Shay's Smash Burgers

98-291 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea
(808) 460-0951

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Max Tave

I was blown away by the quality, affordability, and hospitality of this place!They made my dog mochi a burger for FREE!!???The fungi burger with an egg was 10/10!Wow this place is a hidden gem, literally (it’s a food truck in a used car lot).

Franklin Portillo

My wife had the fun guy burger and I had the all American burger along with the crazy fries. The burgers were delicious and juicy! Remember to call your order in advance.

Sharon M.

OMG! Shay's makes the best burgers! I used to frequent another burger place, but once I ate Shay's burgers, I stopped going to the other place cuz Shay's puts me in burger heaven! My favorite is the Fun Guy which comes with cremini mushrooms, havarti cheese, black truffle aioli, and bacon jam--all for $7.00...It's sooooo 'ono! And their fries are always hot and crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. If you haven't tried Shay's Smashburgers, you're missing out and you MUST give it a try! Look for the orange food truck in the used car lot across Kamehameha Hwy from Forty Niner restaurant.

Shiraz D.

Awesome burgers at an incredible price! Highly recommend adding a fried egg and if you have a dog they give a doggie patty :) A little hard to find though

Rachel T.

It wasnt a smash patty as originally thought but 1/3 brisket patty which gave it a unique taste. There was a line even before they opened and they make it fresh so the wait builds anticipation! All American was good and juicy~ Fries are a small size and hot & crunchy! I think it went well together! Their website menu order system is limited they have more options in person. Parking is limited only four double parked "spots"

Dale C.

Found this place from a recommendation. It's a bit tricky to locate but well worth the effort to find. Located in the middle of a used car lot in AIEA across the street from Boston Pizza. The burgers are reasonably priced and the fries are plentiful. Ono! Fair is fair come check this place out!

Rod U.

"Did you take a pic?" asks my bud. "Why? You don't know what a burger looks like?" my wisea$$ reply. Old school at its finest. A ball of USDA prime ground brisket and shrot rib tossed on a flattop covered in the grease and fat of previously cooked burgers, literally smashed flat, aggressively seasoned then cooked until the outside crisps, sealing in the fatty goodness inside. It is placed in a sweet potato bun that quickly absorbs the oozing juices, itself totally smashed by the time you pick it up and devour. The "classic" (cheddar, sautéed onions), simple old school goodness. $5. The "All-American", the "classic" add veg. $6. The "Fun Guy" (sautéed mushrooms, havarti, and truffle aioli), upgrade of the classic. $7. Add bacon, a fried egg, or an extra patty as you please. Tip: Phone in your order to avoid the 20+ minute wait. No matter how you have it, this is old school, good eats at dirt cheap prices.

Jennifer K.

A little hard to find, but once you find it, you'll be back. Shay's Smashburgers is located in the lot of a used cars lot (I think?). Look for the sign for Ridge way Motors or In and Out Auto Sales and turn in. You should see the bright orange truck. There's no real space to park (depending on how many cars are in the lot I guess) so I recommend ordering online/phoning in your order or going with a buddy to wait in the car. Also go early as they close once they sell out and they'll likely sell out before they close. Now on to the burgers, the fun guy is definitely the crowd favorite, with sauteed mushrooms, harvati cheese, and truffle aioli. But the all-american smash is great for those who prefer a more classic burger (cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, secret sauce, lettuce, tomatoes). My bf got the all-american while I ordered the fun guy burger, and we shared an order of fries. We ended up sharing our burgers too so we could each try both. We agreed that we both like the fun guy burger slightly more than the All-American. The patties were cooked really well and the sauces complemented the burgers perfectly. The only way they could improve the burgers is to maybe toast the buns. The buns were a little soft and more doughy than we would prefer. The fries weren't bad as well. Thicker cut fries (I prefer shoestring) but fried really well and crispy. Also perfect amount of salt (I can't stand super salty fries). As for payment, they take Venmo and Cash App, although I'm sure you can also just pay cash as well. We'll definitely be back!

Danielle M.

It's a food truck and if I'm not wrong, it's looks like it's located at a junkyard...? But don't let that stop you from trying their burgers because they are absolutely delicious!!! We all got the same order, 3x of Fun Guy with extra patty and a side of fries. *Fun Guy Burgers -- very juicy, not dry, great flavour. It's exactly how you'd want your burgers to taste like! I could've gone without the extra patty but I was so hungry. I really like mushrooms with goat cheese, I wish they had more options for the cheese. Still great, though! *Fries -- they're fries. It came with a side of ketchup. They're ok for me. And was salted very lightly. Amazing experience! I would definitely return. Actually bought one more after eating ours for my husband, heated it up in the air fryer and he said it still tasted great!

Lisa J.

Finally got around to trying this place out. I've driven by it a ton and it was never the right time. This food truck is in the parking lot of a used car dealership. I was a little unsure where to park since there are lots of cars in the dealership near the food truck and it's hard to tell what belongs to someone waiting and what's not moving anytime soon. I order the classic burger and got no onions and some fries. I waited a little while for my food but nothing really long. There were a couple of big order before me I'm thinking people called in. The burger was good. Juicy and perfectly cooked. The special sauce was delish. Many were getting the mushrooms one so I'll definitely try that one next. It's definitely messy so no eating this in the car while driving. The fries however didn't even make it to the road before trying. At first they seemed to need more salt but they got better the more I ate. They were cooked to a perfect crisp. Overall really good! I'd definitely go back.

T.R. Smith

Just to add to the chorus... this place is amazing.Had the All-American and it was the best burger I've had on this island. Hands-down. Beefy and delicious. The fries were fantastic with deep potato flavor. Looking forward to trying everything else.Cash only, and I think they get a lot of online & phone orders. So, walk-ups might take a bit.

Syn A.

Super great service! Tried all 3 burgers & FunGuy was my favorite! Parking can be tight/tough when they're busy. Go check them out!

Robbie Bryan

Best burger I have ever eaten... easily. I'm 42 years old and pretty husky... I've eaten a lot of burgers in my life. I like to eat. Dropped by this place (drove past it at first because I didn't see it in the parking lot... google will get you it) the Fun Guy burger. Oh my... amazing!!! Well done Shay's!

Winifred Ha

My go to burger place on the islandI am a big fan of mushrooms and their Fun Guys is the best mushroom/truffle oil burger I have ever had


6/12/2021 Ahh, my fiance views food blogs, videos, and reviews all the time. Good thing for me because all I do is say yes when he asks if I want to try a new place. Sure, I'm in! Shay's Smashburger's orange food truck is behind a used car dealership on Kamehameha Hwy. across from Forty Niner Restaurant. Look for the used car dealership banner and park anywhere by the used cars as there aren't any marked stalls. We got there a little before 12 so we were the first to order but soon after we did, there were 3 people behind us. My fiance ordered the Classic with an extra patty and an egg, and side fries, and I had the Fun Guy with fries. Friendly service and when we got home, heaven! We cut the burgers in half so we could share. The Fun Guy had just what I love on it - mushrooms, havarti cheese, caramelized onions, bacon jam, and some truffle flavor. Sooo good! I'm not a fan of a messy/oily burger and this was not. It had so much flavor and wasn't oily or sloppy at all. I loved the soft, potato bun and the crispy, char bits on the patty edges. Yum! The fries were also good, crispy but not overfried or dark. Nice seasoning on them as well. I also loved the Classic with the extra patty and egg. Delicious and pretty easy to eat for a huge burger. In fact, it was all so filling that after I ate it for lunch, I knew dinner wouldn't be in my future. Since we both loved the burgers, I hope he'll want to go back again soon!

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