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Rey E

Received good service, although waiting was the downfall of this dinner trip.

dana b

The food was fantastic, my family left nothinh behind. Our waitress was nothing hort of amazing as well. She made the perfect suggestions and was very attentive and always had a friendly smile.

Dee Deangelis

Our service was nice she was good the quality of the food was horrible. Portion size is also.smaller.and lack of menu items .not much to choose from.prices are high. Quality poor

Just_ Joanne

I would have gave 5 stars, but the wait time killed it. We weren't notified about the wait time. 45 minutes to an hour when we checked in. Other than that, the overall service was more than sufficient. I noticed the cleaning and disinfecting protocols were above average. Our waitress was considerate and friendly.

Jennell Harrison

This Denny's only had TWO servers... but the food came in good time, was hot & delish! Don't sleep on Denny's Nachos - yum! Also, remember you can build your own slam! My preferred pairings, double bacon, egg whites, english muffin with a side of avocado!

Kat S.

My friends and I have been eating here for awhile and the experience is usually always decent, but today's dine-in experience was especially great and we owe it all to our lovely waitress, Chrys! There were 8 of us, and Chrys was always checking in with everyone in our group to make sure we were doing okay and had everything we needed. We expressed an interest in the shakes and she didn't hesitate to share with us ways to customize a shake, which in all our years of going to Denny's, we had no idea you could do. I ordered a Twix shake and my friends ordered a Snickerdoodle, PB&J, and Snickers -- all of which were only 1 or 2 dollars over the regular shake price, and it was well worth it (I'm not sure tho if this is only something you can order through Chrys or not). Overall, extremely grateful to have had such a charismatic and mindful waitress the whole night!

Charles Bohe

I enjoy this Denny’s because it is the closest Denny’s to Waianae. It’s in a shopping center and close to a theater. We used to watch movies and come over to this Denny’s for a post movie meal. Parking has never been a problem. Staff has always been polite, courteous and friendly over the years which in turn reflects on the management. I have never had a disappointing dish of food here!

Jacqueline N.

The food was pretty good but CHRYS was THE BEST SERVER I'VE EVER HAD! She also has the her own speciality milkshakes and we tried the Choconut, Banana Creme Pie and Cinnamon Roll! They were SOO BOMB, also you can only order them when CHRYS is working! I GIVE HER SERVICE 5 STARS and the food 2 stars LOL I would come back here just for her!

Jordan N.

love love loved the service! Chrys provided EXCELLENT service to my party if 5! Mahalo for the excellent service!

KD F-Mercado

The services was really fast and and they were very polite and alsome and fast.I really enjoy my Dinner.It was niče to enjoy a niče Dinner with smile on there facess.I would ga bačka again.

Naomi Digitaki

Donovan embodies the aloha spirit in service and smile and will make any customer feel welcome. Denny's never disappoints with the variety of menu items they offer & their unlimited hot chocolate with cream is the perfect complement to those desiring a sweet beverage to complement meals on a cold evening.

Emily Burnett

My moons over my hammy was cooked perfectly! Our server Kailee was super friendly and the speed of service was excellent. Maybe my best Denny's experience.


Nice and friendly waitresses here. Cheeee! Much mahalo. Came her for my daughter’s graduation dinner since can’t do family bbq then, then we came back 3 weeks later and she remembered what we order like to the T. Awesomeness ????????

Darlene M.

Normally I don't have a problem with Denny's and their waitresses Are friendly and all of that , but tonight was the 2nd time in maybe the last 3 years that I had an not so excusable issue. Ordered the sirloin steak ... Cooked medium with fries and veggies for my sides plus they give the bread that's part of the meal. When it came to me I saw blood on the plate which I never see for a Medium cooked steak. I checked the steak and said ok the steak looks medium cooked so just was gonna wipe the blood off the plate , when I moved the food around I then noticed the blood was all around my plate , under my fries and under my bread so bread was soggy with blood . I could have asked for another meal but just wiped all the blood out and took out some of the fries and wasn't gonna eat the bread and set all that aside. Mentioned it to the waitress and she says "I'll bring you another one "... I said no need and She brought out just another bread . What I really wanted was to let the cook know that this should have never happened to begin with. She told the manager and so what they did was give me a discount she said but it was an AARP discount taken off when I looked at the receipt , we already have AARP , so it wasn't really any added discount to what we were already entitled , but one thing I noticed being this was a 2nd major mistake is that they will never give full credit for a meal they screwed up on or a 50% discount and the managers rarely face you to apologize .... It's done from the waitress saying my Mgr said they are sorry. The first time they never apologized. Just need to improve on mgmts side making good when they screw up and don't be afraid to give a full discount fir a meal or at least 50% off when the situation warrants it. Next time I'll just ask for the whole thing to be redone . Had I been my old self I may have been more verbal but I just wasn't feeling like being an ass and making a scene Just making a point and for them to correct these type of things so they don't happen again because I like eating there . My husband on the other hand said "if you want good steak just go to Outback or another steak place just don't order that here anymore ".


Extremely nice people who were very accommodating to me and my family. The food quality was better than an Denny's I had ever been too! The restaurant was very clean! Mahalo! I'll definitely be seeing you again!

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