Spicy Ahi & BBQ

98-1254 Kaʻahumanu St, Pearl City
(808) 488-4851

Recent Reviews

Lucy S.

It's pricey but sooo delicious and the portions are generous. My go to is the misoyaki salmon with spicy ahi. Mochiko chicken is really good too. Love their salad and dressings that come on side side. Take out only.

Bayley B.

We ordered takeout from here for my grandpa's 90th birthday and we were all blown away! The chirashi was fresh & delicious, the salmon was perfect, and the ahi vegetable tempura was to die for!!! Will definitely be back

Kiki N.

Hands down best Japanese food on our side of the island period! It may be a little more costly than the other Japanese restaurant nearby, but I promise you it is waaaaay better and satisfying. Portion size is good, the salmon exceeded my expectations. When I order salmon at other places, I usually receive a little tiny piece but not here! Customer service is awesome as well, they are always polite and sweet. Give them a call, it's worth your while. You'll have a satisfying and full tummy for sure!

Alex W.

If your looking for great quality Japanese food this is the spot!! The potion is on the small side and the prices are a bit high for the amount you get. But it still good!

Magical Pancake

The spicy ahi is really on point. A little kick to it and great with rice. The fried oysters are the best I've come across on the island. At least when I got them they were super fresh, juicy, and nice batter crunch. The tempura is good but by the time you get take out home it's mostly soggy. The dipping sauces are all so ono. The mochiko chicken sits a bit on the sweet side which I don't mind but some folks might not care for it. Overall excellent and usually a top choice for this area.

Ed Taguba

Food is great but it's a little pricey.

Shel K.

Love the food here but man they've gotten real expensive. It's like $75 for two people. But I like the food so I'll be back.

Margi T.

We received several generous gift certificates from a very special family for this place that we've never been to. Tonight we decided that we'd give this place a try and guess what? We were not disappointed. Granted due to the pandemic you can't eat in, only take out. But so what? Bringing home the spicy ahi, teri chicken, chicken katsu, mochiko chicken, and veggie tempura was surely a hit. Everything was so tasty and everyone was happy. We'll definitely be back as we have another generous gift certificate to use. Mahalo to K & J for the gift certificates and sharing this place with us. Another wonderful eating establishment in Aiea/Pearl City to check out.

Ricky Tawata

The meals, like in Japan, comes with many dishes. From miso soup, salad with a great flavored dressing and my favorite, Spicy Ahi. Prepared unlike anything being sold here now. I had the combo with teriyaki chicken. The chicken was much drier, over cooked or not marinated as before and cut into smaller pieces. Perhaps a new or different cook. But the very tasty sauce or glaze was still there!

Val H.

It's been awhile since I ate here and we were in the area so we decided to pick up some take out. I for one never get tired of sushi or poke so this was a great place to get my sushi and raw fish fix. We ordered a spicy ahi bowl and chiraishi bowl and both were so delicious. The fish is so fresh and goes well with the sushi rice. There is no dine-in due to the pandemic but it's very well worth the take out to enjoy at home. Thumbs up for sure.

Lance S.

This is always a great place to come for good sushi at reasonable prices. I love their spicy ahi and salmon bowls. I can eat it every day.

Calvin M.

DUE TO COVID ONLY TAKE OUT! Great tasting food & large portions still the norm @ the restaurant. Personally I think their mochiko chicken is the best on the island. So tasty & always cooked with a crunchy texture. Also key is that they are "bite size"! You still get everything with your meal: Soup, tsukemono, rice & salad with ono oriental dressing. If ordering during the dinner rush I'd order 15 minutues earlier than normal.

Don N.

2020 Pandemic Review (aka Take Out) We've been occasional diners at Spicy Ahi & BBQ over the years, the food was always good but it was usually pretty crowded. With 2020 we've gotten comfortable and accustomed to take out so we've been to Spicy Ahi more in this year versus all other years combined. It's located in the back corner of the parking by Stuart Anderson's, next to the vet clinic. They are closed on Sun/Mon/Tue so the rest of the week they are pretty busy. Call in orders are the way to go, they open for dinner at 5 pm but you can call in your order starting at 4:30 pm. Food: Great variety of dishes from combo meals, to rice and salad bowls, noodles and nabemono. We've many of the dishes and were never disappointed. Fish is always super fresh with generous portions. The combo meals are a good choice if you want a little variety, this time around a broiled salmon/mini chirashi and a tenpura/ahi & salmon sashimi. Each dish comes with miso soup and a side salad. Our favorites are the Chirashi, Spicy Ahi/Natto bowl, Unagi, and Ahi Tenpura but really every dish here is solid. Service: We've only ordered via phone and that's the way to go, I've seen folks walk in and order and the wait times can be a bit long if they have many orders ahead of you. They get to know their customers, are very friendly, and love the service you get here. Social Distancing: Clean pens to sign you credit card receipt, cashier behind plexiglass, orders all pre placed on numbered tables, markers on the floor to keep everyone appropriately spaced makes this a very efficient and easy place to grab and go food. Double thumbs up in this category. Value: Great Value, probably the best in cost versus quality/quantity in the area. The Chirashi bowl priced at $24 would easily go for mid $30s and up at other places. Their superb value is what gave it the final star for me. Overall: Awesome location, great food, not fancy but solid, quality, and generous portions make Spicy Ahi one of our 2020 favorites!


Good quality fish. Great quality fried food. So ono.

Peter T.

Decently good food and friendly staff are the high points for Spicy Ahi and BBQ. Their prices are pretty high and the sometimes portions can be a little small. I ordered dinner for my wife and I while my kids made themselves cheese quesadillas. I ordered the two choice dinner with rib eye steak and mixed tempura. My wife wanted the mochiko chicken mixed tempura dinner. Mixed tempura was only ok in my opinion and so was the miso soup. Steak was good but was a premium choice so had to add $10-12 to the combo price. My wife said she got lots of mochiko chicken but it was only so so but she liked the tempura. Overall it was a pretty pricy take out meal which probably would be much better eaten in. Due to Covid, they only doing takeout.

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