Shiro's Saimin Haven

98-020 Kamehameha Hwy #109, Aiea
(808) 488-4834

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Kimberly C.

Yummy local comfort food! Besides the wide variety of saimin dishes to choose from, Shiro's also has lots of other items on the menu. From burgers and fries to beef stew and lau lau, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. I love the chicken cutlet! Crispy fried to perfection on the outside while tender and juicy with brown gravy all over hits the spot every time.

Char M.

Disappointed $11.90 and 2 small pieces teri beef.

Kevin K

If you like Saimin then this is the place. Get #4 (with won tun dumplings) and with the vegetables option.

Kimberly H.

Our fave spot in HI thus far. I know. Major statement. Don't get me wrong. This isn't Michelin rated at all by any means and I don't have much of a comparison w/ re: to saimen. But I love it. This hole in the wall gave me some Chinese mustard yummy in my tummy comfort food. I got the ox tail soup base. Hubby got the regular. We got teri sticks and some wonton app w/ ground meat inside. It was good like chicken noodle soup for the soul. And I dig all the inspirational quotes posted throughout along with articles re: Shiro and his philosophy. Prices are good! The only criticism - and I will ask auntie to please wait next time is that they started bleaching the floors while we were eating (with our permission but still next time I will say no). Came here on a late Thurs afternoon no wait. Will be back for sure. P.S. Auntie might exchange your order w/ one w/ wontons bc it's better, LOL! :) it was good noms...

Marcia B.

This was a great experience all the way around, the menu was extensive, the four of us all had different Saimin with home made noodles and wontons and all four had their own distinct tastes which were complex and layered based on the ingredients in the saimin. The server was the nicest and most pleasant person we experienced to date on our trip. It''a a bit out of the way but definitely worth the trip..

David Q.

First time here. Came here after going to the aloha stadium (less then 10 minutes away) and the food is amazing. Will be one of my go to spot when I come back to Oahu!

Nicole I.

Haven't been here since I was a child, but the saimin is honestly better than I remember!! This restaurant really brings you back to the classic Hawaii restaurants that don't rely on anything too fancy to bring customers in. Just really good saimin and a whole lot of it! #54 crispy gau gee with won ton saimin hit the spot!!! #55 Ron Mizutani special was very delicious and I honestly couldn't believe a burger and saimin combo could be under $13. The side of fries were pretty huge. The burger looked like it was going to be dry but it was a lot juicier than I thought it would be. The vegetables in the saimin were soooo good. When I was a kid I really didn't like it but I really appreciate the veggies now. The food came out crazyyy fast! Service was fantastic and friendly. Food was super yummy. Prices were beyond reasonable. A+++

Marie Stackhouse

Affordable and delicious! Very large portions and the menu is extensive! Going back today!!

Ana N.

Comfort Food!!! Soooo Ono glad we took the drive from the Windward side to Waiau. Shiro's is excellent with the social distancing and adherence to covid safety guidelines like wearing masks. I feel very safe dining here! Burgers are delish and saimen soooo good and they have Green River!!


7/8/2021 We were wandering around, trying to decide where to get take out from. Shiro's looked good! He picked the Pork Belly Kawali and I chose Breaded Cod with brown rice. There were 4 pieces of cod on some shredded cabbage along with my brown rice and potato spaghetti noodle salad. The cod was crispy but not overcooked or oily. Yum! The brown rice was fluffy and not dried out or crunchy. And the potato and spaghetti noodle salad had just the right amount of mayonnaise. Everything was ono! This may be one of my favorite breaded & fried fish plates!

Cris Estrada Jr.

The food was good. But we waited for nearly 10 minutes for an apologetic waitress who was covering for the one that was supposed to serve us. It was 40 minutes from 12 noon, not very busy. I'm thinking they have wait staff issues. Hope it gets better soon.

Rizlie Villanueva

Lots of Saimin. I recommend you try #58. It has lots of toppings and very tasty. Service is great, too!!!

Emari H.

My husband love the breakfast plate he can't wait to go back! It takes time for your order (from outside window, 20 minutes) but it was worth the wait We ordered omelets with white rice. One with ham and the other veggie. I think I'd try other dishes next time. Their menu is quite extensive.

Wesley W.

Finished visiting Pearl Harbor, I was hungry. Went to Kehau's but they hit max capacity on diners due to a family get together. Bummed but decided on searching Yelp and voila!! Up comes Shiro's. Maybe it should be named Shiro's Saimin Heaven. Honestly, best saimin I've ever had. Albeit, only have eaten it in about 4 different places. We shared a Dodonpa. Roast pork, wonton, roast beef, char siu pork, napa cabbage, mushrooms, spam and a piece of fried shrimp. They give very generous portions and the broth was tasty. Saimin was not doughy and service was excellent. They do a good job with Covid protocols as well. I'll be back.

Larry Tamashiro

Is great service food and prices

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