Akebono 515

215 10th St Suite 120, Des Moines
(515) 244-5972

Recent Reviews

Logan B.

Sensational sushi and service! Options that will please anyone from sushi sensei's to novices. Superior food quality and service. Could not recommend highly enough!!

Scott Dearinger

Great vibes. Good rolls - try the rolling pig. Yum

Jason Jones

Our server Nick was as amazing as the food. We let him choose our rolls and he knocked it out of the park!

Cynthia Streb Wallace (Cynthia's Open Road)

Whenever I get to Des Moines, IA, my daughter and I always go out for sushi at least once every stay. Now we are joined by her wife for these outings which is great! This last time, my daughter took us to this place in downtown Des Moines. It turned out to be a great and delicious place to go. The wait staff was very professional and friendly and answered every one of our questions. I found the food outstanding! I will be very glad to go there again.

Justice Josephine Gerber

I would highly recommend Akebono! No sushi compares to here, especially their Fargo sushi roll!

Alecia Gypsy Lleshi

omg these people are awesome, food was so yummy I ordered 100 things wanted to try everything, my sheltered butt is from the country and i don't get very many experiences like this, so I take advantage when I can. hiya soup was my favorite and their skewer zucchini, my guests also enjoyed their food. staff was so funny, laid back and just had a wonderful lunch today. also watch your step it's a doozy

Scott Chaney

As a professional chef myself I'm very particular about where I spend my money out to eat. My wife and I tried their sumo ramen,spicy tuna roll,the mulberry roll (I think),n the rising sun roll. Everything was absolutely delicious. The seafood was so fresh and sweet. Top notch food. Well done gentleman well done

Dorothy Taylor

Love the staff. Amazing place to eat. We had a ball. The whole place is beautiful. Can't express how friendly the staff is. Greatly appreciate the time they took to help me. On special diet. They made sure my dining experience was wonderful and amazin

Lindsey Carpenter

Ask for Nick/Nicholas to be your waiter, he was amazing! Genuinely happy to be there, made awesome food and drink recommendations! Definitely get the edamame, sushi to share like the Iowa Roll, and the tempura cheesecake!

Adam Banda

This place is my go to sushi in DSM . Anything I order is fresh ,they do not skemp on serving size . Would highly recommend ?

Evelyn P.

Reviews were great so we thought we'd give it a try ! Very disappointed ! Ramen tasted worse than packet noodles as the noodles were soggy and the broth was tasteless ! Pure Kim her flavored soup ! The sushi was not bad but the quality of fish wasn't great and the avocado was almost black . The best items we got were the squid salad and seaweed salad ... but we all know that normally comes frozen from the manufacturer ! Service was good so that was nice! Will not recommend this restaurant !

M L.

Meh. Service was good. Food was below average and not worth the amount of money we spent. Some things over over sauced, over cooked, flavor was off. It was like they tried to alter sushi to make it for people who don't like actual sushi. It's hard to pinpoint all the mess ups and why... but just feel like the chef tried to make something unique but familiar, sadly I'm not familiar with the profiles of the dishes. It was just okay. Also, there was a table of very drunk people and the bartender was hanging out with them and some of the staff. Everyone was drinking and being loud and obnoxious. The noise level was high just because of them. It enveloped our evening and our conversation, as it was so loud and they had no consideration for guests. Or perhaps no idea that it was bothersome. Definitely won't go back based on these things. Would have given 3 stars, but based on everything I feel that it was a 2 star experience.

Tim F.

Okay food in lively atmosphere. We almost always go to the sushi place at 4th and Walnut st. because it's the opposite: No atmosphere but great food. We live closer to Ake but the food at Walnut st is so outstanding! If you haven't eaten at 4th and Walnut you'll be happy with Ake.

Kathy Wells

Delicious! Amazing service! So many choices too, menu was sufficient. I tried the Iowa roll and I totally recommend it!

Jaci S.

I love this place with my entire soul. I recommend it 1000x over again. I have been hooked for over 5 years easily. I do my birthday dinner there every year. Staff is always incredibly trained, respectful, & professional. If you are lucky enough to receive Nick you'll be laughing the entire evening. Suggestion: park in the garage above the restaurant & have them stamp your ticket! Free parking & short walk! GET THE SURF & TURF roll, the presentation you will NOT be disappointed!

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