Build Your Own Ramen

98199 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 379-2088

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Juander Bandit

WARNING! Don’t get too excited building your own ramen coz you never know you’ll end up paying more than $25. LoL! It was so fun picking up veggies & meat to make your customized ramen. From broth to kind of noodles you want, it’s all your choice. And when it’s in your front you’ll have a big bowl comfort ramen for your belly. Perfect especially on cold weather. Any purchased of ramen bowl is subjected for a free Taiwanese shaved ice which I guess perfect after slurping your ramen.

Max Godfrey

Super friendly staff, very reasonable pricing. By far the best ramen experience Ive ever had.

C L.

5 stars for the free dessert. Worth coming just for the dessert. 3 stars for tonkatsu broth. 2 stars for bean noodles. It wasn't cooked enough so it was so chewy I almost choked. I had left overs and they soaked in the broth until it softened to a perfect texture. 5 stars for variety of toppings. 3 stars for quality compared to price. It was way too expensive for the taste of the broth. You can get way better Ramen for less price at other restaurants. 5 stars for service. They were all friendly and patient. Overall this was a fun experience and I will be coming back. Next time I'll take more vege's and skip the balls. I especially enjoyed the mochi, bean curd, and variety of mushrooms.

Arielle C.

So I was looking at food on yelp and saw the pictures for this place.. I must say, the real draw to having to try this place was the dessert that your ramen comes with. First time here today and I LOVE it. Everyone was so nice and it was a very simple process. It's almost like a hotpot without having to cook it yourself. I love how you put on gloves, grab a set of tongs, and fill your basket with all types of veggies/seafood. After you fill your basket (you can check the weight as you fill), you take it upfront, pick your broth/soup, and your noodle/rice. They note the weight, send your basket to the back and you sit down until it comes out. When it comes put, the huge bowl with lots of soup with everything you chose. This is a great place to come with friends. As for flavors, looking at all the yelp posts, I'll have to try a few more soup bases but today we order spicy pumpkin and tonkotsu. I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the spicy pumpkin. It was really good. Tonkotsu was good but I'm glad I ventured out of my comfort zone today. As for dessert... WOW. I wish they sold it separately because I would just order that 4 times and call it a meal. Definitely recommend! As I was eating, I was trying to think of more people I could get to come with me here!

Kelsie T.

First timer here!! Love that there's a variety of different broths and noodles. There was a huge variety of toppings to add in your own ramen. I chose the tonkatsu broth with ramen noodles. My boyfriend got beef broth with pho noodles. They charge you by weight according to your toppings. Mines was $13 and his was $16. I believe our bill came out to $30 but not bad because it did come with free shave ice after our meal. The chili oil makes is more flavorful so I recommend adding it to your ramen!! Will be back whenever I'm craving ramen!!

padmaja sastri

What a great restaurant for vegetarians and vegans! The shave ice was amazing!

Robert K.

I've Been Here Numerous Times With Many Of My Friends! It's One Of Those Diverse Places That You Can Take Anyone To. You Walk In And Aunty Gives You A Table. From There, Head Back To The Entrance Where You'll Find Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, A Colander And Tongs, Choose Your Meats & Veggies. There's A Weight Station To Tell You Your Cost. Head To The Cashier To Weigh Your Stuff, Choose Your Broth And Choose Your Type Of Noodle. Local and Curry Dishes Available For The Non-Soup-Eating People. When You Finish Your Ramen/Phô/Soup, A Complimentary Bowl Of Shave-Ice Topped With Guava/Lilikoi Jelly Balls, Almond Float, Espresso Float And Boba Is Given. Great For Cleansing The Palate.

Brianna G.

Spicy beef broth and udon! add any topping you want , free dessert ... doesn't get any better !

Brandon Wicks

Love it!!! My fav restaurant on Oahu.

Kevin Abe

Great build your own noodles and soup concept. Nice that they offer reservations. Also free shave ice dessert w ramen purchase.

Kevin A.

Tried this out last night and it was delicious. Reservations are available, as are individual baskets, tongs and gloves for selecting your toppings (1st half pound included - meats via tickets $2ea extra) Diners are responsible for their outcomes because soup, noodle, topping, and spice level are all up to you. Had med spicy tonkotsu ramen w pork belly slices and about a half pound of assorted toppings like lobster balls, won tons, and choy sum. The topper was that all ramen comes w free dessert pictured. Hope to return w the family next.

Daniel O.

My wife had heard about this spot when they first opened, but today we decided to finally drop by. Wow, we were so glad we did. I'm originally from the mainland and don't consider myself a natural when it comes to ordering Asian entrees. So, when I realized it was literally a "build your own ramen", I was a little nervous. What does this Mexican Haole know about ramen. However, I was pleasantly surprised with their setup and offerings. They charge $11 per 1/2 lb of toppings. I decided to order their Tonkatsu base with ramen noodles. I had beef meatballs, bok choy, enochi mushrooms, char siu, fish cake, and a soft boiled egg. It was delicious! Now to top it all off, they offered us a free Taiwanese shave-ice. It definitely hit the spot. My wife and I both ordered and we shared with our child. Their servings are very large . The restaurant itself is humble and warm. We only had to wait about 7 minutes before being seated and got straight to it. They also gave us a 10% off our check because we "checked-in" with Yelp. All in all came out to $22.75 excluding tip. We were very satisfied and happy with our experience.


This place is hellah good! Service is excellent! Food is amazing! They have so many options for your soup. The portions are HUGE!! The menu has endless combinations! Their name BUILD YOUR OWN RAMEN, says it all! ??????????

Rae S.

I love this place! Upon entering your greeted and explain the process of "building your own ramen". Hand sanitized, disposable gloves, take a basket and tongs to pick your sides for your ramen. Two huge open refrigerators filled with covered containers. One filled seafood, wonton, tempura, various seafood balls. The other refrigerator is filled with a vegetarian palette- various cabbages, mushrooms, bean curd, seaweed. After my basket selection choices. Head to register to pick my noodles and soup base. I choose udon and spicy tonkotsu. I added on a fried item of calamari. The tonkotsu soup base was delicious! All the basket add is were a treat. The entire experience and service were excellent. My ramen was $11.00 plus $5.99 for calamari. Next time no fried item and more basket "goodies". To top it off, I was given a complimentary shaved ice. Very yummy! I will return soon! Love it! So did all the other friendly customers in the restaurant.

Kristy N.

Kamaboko Spam Hot dog Tofu: soft, fried, puff Imitation crab Assortment of mushrooms Bok choy, baby bok Beef balls Lobster That's house some of the add-ins. Loved it here! Idk how it is with covid now but definitely recommend this place!

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