4820 SE 14th St, Des Moines
(515) 256-8908

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Brad Farnsworth

They must have been having a rough night. The chicken sandwich tasted awful, and my fries were very cold. Not nearly as good as B-bops normally is.

Mariah R.

Y'all ... FRIES ON POINT ... 99€ Sloppy joe .... Chocolate Shake Fire ‍ .... Chili yummy but a lil oily

Elwanda Prothero

Was a great experience. Loved that they have both a passenger and driver pick up window. As the driver window pick up line was a long wait I used the passenger window pick up which there was only one car in front of us. The gentleman employee at the window had great customer service and was very cordial. Will go there again and again. Was in and out in record time.

Ed. Ji.

Chilli fríes salty ??‍♂️ I don’t recommend for older people. Worst service someone can die of too much salt !!

Patty Wood

Fast service, great food! Great combination!

Dejah Thompson

Food was hot & delicious it was packed but the great customer and great food made the small wait worth it!

Seeta Mangra-Stubbs

It was comparable to the other B-Bop's. Good food. Friendly service. The wait was long, but they apologized, and I appreciate that.

Terri Hackbarth

99 cent sliders are delicious, offers drive up for either passenger side or normal drivers side of vehicle.

James H

3 of 3 orders have been incorrect. Long wait time too. Clean atmosphere though and the crew were well mannered friendly. These trips have made me sad.

Jacob Schramm

A little bit greasy for my taste.. but great!

morgan lane

1st and last time coming to this location. For starters my bun they put on my burger was too small for the meat they put on it and the cheese wasn’t even in the sandwich, then had the nerve to give me the smallest piece of tomato the sandwich look horrible and sloppy. They had me wait 10min just to get my food and they wasn’t even busy I could see inside all they was doing was playing around over my food and wasting my time and they didn’t even look sanitary. I didn’t even eat the food I threw it away ??

SavannahRose Willow

This BBops is not beboppin that’s for sure. we came here to get a pup cup for our dog as small as a ranch dressing cup with some ice cream in it and they said no! don’t you think he’s cute enough to get a pup cup? Everywhere else sure thinks so. He’s never been rejected like this before. It has caused him some trauma. Photo is his face after his experience

Thread Chemistry T-shirts

You will never have a better bacon cheeseburger, as well as their fries, anywhere. A Des Moines staple and for good reason. Always great service. Always great food. Always great milk shakes. I can honestly say I wouldn't know how to live without B-Bop's!! ?? Honestly though, always grab B-Bop's when in Des Moines, Iowa. You will not be disappointed!

The princess sisters

Good burgers but sauces a little messy. Tastes great. Did not have to wait long in drive thru.

darwin smith

Bought 2 beef burgers and sorry to say they were so salty that they un eat able. They were my favorite sandwich. The fries and shake was good as usual.

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