Jimmy John's

2416 University Ave, Des Moines
(515) 271-5566

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Taylor Whitt

They closed early for no apparent reason. This smug pink haired girl just shakes her head at me. Total lack of professionalism. Apparently they feel entitled to close 15 min early to benefit themselves.

Shaun Coleman

I went there this morning (08/22/2021). The personal on site where beyond rude. I felt belittled, extremely embarrassed; at the way I was handled. The staff rushed my order and threw my food at me like a football. They had just opened. Apparently They experienced a bad day before. This happened after I was called the N WORD. OBVIOUSLY this behavior WAS Racially Motivated. No I will never return to this poorly managed establishment. I'm surprised their still open. Please don't eat here. If you're looking for quality and a food home, run like the wind from this bottomless pit.

Elizabeth Campbell

Fast friendly delivery guys!

Madi short

I have place orders at both 6:40 and 6:30 in the last two weeks. Both were cancelled because they didn’t want to fill them. Super frustrating. Just stop taking deliveries if you’re not going to fill them.

Taylor Sullivan

Got day old bread for free. I love JJ

David Devalois

This location says on the door it is open until 7 pm. I arrived at the door at 650 pm and the door was locked. 2 employees inside saw me and did nothing. Never going back to this location.

Delaney Woodruff

My husband and I ordered a couple sandwiches with avocado on them. We are now both experiencing food poisoning symptoms. I called the store to let them know I think the avocado is bad. I wasn’t asking for anything free, just letting them know they might need to change the ingredients. The manager was rude immediately. He told me he had served many people that day with the avocado and he also ate it too and was fine. He told me that I should be looking somewhere else with our illness and it wasn’t their fault. That was all we had to eat that day. I did cuss at him but he deserved it. What a rude person to be in charge. We won’t be eating at a jimmy johns ever again.

Adriana Medina

I normally order on the app and it automatically does the transaction to my nearest jimmy johns. I called this location and the guy told me I needed to call the Merle Hay location. I was confused and said well I already ordered so am I getting money back? He repeatedly raised his tone of voice “ma’m you need to call Merle hay!” Instead of explaining like a professional he was rude and condescending.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Worst store in town! Live 5 blocks away and ordered delivery because it was -9 degrees and I didn't want to bring my toddler out in the cold....BIG MISTAKE! Ordered online, order was accepted and went through on my card, and 5 minutes later the assistant manager was calling me to say they wouldn't deliver my order because they were closing in 30 minutes.... Said if I could "get here in 10 minutes we'll make it". Supposedly "voided" my order and said I'd get a refund, but this is the second time they've given an excuse for not being able to deliver, and I never got my refund the first time. Nowhere on the site did it say they were closing soon....otherwise I obviously wouldn't have placed the order (they close at 5 for some reason). Submitted a claim to have the owner call, still haven't heard anything. This store was awful before Covid-19, and I honestly just hope they close for good at this point.

Rickey Leatherman

Everything nice and fresh!

Jennifer S.

If you love Jimmy John's like I do save your money and go to the next one they have the worst food the worst customer service the managers are rude and they don't ever respond to any complaint they don't care.Ok Not to mention they are lazy last experience I had with them I ordered on mine and their lazy asses would not deliver my food and I have not received a refund the manager was extremely rude and made an online complaint after having to call for Jimmy John's to get website that was 8 days ago still nothing's been done no one has contacted me.. Their bread is hard their meat is gross just go to the next Jimmy John's not to mention the manager there will cuss you out and hang up on you. I would not even give them one review this is not my 1st if you with them right now I have to case numbers I am to more case numbers from a couple months ago I would not even give them 1 star

India Snow-Watt

So rude and disrespectful all because I asked him to add pickles to my sandwich after he already has it wrapped. I will not be going back.

Munk Harwell

Always a great place to eat.

martha Gasca

Wasn't open at 7 in the evening?

Josh E.

Frequented by college students. Good food at affordable prices.

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