It's Just Wings

1350 Scenic Hwy N STE 1000, Snellville
(817) 865-1734

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Janiece Chatman

The food was horrible. The wings were pink the middle and extremely chewy. They were not cooked properly at all. The fries were not cooked all the way through either. This was the worse meal ever. I have a special needs child and I had to stop her from eating this.

Ishmael Buckner

Absolutely awful. I ordered food that was to take 35mins. Got there over an hour later, then waited over 42mins for them to bring me the wrong order. Absolutely awful. Will NEVER patronize again and haven't been to Chili's in YEARS and now I remember why.

Mad H

I ordered a Chili's burger to go, and they gave me two pieces of bread with some sauces and NO MEAT!! Yes, the idiot that made the burger, forgot to put the meat!! So, I had to drive back half hour to correct the order, and the supervisor at Chili's in Gainesville, FL (Kelly), acted like is no big deal. Apparently, they are used to making burgers with NO MEAT. So, finally they fix the order, and you would think that at least they would prepare something half way decent, but it was too much to ask from this incredibly incompetent people. Their incompetence is really a reflection of poor management. Avoid Chili's like the plague!!


We went to Chili’s in Snellville last night for dinner. My husband and I both got salads They where horrible the lettuce was in huge pieces and drenched with dressing. We also had some appetizers they were just ok we had our grandaughter with us her burger was good. But leaving having spent 75.00 with a generous tip . My husband and I agreed it was the worst salad ever.

Wanda C

The food was slimy & stick together. It was take out. I called the manager and she was like whatever. No problem. I’ll tell my friends don’t go unless you want slimy food.

Scott Maddox

They have a big menu with many items burgers . Chicken wings great Grilled Reuben's many different salads and Desserts

Rico Clark

Great place to bring your family. The owner Joseph was very friendly and attentive. The wings are a big hit with my family.

William Wright

Great food, good beer and amazing service. I will definitely be eating here a lot.


With many advantages and plenty of entertainment, Chili’s is much better than any other restaurant. Though I have tried only a small percent of chili’s menu, what I have had is great. The chicken tenders are crisp and the fries are okay, which makes for a delightful experience unique from any other meal. This chili’s is particularly extraordinary because it used kiosks to entertain your children with games and to make ordering a much easier and quicker experience.

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