Blaze Pizza

300 W Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy, Des Moines
(515) 518-1393

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Eduardo A.

Me and my buddies came from Phoenix for some job training, we were looking for some spicy food. Jenni provides us the "Iowa treatment ", they went above and beyond for us. Highly recommend this place " I am done!!!!" 10/10

Elizabeth Gonzales

Ok I love blaze pizza but honestly don’t know why they have an option for fast online pickup order if I’m going to have to wait 30+ minutes after the time it tells me it will be ready for pickup that’s not how ordering before hand works… really annoyed!

Sara M.

I have eaten at many other Blaze locations, but this was my first trip to this one. I ordered through their app, which is always very simple and convenient. I chose to do pick up and when I arrived they were visibly swamped with customers. This doesn't surprise me too much as who doesn't love some good pizza on a Friday! Unfortunately, my pizza was burnt when they pulled it from the oven. Rather than them throwing it in the box and me finding out later, they were very open about it and immediately started making me a new one. I was compensated for my time with a coupon & a cookie, which is more than appreciated, as I understand how this whole customer service thing can be challenging at times! The staff were pleasant, friendly and accommodating! I will definitely be ordering from here again....oh & definitely get the cookies! Yum!

Mark Gerth

Pepperoni pizza

Amira Dana

Whenever I order through the app at this location the order is always incorrect. I always wait 40+ minutes past the expected order time. They always end up remaking my food because they do it incorrectly. Several times they end up remaking it more than once. I usually go here atleast once a month and have never had a good experience. My spouse and I don't eat dairy and they consistently add dairy to both our orders in some way. I've seen them give our dairy free orders to other customers and then hand us the dairy version. Specifically when it comes to the cheese bread. When they rush to remake our order they usually end up burning it and forgetting toppings. I've never once actually got the curbside I requested every single time I've come inside. They never make up for their constant mistakes.

Cindy Lukowitz

Delicious vegan options! We went on a busy Friday night and the staff was efficient, the food delicious and convenient to get to before the Iowa Cubs game. We will be back!

Tyrie Smooth Bundy

I enjoyed it for the first time. I plan to go again. Fast service and my pizza was cooked super fast

Angela Gilliam

Make your own pizza place. Found out you can order half pizza which would be great next time.

Alexis Diaz Velarde

Quick and friendly services. Tasty and affordable pizzas. Friendly staffing (even with impolite customers LOL)

Sabina Stranjac

Not sure of the guys name but he’s the red haired and heavily bearded guy who was working the pick up station on 8/8/21 at 8:00pm. I walked in and happened to be wearing a mask. I noticed that I was the only customer wearing one. The employees were not wearing masks. I work for DoorDash and am required to wear a mask at all pickups. Not that I should have to explain why. However, the employee saw me come in and refused to acknowledge me. I waited and waited and noticed that the order I was waiting for was left sitting out for a good 10 minutes. I noticed him helping everyone else with a smile. When I went up to ask if that was the order I was waiting for, he shrugged at me and said that it might be. I told him that since I walked in, he refused to acknowledge me. He proceeded to ignore what I was saying and started throwing the food into pizza boxes in front of me. When he finished boxing everything up, he threw the receipt on top of the box and walked away. This was extremely rude and inconsiderate. I don’t know what I did or what triggered him to treat me this way. I I asked away feeling hurt and completely disrespected.I’ll NEVER come back to this location. He was Awful!

Michael F.

Excellent food and service. If you're not sure what you want they will walk you through everything. Super friendly! I would highly recommend!

Anthony Mueller

We tried this place for the first time a few days ago. We ordered delivery. It was good, but I felt they were pretty stingy with the cheese on both pies and the cheese pizza we order was nearly burnt, it tasted ok though, but any longer and it wouldn't have been edible.


Was staying at a hotel nearby, called and they would not take a phone order. Said they only did door dash, something, and something else…whatever. Would love to have spent my money there and tried it…they wouldn’t take it though. Whatever. Tipsy Crow nearby had great wings!

Andrew A.

Wow. First time here. Was very excited about the oven!! They produce the best pizzas. Not this place. Two of the employees were more interested in joking with each other than they were helping the guest. Didn't really seem to care that this was my first time. Didn't explain much of anything to me. The pizza came out with so much flour, burnt flour at that, on the bottom that it was pretty much all I could taste. I'll pass next time.

Kassidy S.

Pizza is pretty good, just make sure they don't leave your pizza in the oven way too long and burn it and have to make you a new one.

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