2663 Main St W, Snellville
(770) 972-1935

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Louise S.

No more takeout or drivethru!! Only door dash or one of those apps. Dang that is not good.. I don't want to have to pay for delivery when we are capable of driving and getting our own food!!

J Spade

Its 10:30 and workers at this location told us they only had wings and sides available. We asked if they had any wings without the sauce and at least 2 people laughed before telling us no. This location closes at 11pm...I wonder what they are going to do for the next 30 minutes on company time because it definitely isn't going to be work.

Kelvin Whitfield

Poor drive thru service. I sat at the speaker for over 5 minutes on two different occasions with more so much as a greeting or please hold. I love kfc, but wont he back to this one


HWY 78 Snellville location could increase their business by hiring an experienced manager. Consistency is what this location lacks. You get what you invest in a manager. Someone that will train employees properly, knows how to manage high and low traffic times to decrease waste and increase quality of food...How much you invest in your store is how much you get out of it. When you stand still too long you'll get run over

Reginald Daniel

The service is very poor and my order was wrong. I went through the drive thru and was told there was no chicken. Instructed to pull up and food never came. KFC employee was very rude and would not refund my money. Overcharged and wrong. Very unprofessional.

Tammy B. Jones

I was door dashing. They were fast

luis lara

Would give 0 stars if possible. Rude behavior by the lady working the drive thru at 430pm on may 26th 2021. We came inside to order and that lady was cussing and talking very rudely to the customers in drive thru. Also they claimed that we can not eat inside probably cause she’s too lazy to do any cleaning as well. So we decided to leave and not spend our money at that establishment. Attitude for no reason.

Kimberly Herring

My favorite manger is back.Food always cooked right when she is there but when she is off it is not good .

Richard L.

Do not buy food at this location. The staff there enjoys screwing up take out orders. They did to me. They knew I would not find out until I got home. They gave me the oldest burned chicken they could find. Will never use them again!

Deborah Hamilton

Ordered via Grubhub. The famous bowls were made without the corn and no explanation as to why. We ordered the potpie fill up which includes a pot pie, cookie and drink. We only received the drink. They refused to answer the phone when I called and then they switch the voice line over to their fax machine. Grubhub won't help when orders are wrong and apparently the grubhub driver does zero checking to make sure the order is complete.

Greg Capps

Inconsistent service and not everyone is customer focused. The drive thru cashier informed they did not honor the coupon offers as they were not corporate. I ordered anyway but she tried to upsell me. I said I do not want a drink but she states it is cheaper. I asked her how and she says it is always cheaper. Rather than argue with someone who does not understand basic math I asked to cancel the sides. At the window she was mouthy so I asked to speak to manager. She said she is not here. Another guy came to window stating he was manager and asked if a free cookie would make me happy. I explained how her math was wrong and how she was misinformed. The original chicken was excellent. Too bad she lost sale of sides due to her attitude.

Allison D

3 stars only bc the food was hot and the manager gave us lots of condiments. So first the lady at drive thru had a bad attitude, then when we got home we had the wrong chicken. We order regular and they gave extra crispy. Huge taste difference.

Theresa Michelle

They asked about 5 cars in a row to move forward just to keep their time down & repeatedly forgot parts of the one combo meal I ordered. I waited over 20 minutes to get 1 chicken tender meal. First, no drink, then they forgot to give me my fries, then when I get my meal, the chicken tenders were super small & burned. I was very disappointed with my experience & will not be returning to this location.

Bill Gainous

The new chicken sandwich is just salt in a bun. With all the superior fast food chicken options these days, I wonder why they even bother. They certainly aren't making any real effort to keep up.

Mari J

Horrible customer service placed an online order and was told time it would be ready for pick up got there a few mins past time and the drive thru person told me it would be another 25-30 mins because they had to make it the restaurant was empty and some staff were on way out when I didn’t want to wait I just wanted to go home I told him to cancel order he said he had to call the manager and I could here the manager being all rude that refund couldn’t be given if I hadn’t given cash in hand. I just wanted order canceled he proceeded to tell me to go online or wherever I placed order and cancel thru there. I understand it was around 8pm and everyone is tired and wants to go home but at least show some manners if you work in the customer service industry. Will never return to this restaurant again! I went to another restaurant on Grayson completely 10000% difference should’ve gone there first instead! Made extra drive just cuz kids wanted KFC!!

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