love this place! Their food variety is great and everything tastes delicious. I go here at least once a week cause I’m obsessed.

Dele Adedeji

The restaurant was clean, service was good & there was a fair amount of space between occupied tables for reasonable social distancing. Though I would have loved it if they had figured out a way to have tables outside, so that we wouldn't be breathing recirculated air.However, it would be advisable for one to call ahead for availability, because we had to wait for about thirty minutes outside before being seated.

Barbara Foy

Food is very good especially mushroom burger. Waitress was prompt & attentive. Clean & practiced good cleaning skills.

Lorena villalta

We arrived and had a party of 9. The host greeted us and informed us that it was a 40-60 minute wait. I agreed. When I went inside to ask if the table was ready after 40 mins the host responded in a rude manner saying that O had to wait 20 more minutes. I went back outside to wait the extra 20 minutes while watching how other parties were being seated. After the 20 more minutes I went back inside because they had not informed me that my table was ready. The host again very rudely said your table is being prepared. I asked to speak with the manager and the host did not go get the manager.

Bria Franklin

My family and I was in the area decided to get dinner, our server Cameron , if I remember correctly, she was amazing she attended to everyone ones needs even for our 6 month old baby, she ensured our comfortability, our wants & needs. The bathrooms were CLEAN! I normally don't use public restrooms, but the staff did a great job with keeping it clean. All the servers were busy, kind, & attentive. The food was good and everything was coming out quickly ?.

Tammy S.

The food here is below average. We received the wrong item, but my husband ate it anyway, a few minutes later they brought out his order. My daughter's quesadillas were cold and one had a hair, we had those replaced. My corn on the cob I think had sat out all day, or maybe it was microwaved. It was gross either way. The plastic partitions between the tables are disgusting, they should be cleaned when the table is cleaned. I never go to Chili's, but my daughter likes it so I sacrificed my taste buds for her. Never again. Never., even if I were offered a free meal everyday for the rest of my life. I can't believe the things people are willing to eat. There are much better places to eat in the area, spend your money elsewhere.

Cherie G

It was great! Awesome service, had the bottomless chips & salsa, Caesar Salad & Southwest Chicken Soup. All good! ???

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