94-305 Kunia Rd, Waipahu
(808) 671-6200

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Kahn-Air Samuel

Whoever answers phone calls in the morning needs an attitude check. I came back hours later because my aunt finally woke up to eat (bed ridden & sick) thinking that her food would be ready for her. We came to find out her food was not in fact in the bag as given from the restaurant. She wasn’t annoyed by it neither was I. After heading back, I thought I would be dealing with the issue fast and quick with no showing of frustration and irritation from the employees but that was not the case. As a front desk agent, I get how hectic it can get when multi tasking but that should never end with irritated tones and annoyed postures. I get that we’re in a pandemic, probably short staffed, and not getting paid much let alone hazardous pay. But if you choose to keep the business going then please act like a business. If you hate your job, QUIT. Got personal problems? Go deal with it. But leave it outside of the workplace. Other than that, the food were still delicious and fresh. That’s all :)

Larry Vasquez

Waitress needs to know the menu better and slow service even though there were not many people in the restaurant. Food was okay.

Allen Funtanilla

Awesome food. Awesome people working. Will be back

AG Christian R.

Shout out to Katy who was working early morning and was suppose to get off but decided to stay and help out our table at 9:30pm! Good customer service and deserves a raise! Mahalo

Ben T.

I came here with a couple of friends today and we had a good time! The service from Kody was excellent. He was cheerful, efficient, and had a great attitude. The food was also very good. I had the 55+ omelette and it was an excellent value. The food came out hot and tasty. Will definitely be coming back!

Gary Phillips

It's Denny's! We love it here. We have gotten to know the staff over the years of coming here. We're frequent fliers at this location.

Andrey R.

Wow its a pretty diner. I really like how it pretty it is. A pretty good diner and i definetly recommend it to others!

Alexus F.

We were craving Denny's milkshakes pretty bad so we decided to go and dine-in. We went and got seated and ordered our food and drinks but then our waitress had came back and told us that they had ran out of milk and we were pretty bummed but didn't throw a fit or anything but then our waitress came back and told us that she sent her manager to go get more milk for our shakes! She's literally the most amazing waitress ever! Her name is Katie and she's the absolute bomb!!! She goes above and beyond. I wish more waiters were like her. She most definitely deserves a raise!

Elgen Groom-Lee

My friends food was good, however my Loco Moco came out and the beef patty kind of tasted like cardboard... other than that, the egg was cooked perfectly, as well as the rice and gravy.

Paul Estabalaya

The service is horrendous there. The manager that was on was horrendous. The staff was rude. If management changed and the service got better wouldn't be a bad place the food was good and it came quick.

Risa M.

Only reason I come here is because of Sherri! We've been coming here for over 4 years to see Sherri! She's beyond a blessing! She makes our late night dinner amazing especially when my friend finishes work late.

Peggy L.

I visited this restaurant on Friday night and was somewhat surprised at all the measures they were taking for Covid-18. The entire staff wear wearing masks correctly I may add and gloves. The tables wear separated correctly and I noticed guests were seated farther apart of possible. There were no condiments on the tables they were delivered in ramekins with the meal. I observed the tables, booths, all being throughly wiped down between customers and witnessed staff changing gloves numerous times. There was hand sanitizer available in multiple locations. We received paper menus and once we ordered the waitress ripped them up right in front of us. This was reassuring because we know they are being reused. The one thing I didn't like was the use of plastic silverware. If they are washing plates why can't they wash silverware? The WORST THING ABOUT THIS PLACE is it seemed they had absolutely no AC. It was horribly hot and everyone's was sweating like crazy. I feel so sorry for the employees having to work in this conditions. Safety wise I would go back, but not before AC is fixed. If I am going to sit down at dine in restaurant I expect ac and regular silverware.


Best breakfast on the island! And the best prices! I got the value slam and coffee for less than $7! Including military discount. Can’t beat this anywhere else. Would definitely come back.

Butch O.

We had gone to Denny's especially for the spaghetti & meatballs. My friend is from Waimānalo and I'm from Aiea. However, b/c of the pandemic, they had a shortened menu which didn't have that meal on it. We told the waitress we understood that we had to order something else, but we had come there eapecially for that spaghetti & meatballs meal. Anyways, she went and told the Mgr, Emily, who said that they would make up the 2 meals of spaghetti & meatballs especially for us. We were SO VRY HAPPY. We were sure to leave a big tip b/c they went out of their way to please us. Mahlo nō.

Maritess C.

Came here for dinner with mother in law, hubby and daughter. We got to dine in. You needed to wear a mask prior to coming in. When you get seated, they space you out so you are still social distancing. I definitely liked that. It gave me and my family space. The lady serving us was super nice and very efficient. To drink, I got an iced tea and for my main course I got the mega Philly cheese steak. This was delicious and ate it with wavy cut fries. The fries were cooked to perfection. I enjoyed my meal and was satisfied. I was happy with my food! Service was excellent too! The restrooms were in the back and plenty of parking in front. It wasn't busy so I liked that. I will return if we are in the area. Highly satisfied with everything.

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