Sushi Spot

99-209 Moanalua Rd #301, Aiea
(808) 485-2255

Recent Reviews

Anahi Reader

Best sushi we've had on island! Would recommend to everyone that I know!

James Freedman

Bravo! This place the freshest sushi, the friendliest staff, and the most wonderful selection. We will definitely be back, and will recommend to all that visit.

Scott Hall

We called an Uber from Waikiki Beach to get close to Pearl Harbor. I found this very special place which was a 20 minute walk to Pearl Harbor. We got there around 11:30 am just before the lunch rush and sat inside. The meal was as good as it gets for fresh sushi! Very welcoming place and seemed to be family owned. Highly recommend!

Marie N

Great sushi, they even made me a vegetarian sushi roll! Super friendly staff as well! Will come back

Harlien S.

Finally Found a sushi place bc our other one closed down. Sashimi was bomb fresh and shrimp tempura was awesome!!!!

Melanie Tarabay

The fish was extremely fresh and delicious. The service was fast and very nice and accommodating. Definitely recommend!

Stephanie V.

Just updating to say that Sushi Spot is still as delicious as ever! We went in last night to have several rolls and all were prepared fresh, very delicious, and the service was quite attentive. I was worried we wouldn't be able to get a seat at 6:15 pm on a Saturday night but we were able to be seated right away. Love seeing that Sushi Spot has made it through the pandemic and is still making delicious Dragonfly rolls :)

Ember M.

Tiny mom and pop sushi spot. These folks care about their food, service, and customers and we feel it every time we go in.

Lina L.

First time here! Staff was friendly and the food came out quick. Sushi was delicious!!! Will be coming here next time!

melanie Seymore

This place has the best sushi we've tried so far on island. It was busy when I went to pick up my order. They do have dine in right now but it's very small inside. Highly recommend!

S.K. Hislop Jr.

It was tasty and delicious ?, filled me up nicely. It had shoyu and wasabi on the table and the hostess/waitress was kind and helpful. The dining experience was at ease but steady within the business. If you feel hungry for sushi, this is a spot that should be tried.

Hardian Natale

Hands down the best sushi around Aiea/Pearl city area, and dare I say, Top 5 on the island!Everytime I am craving sushi, I go directly to Sushi Spot! All of their food is on point. Especially the Salmon Lover! That hits all my taste buds!Let's talk about the owners. They are some of the nicest people I know! They are kind, GENEROUS, and they always have a positive attitude when I go there.A recommendation to anyone that wants good not over the top sushi!

Jack G.

Tried this sushi spot for the first time and it was awesome. Might be my new go to hole in the wall sushi place. Buh Bye Mitch's Sushi. I ordered the Sushi & Sashimi Combo Deluxe $35. Came with 12 pieces of assorted sashimi, 9 pieces of assorted Nigiri sushi and 6 pieces of Hoso Maki. My client had the Sushi Combo Deluxe $20somethin (can't read the waitress' guest check). Came with 12 pieces of Nigiri sushi and 6 pieces of Hoso maki. We also got the Baked Dynamite which was crab, avocado and fish on a maki roll. The combos came with miso soup and tea unlike Mitch's which I can't figure out when they do or don't give you miso soup and tea. The fish was very fresh. The service was awesome. Parking is abundant. This will be my new hole in the wall go to sushi place.

Jose Baldonado

Quality place with quality food and customer service. Definitely coming back here for great sushi. Everything we tried was excellent. They are currently open for dine in but they only have 2 tables. In normal times it's still a small place, but that's ok. Plenty of parking available in the older strip mall.

Jardin Keyser

This is the go to spot for my friend and I! I took my family here when they visit and they also love it! Great quality fish and they are always super friendly! ??

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