490 Kamokila Blvd, Kapolei
(808) 674-2737

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Wayne P.

Stopped in to buy some fries, a Coke and a frosty.. And for the 2nd time I've gone there in a month, our 2 orders of large fries were cold and like chewing shoe laces with no detectable salt at all. If it wasn't for that we were on a schedule and had the time in our day to burn standing in line all over again, I would have returned them.. What a frig'n joke, and that this place still stays busy, is no less a miracle of heaven. If Covid isn't enough to turn people away, having lame, sub par quality food for these prices will do it every time.

Shy K

Every single time I come to this location my order is always wrong. When you reach the pick up window the employees are not friendly. They stare at you like what are you doing here? And when they handle your bags they don't even say thank you or acknowledge that you have your order. I guess if they did that then my order would never be wrong right? Remark from the manager to Le employee their is absolutely NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. The more I go back the more I keep asking for it. Wasting money on things thar I don't have aka my order. I will not return to this location. I rather go to McDonald's or Jack's.It's real simple. Say thank you, acknowledge the customer and let us know that our order is complete so we can drive off. Oh and upper management if your reading this train the manager and the staff what customer service is. This review will be placed across all social platforms.

Renee Kden

No public number listed that works. I swear it was the cashier that was making drinks and I saw her hand go into a cup while she was filling it up.

Jennifer P.

Couple months back I got charged a $400 fraudulent charge to Hollister on my card. Went to the same wendys today and I was waiting for my food and then suddenly I realized she never swiped my card and handed it right back!! She was no longer at the window!! She refused to make eye contact with me when she handed it back and immediately turned around and got super close to her friends face and whispered something. They shot some weird eyes at each other. I am now positive they are up to no good as I couldn't figure out where the fraudulent charge came from last time!! Check your young employees!! Particularly one that worked the drive through window on august 22 around 11:30am. I called the bank immediately, IN THE PARKING LOT and changed my card numbers. I see in another review that they didn't come back with someone else's card right away either. UNACCEPTABLE TO LEAVE THE WINDOW WITH SOMEONES CARD! I should see you the WHOLE TIME!

Valerie Velarde

I just got the take out, it was really good. No complaints. They're super fast in service!

Damon Hart

Buy a Dave's single, get a 2nd one for $2 more. I'm happy ?

Lawrence M.

Though the staff was polite. They looked at me like why are you still here when I had not received my drinks or my credit card back. Then I had to ask for a receipt. Then the ultimate negative, they put SPICY nuggets in my kids meal. I only discovered it on the way home and my poor son immediately through down his chicken nugget. He already is a picky eater, I don't need him hating chicken nuggets too. Not happy!

Jayden Golden

Terrible staff. I went in with my family and stood at the counter for 5 minutes and the staff was just staring at us. They just continued to make orders for the drive thru. One of the employees wasn’t even wearing a mask. Better off going to the Wendy’s by the mall.

Jeanna Flores

Wendy's has awzome chilie. Love it.

Jessica Carvalho

The person working drive thru window was very patient and friendly, despite us ordering everything on the menu and then adding on yet another item at the window. The food came out very hot and fresh.I noticed another recent review mentioning they possibly got food poisoning from the chicken nuggets. I'm not sure if visit was same day as their review but if so, it actually corresponds to the same day of our visit and we also got chicken nuggets, but fortunately nobody in our group got sick!

Naomi Ortiz

Clean, quiet. Food very fresh and tasty ☺️

Asheville Bruce Hensley

#grateful I was so impressed with the employees working drive thru I got to experience rice in my chili for the first time aloha thank you guys for working in such Med times I'm keeping such a great attitude maybe next time I'll drive around it'll be closer to 4:20 love you guys

Solomon Beaman

It's a good place to eat. Quick in and out but kinda slow at times but overall it's GOOD


Got terrible food poisoning from food here.Not saying that’s everything they serve, but sweet Christ above I certainly got it.

Freddy Fred

took away a star for the indecent length of time it took drive through to get in and out, then gave it back because they have properly distanced seating inside. and i don't drive, so who cares. lots of mayo on everything, but frosties are a real treat. minus .1 star for the inaptly named frostie-chino. its just a sweet coffee drink. nothing to do with frosties. but that doesn't apply to this location specifically. overall, clean, friendly, quick as you can expect at lunch rush, and food cooked right in the zone (not over/under). do yourself a favor, park and walk-in. in fact, order through the app and walk in to pick up. quickest way i can think of.

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