Politos La Pizza House

1440 Maury St, Des Moines
(515) 288-2211

Recent Reviews

Scott Knox

Really enjoy this place but things are weird now. Closing early. Running out of food. Rude/very abrupt conversations on the phone. No dine in option. Phone number here goes to a personal voicemail box. Covid has been crazy but there's no excuse for such poor behavior of late. Here's hoping they get back to normal asap.

John Woxell

Went by there today and there's a for sale sign on the window

Glenda Warner

I have tried the last 4 Friday nights to order from them. We like their pizza and onion rings. On one occasion called at 7:30 and wont take my order as they close at 8 pm. Totally wrong as they advertise open until 8pm. Last Friday I called approx 20 times..either busy signal or no answer. Try to support small businesses but DONE with them.

Donald Steger

Love the onion rings. Staff isn't so friendly. Only take out.

Marcus Aschan

Only 4 because it's NOT the ORIGINAL LA Pizza House!

william sowder

Large Italian sausage pizza with extra sauce is the best . Miss the old building with the cool brick oven


GREAT PIZZA...Don't get it often enough!!!!

rhino spams rt

Time to open back up for dine in. Miss the onion rings. Pizza travels well. Onion rings do not.

dony faber

Great food definitely worth the wait.

K.D. Mick

No sit down seating yet..and wasn't in the carry out mood.

Evelyn Ramirez

Great pizza.

Taylor Caron

Close down the owner is a jerk

Marlene Shelley

The cappacola sandwich was so hot I could not eat it.

Dawn Brickman

I love this pizza and onion rings


8pm on friday and there closed!! You never know when there going to be open.

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