Lzaza Indo-Pak Cuisine

1409 23rd St, Des Moines
(515) 381-1121

Recent Reviews

Rukia Abdi

Is this all u can eat restruant or u have to order??Thank u

Rick Lee

Wow. Great food, wonderful people and the best Chai in Des Moines.

Eryn Hickman

Lzaza is my favorite restaurant ever. The atmosphere is so cozy and relaxing inside with perfect dim lighting and an echoey sound, and it’s always quiet and peaceful. The employees are very sweet and helpful too and the food is always amazing no matter what you get. I love coming here often and it should be everyone’s next place to check out! ?

Alecs Mickunas

Best Indian lunch buffet in town! Not only is everything delicious and very fresh but Lzaza has quite a few dishes that lovers of Indian food may be unfamiliar with. Such a treat!!

Farooq H.

Great food. A lot of choices and customers. Fantastic customer service. Got the buffet great proportions. Barbecue chicken was great and all the food was fresh and good. Second time coming here and this is the best restaurant to eat at when passing through Iowa. Definitely coming back here again.

Joe W.

Best Tikka Masala in DSM, the naan is amazing. Buffet is bonkers. Luv u Lazaza never change

Lexie F.

Delicious food! Nice dining environment and very friendly service. Will definitely return!

Todd Braun

We stopped for dinner tonight after a co-worker recommended the place. The exterior was nothing special (see picture) and the parking lot was busy and crowded. The takeout business seemed to be thriving, though we were the first ones to opt to dine in for the evening.We ordered garlic naan and roti (whole wheat) bread for an appetizer (see pictures) as well as Chai Tea (delicious - see picture). For the main course, we ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and Frontier Chicken (the waitress' two recommendations) - and absolutely loved both of them as well as the colorful rice (see pictures of all).Given the quality and taste of the food along with the value, this is definitely a place we will be coming back to again in the future.Food: 5Atmosphere: 3Service: 5If you found this review helpful, please click on 'Like'.

Stephen Hunt

Great food. Great staff. Ate lunch buffet on a Sunday, and had more variety than I expected.

Kristin V.

Amazing food! It was delivered early. Best samosas I've had. Everything is amazing. I'll definitely order again or go in person.

Mia Kim Torchetti

Would give more stars if could ! What a wonderful surprise to find !Umami doesn't cover it :)

Ahad Azeem

Excellent food. Everything was full of taste. They can adjust spice based on your preference. Chai is a must try. The price is reasonable since the proportions of the food is quite a lot. Hand-made roti & paratha was also good. Would try again.

Mary Lu

I always enjoyed the lunch buffet here. However their complimentary hot Chai tea is what always brings me back. (Or I think it's chai) Can they please sell these by the gallon!!!

Kevin Ullatuthodi

Disappointed with the quality of the food for a second time. It’s not horrible, but relatively bland and watered down curry for an Indian-Pakistani place for which there should be more vibrant flavors. I would say there are restaurants that have opened during the pandemic that are better than this place.Edit: the food coloring or something they add takes a few days to wash off your hands. And it’s annoying too.

Abe Hashim

Great place to eat, very friendly staff and delicious food ! They have vegan options for those interested!

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