Jackie's Diner

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy #8A, Aiea
(808) 484-0999

Recent Reviews

Tim N.

Surprisingly delicious for a hole in the wall. Definitely worth the wait.

Clay Y.

I had the pastlle and tripe stew with rice. Yummy. What I like here is that the stew is reheated per order and not simmering on the stove.. I watched them cook a kalua pig and cabbage to order. Spanish rice was so so. They were slammed for a lunch take out orders. They also accept charge cards. I'll be back

Kathy Y.

Jackie's diner's in Waimalu great location with lots of parking. Good menu selection and decent prices. Hawaiian, American, Puerto Rican. We all had the pasteles which was delicious! Check out this delicious restaurant! Friendly and efficient service!

Karen Y.

Ordered the Pastele plate. Everything was good except the bacalao salad & Spanish rice. Greens in the salad were wilted like it was sitting for a long time as if it was pre made. Rice didn't taste freshly made.

Irenio Gansit

Food was 'ono'??? ?

Jaimie S.

Craving hawaiian? Jackies! Craving pasteles? Jackies! Craving for one local plate lunch? Jackies! YUP. They got it. And taste great too, but I gotta say Pastele plate no can be beat. Best and FAVORITE place for Pastele plates. I haven't had any other pastele plate that tasted better than theirs. The pasteles are nice, not mushy and the right amount of heat (for spicy). Grandule rice works perfectly to compliment the pastele, as well as that mac-noodle salad and bacalao salad. Just perfect. Their parking gets busy per usual, during lunch hours because it's in Waimalu. Everyones looking for a good place to eat and Waimalu center seems to have a place for everyone. Theres a few seats and tables for dine-in. Or call for take out. Customer service is always great when we come. Theres really nothing bad to say about this place!

Abby T.

I've been coming here since I was a kid. My family LOVES the pasteles here, even more than some of the places in town (disclaimer: I am not Puerto Rican). Tucked away in Waimalu Shopping Center and run by Koreans, Jackie's Diner is a solid option for local fare -- Hawaiian food, Puerto Rican, plate lunches, etc. The side dishes are usually Korean/Hawaiian style, so I guess that's where the Korean influence comes in. The pasteles are not as spicy as I would like, but I like how they do the "shell" here. It's never mushy, and the flavors in each bite are distinct. The beef stew is always comforting, with that classic thick tomato base. I think the Spanish rice is fine (but would prefer gandule rice). Come here to remember small-kid times (or to understand what our local melting pot culture is all about).

D I.

This is one of my favorite restaurants. During the stay at home orders I made sure to give them business. So I was disappointed today when 3 out of 4 workers were using chin diapers instead of face masks. I've been consistent throughout this pandemic in that I no longer spend my money on businesses that cannot follow the rules. If I have to wear a mask while in your restaurant, you should at least wear your mask (properly) while preparing my food.

anthony zarriello

Ono hawaiian and Filipino food..

Peter Martinez

Awesome, love the pasteles and spanish rice plate. Great staff. Love Jackie's Diner?

Happy Furtado

Patelle plate is always excellent.Hawaiian food is also, good, too...

Sean Y.

Solid option for Hawaiian food! Came here for lunch with coworkers. Ordered the laulau and beef stew combo. Solid option for a decent price. The laulau was good and the beef stew had a good meat to veg ratio. Will def be back to try other items!

T T.

While waiting for my husband to get our takeout order a weeks ago, I was waiting in my car facing the diner. I saw an older gentleman...possibly the owner not wearing a mask while delivering food to people who were dining in!!! I was so shocked...I wanted to call my husband to tell him to cancel our order. I saw another post back in April that this same man refused to wear his mask. This is unacceptable!

Marbella’s Creations

I’m puertorrican, 100% !! I’m very particular about my food. I have tried pasteles and gandules rice in different places, ending not liking it.BUT this place puertorrican food was DELICIOSA!! The masa for the pasteles was good a lot of meat, the gandules rice was very good but I can count with my fingers the gandules?. I wished it had more grains. The bacalau salad was good but the bacalau was lost with the lettuce. I was expecting a side of bacalau. I know bacalau is expensive!! And the Mac salad Ono!! Overall, I enjoyed the food and I’ll go back…is always room to improve. Place was very clean and sanitized. My husband enjoyed the Hawaiian food as well and we agreed to come back to have lunch or dinner. Thank you.4 stars…I’ll give the fifth if you add gandules to the rice !! ?

Wanda E.

So happy they are finally re open for dine in!! The best pasteles and Bacalao salad . I love the small mom and pop feel of this restaurant, the Hawaiian food is real good too. Come here if you want the best selection of local and Hawaiian food. They are located in the waimalu shopping center. The park Parking can be a lil hectic but on most days you don't have to park far from the restaurant. If your in waimalu definitely give them a try.

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