Little Caesars Pizza

3425 Centerville Hwy SUITE B, Snellville
(678) 585-1602

Recent Reviews

Cherell Jamise

Placed an order thru Doordash with this store. Waited 20 min for them to confirm my order. THEY NEVER DID! Called this store at 9:36 and NO ONE ANSWERED! Google states this store doesn’t close until 11pm. I will never order or even attempt again!

Jaileen Contreras

Really unorganized, dirty, I had to wait over 30 minutes for 1 extra most bestest pepperoni pizza! On top of all that, the employees were yelling at each other to “shut up we heard you”. They also kept on forgetting others orders. So everyone waiting with me kept looking at them as if they were crazy! Not coming again to this little ceasars

Dustin Sepulveda

Definitely do not order delivery from here. Got a “pizza” that was all bread. One little bit of sauce and cheese in the middle.

Deion J.

I always wait 20minutes for a pizza meanwhile everyone else gets theirs quickly even tho it's the same pizza!!!! Also the fact that they say "hot and ready classic" on their signs and they don't even have it ready instead they have the 6$ pizza hot and ready!!! Stop falsely advertising!


Horrible experience. The dude that took my order was very rude and didn’t speak. I sat for 20minutes just to get a cold pizza out of the warmer. No communication from the employees. New customers walked In And weren’t acknowledged. That was the worst $10 I have ever spent. I will never go back there again. WORST customer service EVER!!!! This place sucks.

Nicholas H.

During my most recent visit, I ordered online and had my wife go pick it up. We were given a regular crust instead of stuffed. Drove back to the store for them to correct the mistake and they proceeded to make the worst looking Stuffed Crust Pizza. This place has gone to the pits. It's bad enough that Little Caesar's carries a somewhat "bad reputation" yet this location does NOTHING to help it. Poor service from unmotivated employees. Just close it.

Sidney Brower

Wait was 20 minutes np one ever came to front counter after calling for someone the manager came out rude and very unprofessional

Marie Evans

Order was correct but shouldn't have to come home and have to cut my own pizza at home.

Rhonda Johnson

IF I could give this place a 0 STAR I WOULD!! Worst service EVER. Ordered cheesy bread and waited almost an hour and then received WRONG ORDER and waited another 25 minutes. So called “manager” looks like he is 17/18 years old and NO managerial skills at ALL. They have NO REGARD for peoples TIME, store FULL of waiting and frustrated customers. All of them handling money and food with contaminated gloves AND older guy in back boxing pizzas with NO MASK - NO GLOVES!! I will be reporting this location to corporate!

Dimples Zone

Terrible customer service. The manager is 17 and knows nothing. You wait forever. Its a shorter wait at Dominoes and they take forever. Retrain your people.

David C.

Only ordered here twice and both times I was not impressed. The people working there have major attitude. My order was supposed to be in the pizza portal and I never got notified it was there. I tried to ask an employee what to do and I got ignored. My pizzas weren't made right and looked nothing like the way should have looked.  I wasn't expecting a picture perfect pizza but why did it look like a toddler made it. Don't plan on going back

Andrew Newman

Horrible service!!! Went to order twoPizzas asked the cashier to make sure my pizzas was cooked fresh and instead got to old pizzas that was sitting in the warmer, no I didn’t complain at time of purchase because I assured that the pizzas had just came out, got home and both pizzas was just like cardboard, DRY, when I called back to give details about what happened, instead of taking care of the customer it was a arguing war between me and the worker that took over the call from the original person that I was speaking too, not only was that rude but then he proceeded to hang the phone up on me, NEVER AGAIN will I order from such a disrespectful, rude, nasty attitude place again...this place has completely gone down hill and it’s said to say that the young people that they decided to hire is making the place even more worst...

GeraLee Corona

Never seem to have Hot & Ready pizzas when the teens are working. Always a 20 min wait. Consistently missing out on business when we expect to walk in and out with pizzas. Cashier was terrible at communicating. Apparently there needs to be an adult there supervising them at all times. Or maybe just someone with some customer service or leadership skills.

Mariah Bowens

I ordered Friday evening around 7:45pm & my order said it would be ready between 8:21 & 8:26. I get to lil caesars at 8:30 at passing time at the nearby Walmart. My order was supposed to be in the portal and there were no items in the portal and angry customers everywhere. There was no manager available and teenage kids who were saying the manager should not have left them alone. They were switching from taking money to taking pizzas out the over with no gloves and not washing their hands. I waited 10 more minutes and still no food or manager. I just ended up leaving with no food or refund. Will be calling corporate on this location. Horrible service

Lloyd Owens

This place is terrible, the young man working has the worst customer service, customers are inquiring about their orders and his response is very nonchalant and with people are waiting 35 minutes for a pizza you have to be more compassionate about wasting peoples time. I would strongly advise against visiting this location if at all possible! NEVER AGAIN!

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