Hokkaido Brug

98-1025 Moanalua Rd, Aiea
(808) 487-2200

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Eileen U.

I love Japanese bakeries! Here they have sweet, savory pastries and different kinds of loaf breads. When you enter, there's small table that has hand sanitizer so sanitize your hands first. Then get a tray, line it with a piece of wax paper, and grab a tong to get your pastries in the display cases. All the pastries are in little plastic bags, so it's very hygienic. The pastries I tried and highly enjoyed are: - Onion roll: it's huge! Topped with cheese and onions and inside I think it's has small pieces of bacon or ham. - Mochi donuts: matcha, chocolate or black sesame. It comes in a pack of two. It's so soft and the flavor it's topped with isn't too sweet. The glaze is a little hard and crumbles a bit when you bite it. - Croquette: nice and soft because it's made with potatoes. - Cream cheese bomb: filled with a lot of yummy sweet cream cheese and the bread is nice and chewy. Another item that's not always there is their creme custard. It has the perfect sweet and creamy texture like a Japanese flan! The reason why I wouldn't rate it a 5 because the workers are not always the nicest. It's really inconsistent. There are some workers who are really nice and kind, others seem like they could care less about working there and it really shows. One last thing, they have a point system machine called "5 Star". All you have to do is enter your phone number to receive points. Last time I was there, I received enough points to get $10 off my purchase, so it really adds up if you go often.

Mary E.

Saturday morning 7/31/21- food quality is still 5 stars. However customer service needs improvement, thus the 3 star only rating. My go to choices here is always the curry pan, tuna bomb and various donuts and danish. Sad thing is they don't have half their items available first thing in the morning. Also, ever since covid the pastries are all placed in individual plastic baggies which although is left open makes the pastries have slight condensation and becomes a little soggy. I'm glad they took this safety precaution but it does affect the food. Again regarding the customer service, after I chose my items I went up to the register and waited with no acknowledgement from any of the workers in the front. After I paid, my change was placed in the money tray and the worker simply walked away. A "thank you" or "have a nice day" would have been nice and expected from a food establishment. I'll continue to visit Brug but maybe their other locations in Ala Moana, and Kahala. There's also Baker Dudes at the Pearlridge farmers market on Saturday mornings for another option of yummy breads and pastries.

Daniel O.

This is an amazing spot to get your pastry fix. Whether you want savory or sweet, they definitely got it. This Japanese bakery offers delicious and fresh treats to satisfy. The staff is very sincere and helpful. When it comes to their selections, they offer some delicious options. I would definitely stop here to grab some lunch/dinner or snacks.

Tammy S.

I think this Brug location needs to find people who actually enjoy working here and treat their customers as if they wanted. Rude employees who don't greet customers, and then shame them at the counter for not using the proper trays, etc. I explained to the guy at the register that this was my first time here and no one had said anything to me when I first walked in. Went at 9am, barely any pastries were out. Why open if you are not going to have anything available? Came here to purchase as a gift as we were going to a friend's house. I was a little embarrassed to bring what I had. I'm hoping the manager will see this review and fix their customer service issue. Seems as if I'm not the only one having that problem. I won't be returning.

Shantell C.

Highly recommend Brug for fresh baked bread, pastries for lunch or dessert pastries. Nothing extravagant but everything fresh flaky or chewy. I recommend you try the matcha Mochi balls.

Janna W.

Normally a 5 star review here. I love picking up brug raisin bread for my auntie in kaneohe, who loves it! I was going to Hilo, so wanted to pick up omiyage for moms & aunties in hilo. I needed 6, but there were only 3 left. So the boy who helped me, suggested the cranberry bread. I got 3 raisin loaves and 3 cranberry loaves. He gave me such good service. The loaves just came out of the oven and were so hot. The nice boy put them in bags and left them open to let them cool. He gave me twist ties and even packed me extra bags. He was very accommodating. But I was very sad that by the time I got to the car, one of the loaves had been smashed flat. Hopefully it still tastes ok!!! Hard to tell in picture but smashed loaf was a sad omiyage gift.

Sam O.

What a great little piece of Japan in the mall. So clean, friendly and delicious. It's hard not to want to grab one of each thing we saw! The gentleman up front was so sweet and even threw in two extra red bean buns for us to try - if you are near the Pearlridge mall make sure to make a stop!

Gail U.

4/23/21 twice in a week means we found something so delicious that it will be a good omiyage to take on a flight. The other day I was treated to 2 pastries from here. One was a cute cute cute bear face filled lightly with chocolate goodness- so adorable It did not last even 10 minutes in the bag. The other pastry stayed in the fridge til 8:15 pm when my personal internal alarm goes off, chocolate. Must be all the yummy food I see watching k dramas but it satisfied my craving- just the right amount of a treat, not overly sweet. The bread is soft and smells wonderful! So... lightbulb goes on, let's stop here after we drop off the fur bebe on the way to the airport. I told hubs to get 6 pieces- 3 of each but he got 2 extra. Hope they don't get squished before our destination. Bon voyage! It's so cool to be flying after a year & 2 months of staying home. Fingers crossed we don't catch Covid or any variants. Take care of & keep safe. ALOHA

Diane Fujinaga

Tuna Bomb, Chocolate Crossants

Cj Z.

The quality at location is so bad, the cream cheese boom dough is not even cooked. The dough inside is still not fully cooked. I would avoid this location.

Ryu Lee-Kian

They have heaps of yummy pastries and I absolutely enjoy coming here

Jo V.

Stopped by for coffee, slim pickings in that department, but the pasties, oh!! I had the kale and spinach, it was so moist and delicious.

Nanette A.

I love Brug Bakery! All of their products are delicious! I don't come often, because it's not conveniently located near me. Since I had an appt at the mall, I stopped by to pick up some goodies. The reason for my 3 star rating is because of their customer service, which was lacking. No greeting whatsoever, just "Are you ready?". She rang my items, I paid by card (even added a tip), as she started to walk away she said "Did you want to purchase a bag?". I replied that I had one & that was it. No thank you or come again. I was the only customer in the store!

Dana F.

It's actually funny how often I frequent this bakery because I probably come here every week. It's at a point where my family and I have tried almost all of their bread items. My father is obsessed with their loaves of bread for good reasons: 1) It's very, very soft, and 2) They're sold at a good price! Though we enjoy eating all of their bread, our favorites are their toast loaf (which is vegan), raisin bread with cream cheese, and yume bread. They also have a wide variety of pastries available to your heart's content. My favorite is their apple custard danish and monkey bread (cinnamon bread). Only downside to their bread being so good and well known is that they can run out fast. They also don't have sliced bread available in the morning (apparently they don't start slicing until noon), so you have to come at the perfect time frame to get the goods. In any case, you can get the entire loaf, but you'll have to slice it yourself. Regardless, I still enjoy their bread and pastries than grocery store-bought bread.

Abby N.

This little shop is amazing. It's perfect if you want to stop for bread and coffee in the morning or just as a snack. The staff are super helpful and friendly, and also fast when making lattes. They have a big selection or pre-wrapped items. They are enforcing social distancing and limiting capacity in their store, and having their staff always wear masks and gloves.

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