Dirty Lickins Hawaii

99-115 Aiea Heights Dr #303, Aiea
(808) 486-8500

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Dolly S.

I'll give this place two stars because I don't know how it could take so long just to cook up some wings. I called and call and they don't answer and when they finally answer they just left me on the phone with no hello can you hold, they just put the phone down just so it doesn't ring again. Like how slow can this business get. The lady in the front said she was a few orders behind and I get it maybe all the orders came in at once but come on. All the other reviews that I see for this place are all about the wait how long does it really take to just fry some chicken and put some sauce on it. Or even make a salad. If you're that busy maybe you should hire more people. This is my favorite wing spot because it's actually good but the service is poor. Hope they pick it up.

Hailey J.

Best wing place to go to been getting wings here since I was a kid. My dad used to always take us there to get wings and he was even apart of the wing club. Haven't been in a couple years and went back tonight and was super happy as always

Mj C

Dirty lickins..more like tough chicken i got 3 chicken tender plates chicken nuggets and a 4 wing plate and those tenders were TOUGH i struggled so hard to bite one of those tenders my gums were aching now I will say the spicy sweet chili sauce was good...but my compliments end there the fries looked fried dried and laid to the side and the interior of the restaurant was just as bad but I will forever think abt that sauce

Naia R.

Wanted to try a different wing place, and I was really excited to come here, only to be severely disappointed. It was empty when we arrived, we placed our orders and were told to wait in the car. Almost half an hour goes by and the guy finally brings out some of our food (wings, and katsu), he then says that the rest of my order (teriyaki chicken) was gonna be another 8 minutes... it ended up being another 12-15. We ate some fo the wings in the car, and nothing about it was good. The lemon pepper was literally just lemon pepper sprinkled on the wings, the sauces on the others had no flavor and were bland. The Katsu and Teri chicken were both made with chicken tenders. Both items were VERY OVERCOOKED, dry and had no flavor. All of the tenders were also cut up and shredded which was really odd. I wasted almost $70 at this place. Don't make the same mistake I did. I'd give zero stars if that were possible. Very disappointed!

Tracy Somers Caudle

We came from down town Honolulu on a friends recommendation only to be turned away 20 minutes before the posted closing time. Apparently someone had a hot date or meeting at the local club. Not one bit of remorse in saying go away

Alison Vasquez

Probably better to call for your order. Still waiting for my order about 40 mins now. We just got 8 piece wing, Caesar salad with grilled chicken and cheese sticks. *update* Ended up getting a refund left with the wings and soggy fries and cheese sticks. Was waiting toooooo long just for salad.....

Ali V.

Probably better to call for your order. Still waiting for my order about 40 mins now. We just got 8 piece garlic wing(Nothing to go crazy over) and soggy fries, cold mozzarella sticks, we are still waiting on Caesar salad with grilled chicken. *update* Ended up getting a refund left with the wings and soggy fries and cheese sticks. Was waiting toooooo long just for salad.....??!!!!

Claressa West

Shout out to Dirty Lickins for shipping me sauce from my favorite wing place all the way to Cincinnati Oh. Thank you for making it so easy and the shipping was very fast! Not to mention the customer interaction was great! Cant tell you how much I appreciate everything. I’m sad to say I have already used it all. Goes great on everything. Thanks again.

Naoto T.

For the high price they charge and with the low amount they give, I give this place a 1 star. Only if they have an option, I would give this place a half star in a heartbeat. First, they charge a lot for a just 3 tenders and fries. The quality is like carnival quality food. Not even savory satisfying or even memorable. The wait time here is insane, waited 30 minutes for tenders and some wings. Didn't include the blue cheese so had to go back to get it when they charged 50 cents for screwing up my order and long wait time. This is all during lunch on a weekday, can't imagine this place on weekend? Or maybe it's dead cause of their time service and lack of quality and high prices. Never tried the Mexican joint next door but The Alley at Aiea Bowl was also worse in time and food quality and high prices. If you want to waste your time and money, then your at right place. I would rather make my own or just go to BWW in Pearl City for the same price, good quality, and great service.

Fran C.

"Dirty Lickins", what a cool & funny name for a frrrrrrried chicken wing joint! :D I've known about this wing joint, as I wanna say it's been around since da early 2000's. I tried their delicious wings many years ago, but I don't know why I never returned here, as my wing experience at Dirty Lickins was fantastic!!! Last week I was Jonesing for some wings, and wanted to stay away from the standard wing joints like - Vons, Wing Stop, or Buffalo Wild Wings, so I jumped into my car & headed down to the Aiea neighborhood where you can find this wing joint called - Dirty Lickins on the top floor of the Aiea Shopping Center. If you know where the Aiea Bowl is, Dirty Lickins is just a few doors down from Aiea Bowl. Due to Covid-19, there is no inside dining at this time. It is strictly a "take out" wing joint at this time. Upon walking into the joint, I was greeted right away. After looking over the wall menu, I decided to get the - "10 piece wings". Never mind da fries, rice, salad or whatever, as I didn't want to waste any stomach space, so I could get my wing groove on!! Yes gang, I'm a hard core frrrrrrried chicken eater, and wings for lunch is all that I had that day. Dirty Lickins specializes in wings as they have an array of wing flavors like - Mild, Medium, Hot, Volcanic, FITH, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki, & Garlic. Now if you're not into wings, Dirty Lickins does sell Chicken Tenders, Chicken Sandwiches & Wraps, Chicken Pasta, Chili, & Salads. Like I said before, I was just here fo' da wings, and wings I got! I told the girl that was helping me that I'd take 1/2 of my wings in BBQ sauce, and the other 1/2 of my wings in Hot sauce. What can I saw about the wings??? Simply outstanding! The wings had a nice texture, and I must say my wings with the BBQ sauce had a nice sweet flavor. As for the wings with the Hot sauce, it was pretty spicy, but not overbearing. I can only imagine what the Volcanic sauce would taste Like! YIKES!!! I enjoyed my wings so much that I've already made note to come back here real soon to try more chicken wing flavors. Looking for some ono wings??? Support local, & check out Dirty Lickins for some ono frrrrrrried chicken wings!

Keila V.

Best wings on island. Also Val is an exceptional worker. Super nice and super patient.

Nayna B.

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. I went in today and ordered 10 wings and a chicken tender combo. They gave me the wings and the sauces spilled all inside of the bag. My chicken tenders weren't chicken tenders. They were basically grilled chicken beasts (HUGE) ones and completely soggy. The food was inedible. Please don't waste your money here!

Alyssa Joyce R.

I've been coming here since high school and the food is amazing! I always come here once a month because I always crave their wings! There wings are always fresh and I get the wing + fries combo plate all the time! Prices have changed over the years but the food quality has always stayed the same! Definitely worth it every time!

Ben S.

I have been coming here since 2012 and I can't explain how disappointed I was when I ordered 100 wings and was billed separate orders of 50,20,15,10. I tried to tell the cashier my concern because $101 dollars isn't the same as $89 but she said it's because the way I ordered it. I obviously wanted 100 wings with different sauces. Just extremely disappointed was on of the best wing places on the island. Will not be coming back again. Also was suppose to be ready at 4:30pm and was not ready till 5:15 granted though we did place the order at 3:40 so wait was expected. People were nice!!! but just really upset about the pricing mistake and wait.

Bernice T.

As a customer for the past few years, I've noticed the more I come back the food and service has changed so much. Pretty sad, Dirty Lickens was always my go to for chicken wings. I've noticed since management has changed, for some reason my food is never right. Today, I was in the area and decided to pick up some wings. I ordered an 8 piece volcanic combo, extra crispy. My wings were not extra crispy (again! Not the first time). Sadly, I ate a piece and will leave it for my husband to eat. I also stopped by to purchase volcanic bottled sauces. It's hit or miss to get them these days. I buy them for my son who is off island. Also, they were out of blue cheese today (sad face). This has never happened in all the years I've been coming here, so that was a bummer. I also noticed a new POS/credit card machine, I think they also need a new phone in the restaurant. When I called ahead, it seem static, and I had to keep repeating myself to the young lady on the line.

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