Paesanos Pizzeria

2804 SW 9th St, Des Moines
(515) 244-1699

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Kelli Ann Edmond

The staff is always nice & pleasant.....the food is delicious & never disappoints !!

Alec Wilson

So happy I finally made the trip out to try their vegan taco pizza. I didn’t realize that it’s the same place my mom used to take me as a kid. So it bought back a lot of old memories.

Tina Marie


Peter Hagstrom

Ordered the Taco and Paesanos Pizzeria! Kathy who took my order was awesome! Really took the time to make sure I was happy with our order! Good to know there is still good customer service out there! Thanks Kathy- the Pie’s we’re amazing!!

Scott Knecht

My family and I have patronized Paesanos for over 30 years. Many staff members have been working there for the whole 30 years. After over a year with closed dining room my heart goes out to those who relied on this establishment and gave so many years to it. The pizza is good, the onion rings are good. At the end of the day I hope the "new" ownership and eventually new staff realize that the people who kept the place open for decades came for the comfort of a friendly neighborhood spot and that they run the risk of losing core support.

Sean Yolish

Drove 30 miles to try them out, but they don’t allow guests to eat in their restaurant, carry out only. They told me it was my fault I didn’t notice their website said carry out only…reviewed menu in depth, never noticed anything. Won’t go back there even if they paid me to; Noah’s and Tumea’s are far superior when it comes to customer service and assume they’re food is, too.

Sean Y.

All COVID restrictions have been lifted in Iowa for months, but these people don't have a desire to serve patrons in their restaurant any longer; take out only and you better bring a mask. Noah's and Tumea's are welcome alternatives. Never had a chance to have a Paesanos pie and, now, never will. They can refuse to hire people and go back to normal at their own demise, which can't come quickly enough. Creditors should start lining up now.

Anu B.

Have heard nothing, but good about this place so my husband and I decided to check it out. Drove down from West Des Moines only to be greeted at the door with a sign that they were takeout only. Walked into to confirm that was still the case to be met with a hostess who didn't care we drove down for basically nothing. She claimed their website states "carry out only" but never saw it. Won't be giving this place a second chance.

Daphne Hoerner

Expensive pizza, almost paid a hundred dollars on a pizza and sides. Great food but not so great prices.

Christina W.

South side pizza. We drove really far to try our their vegan taco pizza. And it was just ok. The flavor wasn't right. We ordered take out. Minimal customer service was experienced. I ordered size small pizza. It was $17.99 I didn't feel like it was worth it. Beyond beef and violife is used. Vegan cheese tortilla chips. During COVID19: walking in masks are required for both patrons and employees. Shop was closed for indoor dine in. Carry out only. We visited during dinner hour. One other customer picking up besides us. Shop is located on a very busy street. Be mindful of traffic going in and out of parking lot. Overall I don't recommend this pizza shop. It was just ok. I won't be driving so far to eat a pizza that was just ok.

Matt Zaidi

Been going there for a while now. Not bad at all, decent onion rings too

Matt Busche

Highly recommend the Vegan taco. Also got a pepperoni and sausage that was excellent.

Kelly Davis

Good pizza, but be warned, when trying special pizzas, ie Aunt Angie's, try the small first, it is definitely an acquired taste, otherwise good food.

Ellen Paullin

Straight up good. Nothing wonderful, nothing bad. Just good! We had a combo, onion rings, and create your own. Delivery took a little over an hour. Which would be totally fine, but the food was cold. We microwaved but felt we missed the best chance of absolutely loving itIt's a different pizza than we have had. That's saying something as we have pizza every Friday! The crust is dense without being thick. Light hand with the sauce. Good amount of ingredients.The onion rings had a heavy batter- would have been nice to see how they are hot and fresh.$44 for 2 mediums, small onion ring. We will have again sometime in the future, but no big hurry. Love that they are locally owned so that's worth another order by itself.**P.S.** The owner Alec called and offered to make things right. There is really nothing to do, and we don't need a free pizza or food. We will try them again as I stated in the original review. Super of him to call and offer anyway! Kudos to a conscientious owner!**

John Morgan

Been going to paesanos since the 80's .... And getting delivery they never disappoint.

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