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4450 Kapolei Pkwy #560, Kapolei
(808) 376-0885

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Char D.

Stopped in for some lunch and so glad we did! Greeted by a friendly face who sat us down with waters right away, I could tell this was going to be a great meal! We ordered the grilled tofu salad, kimchi pancake, and some kind of fried chicken with rice, topped with pickled onions, cabbage and a delicious sauce. My oh my! The food is flavorful and so tasty! You can tell they take pride in their dishes with the cleanliness, how everything is fresh and colorful..and beautifully plated. The atmosphere is open, cool, and inviting. Definitely coming here again. Thank you DB Grill! Can't wait to try something new next time!~

Rob H.

Menu was intriguing and the server was on point with her suggestions. Hoping that after Covid scare is over the menu expands a bit. Loved our visit and will be back.

Gabby S.

Let me preface by saying we been here about twice a while back when covid numbers weren't crazy. Location/Parking: It is located by the movie theater and mad bene. There is tons of parking, so you shouldn't have a problem, but at times depending how busy it is you will need to park a little farther which is no problem because a little walk never hurt anyone. Covid Procedures: They are good at spacing everyone out, and there are some tables outside which we got cause we prefer fresh air now days. Before seating you will receive a text to just confirm your info so they can gather it for the contact tracing, super easy and quick. Food: Man I don't even remember all the foods we got, but I took pictures of them all! All of them were sharing style, yummy, came out in a timely manner, and hit the spot. I don't really drink much but we did get some drinks. My friends got the watermelon one and that thing is huge haha. It was good, but we also got the white gummy bear soju and that one is my absolute favorite! Service: Our waitress was nice and very quick both times! The only downside is the first time we went I made a reservation. I had called to change something to our reservation and the girl on the phone had no idea what I was talking about and said they don't do reservations. We eded up fixing it, but that was kind of a damper. The second time we came we did a walk in and put in our names. I received a text saying we had 10 min to confirm if we were going to be there. I had one friend who was a little behind (you can't get seated if everyone in your group is not present) but we had about 5 min left and she finished parking and walking up and as I'm about to confirm with them, hey call me saying we got bumped when we had 5 min left to confirm our table. That was a bit upsetting but luckily it wasn't that busy and got seated about 15-20 min later. Price: It is a bit pricier but it is all sharing style and me and my friends always split the bill which turns out okay for a night out every once in a while. Overall: Besides those minor things we still had a great time, awesome food, atmosphere, and great company, oh did I mention they always play awesome music. It just sets the vibes right for a good night with family or friends. I would say come here and give it a shot, it was worth it in my opinion. Just make sure to call ahead or if ou are going to walk in maybe give yourself some time because the wait does fluctuate, we just happened to catch it on a not so busy night the second time we walked in.

Richard C.

Me, my sister, and our friends came here for a last dinner of our Hawaii trip and what a dinner it was! There was no going wrong with this menu, there was so much to enjoy! And we didn't even choose any entrees, the pupus and appetizers were more than enough for us! We had three orders of duck bao buns, two orders crispy mandoo chicken wings (one K.F.C. and one Lilikoi), ahi belly tacos, nanban nuggets, steak tacos, and the watermelon soju! The duck bao buns were the best, absolutely delicious and the buns perfectly doughy and soft. The nuggets were crispy and tasty, the wings were great! Though, I thought the Lilikoi wings would have been a sauce and not a dry rub and it was much spicier than expected. Not for me but if you love a different flavor of spicy, go for the Lilikoi Mandoo wings! And the watermelon soju was fun for everyone! It comes in a watermelon carved out as a large bowl with a fun dinosaur spoon! We all had a good share, and I drank the last of it from the watermelon bowl itself! Depending on your appetite or what you want to try, the appetizers and pupus are great to start with and may even be filling! That's how it turned out for us. We loved DB Grill, would come back for sure and I highly recommend this place for a fun night out! Best enjoyed with a group!

Nina M

Food was delicious and was served very quickly. Waitresses were very nice and helpful. I recommend the tofu salad and the mushroom bao buns!

Jessica B.

My husband said this was the best burger he has ever had. Our waitress (I'm so sorry I forgot her name, but she went to UNLV) was VERY nice and helped us order and made recommendations. I had the poke bowl, it was good minus the basil (or different herb) leaves in it-but I get it, its "fusion" food. Kids shared a VERY generous portion of the fried chicken lunch bowl. This was my favorite part, it was the crunchiest crispiest yet juiciest chicken ever. I think these chickens still had skin on it because every nugget had crispy portions of the nugget. We shared the kimchi fries-get this item, I didn't know how I would feel about it but this was good-I wish they had an option to add bulgogi meat to it or something. The burger of the week came out HOT and sooooooo juicy. We were sad we found this place on the last day of our week stay at ko olina. We will be back! Mahalo!

David Terry

We really enjoy the decor and openness. TVs are high and out of the way. Large glass windows, great food and fast service. The drinks are decent priced and there is a good selection of menu items to choose from. We frequently visit and will continue to do so as it has become one of our experiences that we We thoroughly enjoy!! Give. It a shot!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Corey O.

I've been coming here since opening and I am truly disappointed beyond belief. The prices have increased by about 1.5x on some items and the portions have halved on others still charging the same prices as before. This is ridiculous and I will never come back again. I wouldn't be surprised if this place goes out of business based on their practices. I understand raising prices but the amount being raised and the portions being cut on certain items is a rip off. Don't come here unless you want to be truly disappointed and unsatisfied!

maria atanes

Good food,portion wise for the price you pay too pricey, on some item. Great customer service.

Gail U.

7-12-2021 We came after visiting Aulani and arrived for a late lunch just before 2 p.m. The restaurant was pretty much empty yet we entered and were ignored. The man in the aloha shirt was in the back corner with the server close together. We waited a few minutes without a hello or be right with you. I headed towards a table for the 3 of us then the server said wait you need to be checked in. Most places smile and ask how are you or offer a greeting. Not here. The vibe here was institutional and unwelcoming. There was a party of perhaps 6 that came in after us and left. The server removed the glasses of water. Wonder if they felt unwanted too. The food arrived but my beverage was forgotten. Needed to ask again. Hubs enjoyed his meat jun saying it was regular, good. He was disappointed it did not come with kim chee. He wanted the ahi but was told they didn't have any. The pork shank in my ramen was huge and the skin crispy. It was meaty. The texture of the noodles were cooked perfectly for a $26 bowl of ramen. When we were ready to leave the server said yesterday she saw a person put their bowl in her purse. Oh my, clepto!!! The duck fat fried rice was black peppery, seasoned and slightly oily. We took most of it and the eggs topping it home. Not sure if our experience was typical but it was quite a let down as I had bookmarked it under Kapolei. Thanks Doc for treating us!

Grace L.

We had to check this place out bc last night, our server next door told us to check it out. The ahi stack was good. The ahi literally melts in your mouth. We ordered the kim cheese fried rice with bacon and it was really good. Thw meat Jun was good but they should have more on the plate. Really good. We also had ahi belly tacos. I think I can do without the next time. Maybe try the bulgogi taco instead. Will also try the kim chee French fries.

Krystal Roberts

Great food. Enjoyed my first time eating here

Raymond Craig

Excellent service, great food. Visitors from the mainland came in today and I brought them here. They were totally impressed and loved everything.The duck fat fried rice was awesome. They also really liked the tacos. I really enjoyed the chicken nuggets, not what you would expect from the word nuggets. You won't be disappointed. It was a little loud so talking across the table was a little hard, but overall a great experience. Highly recommended. Check this place out

Almin Castillo

The food is good, but tonight has been the worst dining experience in a while, probably topped our charts in that department. I wish I knew our servers name, but unfortunately there was no introduction of any. We were served our water 25 minutes after sitting down, and 15 minutes to get any service. Took us 30 minutes after sitting to get our food. There’s no excuse for poor service, just bad training and management skills.I most likely won’t be having a good word about this when friends and family ask about recommendations of places to eat.

Diana Kalani

Always amazing food, Great service and fun atmosphere!

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