810 Willamette St Bldg 1786, Pearl Harbor
(808) 423-1346

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Thomas V

They make big sub sandwiches here. My favorites are tuna and salami, but there are lots of other choices. Good quality.

Stephanie A.

Walkind in to the food court with my family of 4 at 6:30pm on a Tuesday (2/12) night.. had checked ahead of time and saw they closed at 7pm. Went over to the Panda Express to order and the line was completely cleaned up, and food had been put away. I asked the lady working "I thought you closed at 7?" And was told "it was slow" so they cleaned up early, but I was offered the ONE plate of random left over food for $5 to feed my whole family of 4! No thank you

Andy H

Visited the other day, and the workers there were nice. Got exactly what I wanted and it tasted fine for me.


Randomly decided to close early.


While on the beach after watching the sunset we decided on a snack before heading back to our hotel. Right behind the Army Museum on the beach were a series of fast food type establishments. We chose the Subway. They were beginning to clean up to close for the night but stopped everything and prepared a delicious sandwich for my wife and I to enjoy. The young ladies on duty were polite, professional and very happy to serve us. Subway has two great employees.

Alex R

Randomly decided to close early.

Angel C.

Great addition to the NEX Fleet Store food court lineup. We no longer need to leave base for some Orange Chicken! As you can imagine, this Panda Express and the rest of the food court is busiest during lunch on weekdays with countless commands on Pearl Harbor having chow at the same time. I could've ended the review right there as that's all there is to this Panda Express...until today. All I wanted was to eat healthier by replacing my usual fried rice with steamed brown rice. Me: "May I have a combo plate with brown rice?" Server/cashier: "Sorry, we have no brown rice." Me, pointing at the menu: "Aww, I thought you serve brown rice..." Server, voice getting more stern: "It shows that we have no brown rice." (What's "it?" Brown rice isn't blocked out from your menu) Me: "The menu shows brown rice." Cashier: "Other locations serve brown rice, but not ours." You could block out "brown rice" from your menu, or place a sign that indicates that your location does not serve brown rice at all. I simply repeated my question to clarify that there is no brown rice; I did not show attitude, but I did receive "attitude" treatment. I settled with 50-50 mixed veggies and *yikes* fried rice. As I came during an off-period between lunch and dinner, I had to wait for more mushroom chicken to be cooked. I didn't mind that at all as I understand that turnover is much higher during meal times. What I did mind besides the server's unnecessary attitude was the fact that my mixed veggies weren't even in the box. I was too hungry and still disappointed from the attitude I received over brown rice to check my order before leaving. I arrived home, and only saw the three entrees I ordered and fried rice, which had room for the mixed veggies (translation: half the portion of fried rice). All this, and all I wanted was dinner after a long day at work! The Moanalua Panda Express may require leaving base for a further drive, but the service and food quality are consistent there. With the attitude while serving me an incorrect order, I don't think I'll return to this Panda Express, no matter how conveniently located it is.

Jimmy Dinh

Located inside the NEX Pearl Fleet Store.

Christopher P.

Good food, not exceptional for a subway, but they have a drive through! I asked for a flat bread and I got wheat, but the turkey tasted fresh and the veggies were crisp.

Shaina Paddick

Great, efficient service. Clean.

Kevin S.

I'm a regular here because it's 1 block from my temporary home away from home. It's Subway. What more do I need to say? I suppose most Subway places would generally get 3 stars from me, but the people who work here seem genuinely sapped of energy and annoyed that you're bothering them by placing an order. I would not recommend coming at lunch on a weekday because the line will be out the door and it'll take at least 20 minutes to wait in line for a sandwich. I will go on the off hours in the morning or afternoon and pick up a sandwich then hold onto it for lunch or dinner later on.

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