Ichiriki Japanese Nabe Restaurant

98-150 Kaonohi St, Aiea
(808) 484-2222

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This was my first time trying hot pot and I can’t wait to be back! Food was delicious and the service was great! Japanese style seating was definitely an experience, enjoyed the vibe and somewhat privacy that the screens between tables provide.

Marc Hernandez

Very nice segregation for social distancing, delicious, fresh food, and fun atmosphere. Practically rolled out of there, full and happy! Was cool to be able to have different broth for two people across from one another.

Trisha Asao

I always get Kimchee broth and chanko set. Best deal is during late night nabe. Great happy hr too. Love this place.

Eugene T.

I came with a party of 3 and had reserved for the Japanese table. It was my first time going there and I was not disappointed at all. Ordered Shio and Pirikara broths with lots of entree sets and a couple of drinks. Great customer service, fast delivery of meals. The atmosphere was lively and the rooms are quite big. Most importantly, the food was amazing.

Tiffany H.

Used to eat here often prior to the pandemic. Came here for the first time in over a year. Got the seafood chanko for lunch and added on the rice soup to end. Service was attentive and the food was great! It was filling and we all enjoyed our meals. I got the spicy shoyu based soup which wasn't spicy at all. My sister got the tonkatsu based soup and we started with the Mixed mushrooms which were delicious. We would definitely return.

Malcolm Force

Amazing food amazing service good price

sydney christoffersen

WORST management I’ve ever encountered. The manager cancelled our reservation without notifying us, so we drove all the way out here for nothing. Simply because our parents ate there earlier in the evening and they had told the hostess that we would be dining there later that night. So when we showed up on time for our own reservation later in the night they told us we couldn’t eat there because our parents had already eaten there that day?! WHAT?? They couldn’t even explain their logic for cancelling our reservation, they just kept saying we were in the same party, even though we had made the reservations independently with our own group for a different time. Actually the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. They were so insanely rude and determined to not let us sit at our own table that we’d reserved later for ourselves in advance. Worst customer service experience/management ever. It doesn’t matter how good the food is here, their terrible customer service will ruin your day.

Rene Ockimey

Very nice restaurant. Family atmosphere.

Ju F.

It's crazy. But no matter where I go. Oahu or Mainland I keep comparing everyone to this place. It's the Pirikara broth that doesn't compare to anyone! Every time I try some place new I wish I ate at Ichiriki instead I love their sets and happy hour and late night specials. Great when you are on a budget!!

Rayne U.

We love hotpot & Ichiriki doesn't disappoint. This is a popular location so reservations are HIGHLY suggested. No need dress fancy - come as you are! Interior seems a bit worn but I imagine it's from the constant rotation of customers passing they. My daughter loves the tatami style seating so that's usually our 1st preference. shabu shabu sets with a few side extras are our normal go to for my family of 3. Be sure to get extra sesame sauce to dip your meat in after it's cooked! You can thank me later ;) Service is quick and efficient also!

Dave Baber

Awesome restaurant and great service from our waitress Lovely.

Kim C.

First time having shabu shabu or Japanese hot pot and it was amazing! My husband and I cannot stop raving about how great the food was! Our server Zach was very patient and explained the whole menu to us. The service and food here is awesome, what more can you ask for :) ?

Diana R.

Unsure about how this place is run but how are you going to tell me that you can only seat us an hour and a half later when you have only two tables and you just opened. Only that you your staff is unfriendly and slow.


Great Japanese cuisine along with excellent service!

Keilana M.

Definitely my favorite hotpot spot on the island. Personally this location is the best for its central location and convenience. Lots of parking available! Pork Kimchee, Mushroom Medley, and Shrimp are great appetizers. When I want a drink I either go for a glass of umeshu on the rocks or their melona soju if I want more (it's a melona popsicle dipped into a cup of soju!) The workers are very friendly and covid protocols are great. Travis is our fave server! Though, all of the staff members are welcoming and helpful. Ichiriki Nabe with Kobe beef shabu is the winner! My friend always gets the Kimchee nabe. It's so good, it's become a monthly tradition with some friends!

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Ichiriki Japanese Nabe Restaurant

98-150 Kaonohi St, Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 484-2222