Kapiolani Coffee Shop-Waimalu

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 488-7708

Recent Reviews

Tony C.

Oxtail soup was broke da mouth !! ??

Lynn Pedzimaz

The vegetable omelette with ham and hash browns weren't that good as their oxtail. Their Kimchi fried rice is good too. I wonder if the place is under different management.

Alessandria Leleo-Akana

Food and service very good. The portions are filling! I would readily recommend this place!

Joe A.

While on vacation, my Ohana and I ate at this restaurant. Let me tell you, it was well worth it! Everything that we ordered on the menu from burgers, kalbi fried rice, grilled salmon and most importantly the oxtail soup was ONO. They do get busy and you must sign in and likely have to wait. However, that doesn't matter because the greatness of food and servers. I would recommend this restaurant as one of the place you have to try while visiting Oahu.

Kelsey T.

Went for dinner (dine in). Very quick service, food came quick as well. The portioning of the island breakfast was perfect. The corned beef hash was crispy and cooked well. The French fries were surprisingly very crispy and delicious. Even when it was cold, it was crispy. The ox tail soup was good, but there was too much fat on the meat itself. The broth was very tasty.

Marc B

You’ve been here before and you’ll come back again. The food is still Onolicious, priced right and plentiful! Mahalo Kapiolani Coffee Shop for your good food and friendly service! ??

Lang L.

Soup is clear white and light not enough of the oxtail flavor though meat is tender but lack that 10 hours stove top broth. I was expecting a kick to the first bite of kimchi fried rice, again lacking in flavor and when the waiter said it comes with meat, well it's a few pieces of bacon bits. Tripe stew by far is the best of 3, great tomato flavor, tripe is super tender and I thought beef dish is just beef but they added crispy bacon bits in there. For those who can't have pork be ware.

Crystal S.

Mannnnnn DO NOT SLEEP ON KAPIOLANI COFFEE SHOP! I've lived in pearl city for almost 4 years and I always go to waimalu shopping center to pick and choose what I want to eat. Tonight was one of those adulting nights trying to decide " WHAT TO EAT FOR DINNER?" I did not feel like cooking and we were already out grocery shopping for the weekend. My go to will always be Jackie's, but she was closed early tonight. So then I thought "man I ain't never had KCS (kapiolani coffee shop) before, Fast forward lmfao. I ordered their oxtail of course, and their Friday specials the mushroom chicken and pork chops with mushroom gravy. Bruhhhhhhhhh DO NOT SLEEP ON KCS ON GOD! I'm so mad I only gave them a chance tonight! I got the pork chops. Gravy was bomb just how I make mine! But the pork chops...I mean it's good! Flavor was there but I PROMISE YOU IF YALL LET IT SIMMER IN TH GRAVY TO GET ALL SOFT AND FALL OFF THE BONE TENDER?? YOU GOT YA SELF A WINNAHHH The mushroom chicken was ono as well took me bacc to school lunch I love the simple kine tingz lol Oxtail was bomb! They know what they dojng! I added my own spice cuz I like spicy stuff but the broth and everything was BOMB!! I'm definitely eating here again I couldn't take any pictures cuz our fat asses ate everything before I could even get a picture lmfaooo

Melanie Felix

I only order the oxtail from here. It tastes good and is more tender than other places.

M Roy

Small and Cozy .. good service, good food.. nice local ambience..

Ethan Shuen

Great food! I love the oxtail soup and chili there. I recommend you try this place if your in the island of O’ahu (in Hawaii)!

R G L.

It was just ok. The best were the daily specials. Didn't try them but it all s ounds good.

Jennifer L.

This is my go to restaurant for oxtail soup. The flavor is on point and they give a generous amount of meat. I sometimes like to eat my oxtail soup with kimchee fried rice instead of the regular white rice. The staff is also friendly and nice. They still continue to check temperature and social distancing. Masks are required.

Dave K.

This is only for the lechon kawali attempt of a Friday special. It sucks. I'd give it a one star. But I didn't think it was cool to give that for just one item on menu. You want Lechon- you go to Thelmas in Waipahu period. Be lazy and don't wanna drive then you get as shown in the pic. A bad attempt in made maybe in the deep frier pretty bad. Avoid! The sauce was not the usual but was pretty good lots of garlic shoyu and chili pepper....

Drew W.

A local standby. My favorites are the oxtail soup and the fried rice. Usually together. Service is fast and friendly. Not a fancy joint by any means and usually not real crowded. You can find the same soup and rice at Asahi Grill in town.

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