Regal Kapolei Commons

4450 Kapolei Pkwy Suite 500, Kapolei
(844) 462-7342

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Klayton Boggs

Price of the ticket was normal, concession had no combo deals so that was more expensive than it had to be, the seats weren’t bad and pretty comfy but you could tell they needed TLC and they really didn’t seem to clean after the last showing, the sound was kinda loud and they waited forever to turn off the lights and lastly the lids didn’t fit very well on the cups so shortly after sitting down I went to take a drink and lid on my soda popped off and I was covered in soda for the rest of the movie!

Jacob Zetwick

Prices for tickets are okay. Concession are on par with every other theater, over priced, not so good quality. This visit the concession stand was short of supply due to a high attendance during Labor Day weekend. The actual theater was pretty clean. Reclining seats and plenty of distancing. We reserved our seats online, a truly priceless feature. The screening and sound were decent. The bathroom was kinda nasty. Most urinals were bagged up, with the exception of two. I’m hoping that’s for distancing? If not, y’all got a plumbing problem.Lastly, and I don’t think this has much to do with this specific theater, but the movie was scheduled to start at 1:30 but after all the previews/commercials (annoying), it finally began at 1:56.

Nancy Rawlings

Great theater! Loved the seats and huge screen. Movie price it might 18 dollars was a little high and they offered no specials on popcorn and soda but movie experience was great.

Jimmy Stinson

It was ok, they didn't do much of a job cleaning between movies and seats need to be reupholstered. If food was left all in the seats then it makes me question how well they sanitize between showings.. Movies was fine though.

Sheila Michubu

I liked it.. good variety of snacks to choose from. Courteous attendants.

Mike B.

When the movie started there was all kinds of lines and shapes that made the movie unwatchable. I asked one of the workers to let management know and asked them to start the movie over since we could barely make out the picture. Nothing happened. So after about 5 more minutes, I went to the concession area and asked for a manager and repeated the same request. When I returned to the theater the picture was better, but they never started the movie over per my request. I asked to speak to the manager after the movie, but he sent down an assistant manager. I asked why they didn't restart the movie, he said the Manager, Stan, decided not to, but didn't give a reason. He didn't come to tell me himself because "he was in a meeting upstairs". So we missed the beginning of the movie with no explanation. Absolutely unprofessional and unacceptable customer service! I was told Stan is an Interim Manager because the other one quit. He should never be a Manager. So disappointed!

Leht M.

Customer service at the concession are great. Just need to do an extra housekeeping with all the cup holders, and hoping that management are thinking of changing or reupholstering all the chairs!!!

Molly M.

My husband and I loved the cleanliness of this theater! We are Kupuna and handicapped, and need to sit comfortably close to the screen. We live in Ewa Beach and like to go to cool down. I have COPD because of difficulty breathing. Warm Aloha to All who read this review

Jayson Kauwenaole

The staff was super friendly, professional and pleasant. They made our first trip to the movies in a long time fun and enjoyable. Great date night and look forward to this as our routine.

Juan N.

Always enjoy our time At the Commons! The service is awesome and great the teenagers that work there still have the respect for their elders! This was our first tome back since pandemic, the only thing i was disappointed in was they were not serving their full usual menu. But hey can always grab a burger later . lol

R T.

We were here for the first time since they reopened from Covid closing. I was disappointed with how some of the seats were worn out and torn. It was still lit when we arrived to our seats but we could see the disgusting junk in the cup holders. I felt as though they did not clean in between movie screening. I didn't bring any disinfecting wipes with me but I just sat down feeling a bit uneasy. Popcorn was okay. I like the old rectangle movie theater boxes to eat my popcorn.

Michael A.

This theater was so disgusting. The seats are already torn cracked and ripped. I showed up for my movie with popcorn in between the seats and someone's previous buttery finger prints on the seats . Cup holders were caked and nasty dirty. I had to Lysol 4 entire seats. Would've left but my kids wanted to watch and we had already spent $60 on burnt popcorn. We are still in a pandemic , maybe think about disinfecting more often. Or just DISINFECTING period.


Very clean, friendly staff, and comfortable seats that reclined.

Romel Juan

They need to clean seating area better found popcorn and butter on tray and seat

Roger G (Ranger64d)

Facility is ok, but many of the seats are in dire need of replacement. Seats are tore up and the last thing I want to is sit in a tore up seat which is uncomfortable and dirty. I think, overall, a better job can be done about the care and maintenance of their seating.

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