Eatery A

2932 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines
(515) 282-8085

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Mike Ciriaco

I walked right past the entrance at first (it's inside the swivel doors and to the right, almost looks like a back door). But after hesitantly peeking in, it was a very cool place. Comfortable seating, nice people, and a good mix of unique and classic drinks. Will be back!

Alicia Ludescher

I am so happy with my experience at Eatery A. It is a divine restaurant located on the popular Ingersoll Ave. We were able to make a reservation ahead of time which I recommend. We had dinner at 7pm on a Saturday night, and it did not appear to be too busy; however, we ate here during the State Fair which may or may not have had an effect on that. The restaurant is large and offers indoor and outdoor seating (booth, table and high top). Right when you walk in, you see where the wood-fire pizza are made, quite cool! You can see the pizza making in action!We were seated at a table that allowed us to watch the pizza station for some entertainment between courses and small talk. The hostesses were very pleasant and our waitress was timely and knowledgeable of the menu items and beverage offerings. The only downside to our visit, was that the air compressor was down, so they were not offering anything on tap. The individuals in our group did not seem to mind though. The waitress was well versed in offering suggestions for some of the beverages on tap we were considering. I honestly don't remember what craft beers our table ordered, but I ordered a Vodka Pimm's and it was very good and refreshing.For our appetizers, our group ordered from the Delicacies (two for $15.99) list. We had Bruschetta and Meatballs. The Bruschetta was seasoned and topped beautifully. And the Meatballs were fresh, moist, and also well seasoned. Everything was served at perfect temperature.For dinner, each couple decided to go with pizza. We had the #7 and #11. The pizzas are one of their specialties which is why they were cooked so well. My only (minor) tweak would be to increase the amount of cheese on the pizza, but that is an incredibly minor suggestion. I do appreciate a decent amount of cheese on a pizza, but I do realize these are artisan and Mediterranean inspired pies. If I remember correctly, there was only one slice of pizza leftover between two pizzas. I think one pizza can comfortably feed 2-3 people.Our overall experience at Eatery A went very well, and I do believe we will be back again in the future. Our meal was served warm, timely and tastefully. They had a number of other menu items I would like to try. They offer pastas, entrees and an assortment of kabobs.


Best gluten free pizza crust I’ve had. Lots of other gluten free available changes as well. Really nice place and location. Server was a little unattentive, but friendly. Will be back again.


Great restaurant! The food is always amazing and the happy hour is an incredible deal! They have indoor and outdoor dining and the pizza is awesome. Our server on Sunday was super! Thank you!

Breanne Schaffer

I was intrigued by the pizza #10 having warm honey on it. Definitely not something I would normally try but I did and do not regret it. I can't wait to go back. I dont remember our waitresses name but she was a tiny blonde with glasses who was very prompt giving us great service.

Todd Braun

We stopped here for dinner on our anniversary based on an online rating and really liked it. It is very clean, modern and 'chic' (see pictures).I highly recommend stopping between 3 and 6 to take advantage of the Happy Hour (we did). We sampled several beers and a delicious wood fire pizza (see pictures) - all at 1/2 price!On the waitress' recommendation we ordered the #10 pizza (...meat & hot honey). As the name implied it was a perfect combination of pepperoni and spicy Italian sausage along with just a tinge of sweetness from the honey. It was just perfect for the 2 of us to share.Lastly don't leave without trying one of the desserts. Again based on the waitress' recommendation we went with the Salted Caramel Budino (see picture). It wasn't quite what we expected but oh, it was so good! It was a delicious pudding/tapioca (chantilly cream) with some sprinkles of dark chocolate on the top and a dollop of salted caramel. Dessert Bliss!!This is definitely a place you'll want to try!Food: 5Atmosphere: 5Service: 5If you found this review helpful, please click on 'Like'. ??

Dena Stults

Best happy hour ever, great pizza & beer too


Parking for any business along Ingersoll is a disaster. Eatery/A has a handful of slots in back, but good luck. There are metered street slots, but that's annoying too. Once you get past the parking, service is a mixed bag. The host could pretty much care less and had no interest in making it a great visit. She seemed especially put out when we asked for a table set up for a wheelchair. Our reservation failed to say we had a wheelchair, so we were moved to the bar area to make the wheelchair work. That ended up being a disaster for us because the bartender was also our server. In the brief moments she had free between filling drink orders, she ran over to service our table. It was very poor service. I will give a huge thumbs up to their food. The Lamb Sliders were the bomb. The cauliflower & chickpea falafel was great too. I'm certain I would not visit Eatery/A again. The parking and service are that bad.

Daniel M.

We ordered to go and we came to pick up the order, they let us know that they don't sell the BBQ RIBS the 25 minutes that passed since we place the order to the pickup time nobody called us to replace this item. Even though the manager insisted he personally made the call...probably to a wrong phone number. And then when we arrived she asked us what can she do to fix it...well, it was payed already, what do we know about what could you do for your customers? It was our first time here and honestly I can not recommend. Then we checked the order and there were no potato bravas at all, we had ordered 3 sides, and they put just one in the ticket. Even though there were zero in the bag. We had to go back to pick them up, then heat up all the food when we got home. Btw we got BBQ RIBS from Jethro's, they were amazing! And to be fair, the food from Eatery A was good too, even after we microwaved it. Some of the staff has poor attention to detail and weak customer service.

Shiona Deliozar

Was passing through Des Moines from Kansas City and saw this place pop up on Google maps. Their menu sounded really intriguing so we decided to give it a go. We got 3 different sides to share; the eggplant, adobo potatoes and brussel sprouts as well as their hummus. Everything was cooked to perfection, every bite I took was a flavour adventure and you can tell they used fresh ingredients. The pita bread was sooo chewy that I couldn’t get enough of scooping and dipping with the sides. We also tried one of their wood fire pizzas and it was just incredible. I believe it was the #19 lamb option and once again, the flavours were bold and complemented each other. Highly recommend this place if you are a huge foodie like me and have the taste for an expansive palette. Their menu has so many delicious items and it’s reasonably priced.

Chris T.

"Glass cleaners" The entire time we were sitting at the bar, with drinks and a pizza, 3 staff members were wiping the glasses clean right in front of us. I would have been okay with it if it was like a 10 minute thing, but this went on the entire time we were there. A straight hour of continuous glass cleaning!?!?!

Rukia Kuchiki

Great food. We travelled from out of state and tried called Harbinger restaurant which seems to be out of business. The website and voicemail didn’t say anything about being closed but when we got there it was shut down. Luckily Eatery A was open! Amazing menu and selection. Plated really well with bold flavors. We highly would recommend lamb sliders and the pizzas.

Alanron9 ..

Always been a hit during happy hour. Recently my girlfriend and I ate here and both had extremely bad food poisoning... Ordered #7 pizza which included marquez sausage on the pizza, it was the only thing we both ate that day...

Michael V.

We ate here tonight for the first time. The inside was very nice but we enjoyed their wonderful patio. I had Pork Cheek and the wife had pizza. Both were excellent! The bacon wrapped dates were also very good!

Austin C.

Eatery A is probably my favorite spot in DSM! The patio is perfect for summer. Their happy hour runs 2-6 with half price draft beer, wine, and pizza. We basically only go for happy hour, but it's great! The brick oven pizza is some of the best I've had with interesting combinations and perfect crust. They have a solid wine selection as well. Sometimes we'll try several different glasses or go with our standard Charles & Charles Cabernet or a Sauv Blanc. Any time I talk to someone visiting dsm, Eatery A is my first recommendation.

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