Thai Flavors

1254 E 14th St, Des Moines
(515) 262-4658

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Cody Leatherwood

Very delicious food. Fresh ingredients served in generous portions. Friendly staff and clean establishment. We are visiting from Texas and are sad to leave this little gem behind. Highly recommend trying this place out!

Savannah O.

Great takeout! Drunken noodles with chicken have the perfect balance of spice and flavor. Good portions as well! The fried rice is classic

John Pruitt (Big John)

Black Pepper chicken is delicious! Also, dynamite wings are very good as well. Always great service here and the food comes out hot!! My favorite Thai restaurant in Des Moines.

Danielle Chandanais

It was my first time going to Thai Flavors and it was amazing. Not only was the food on point but our server Hilu made the time there even better. Amazing service and yummy food. Definitely recommend!

Matthew B.

Thai Flavor Restaurant, 1254 E. 14th St., Des Moines -- During a June 30 visit, an inspector cited the restaurant for failing to maintain parasite-destruction letters to ensure the safety of the fish used for sushi; the sanitizing solution being used had an undetectable level of sanitizer; a container of raw chicken and raw pork was stored above a container of ready-to-eat noodles; a container of slurry was holding at 69 degrees and had to be discarded; the ice machine was visibly soiled with accumulated debris; at least one employee designated as the person in charge was not a certified food protection manager; soup was being held at 107 degrees and was discarded; multiple flats of raw-shell eggs were stored in the kitchen without being refrigerated; multiple sauces and soups were stored uncovered throughout the kitchen; and no foods at all -- including noodles, spring rolls, bags of cut leafy greens, sliced tomatoes, bags of cooked rice, bags of cooked frozen rice, and containers of cooked chicken -- were properly marked with their preparation or opening date. The inspector determined that due to the issues regarding violations related to cooling methods and temperature control, the person in charge was not fulfilling their duties. The inspector also noted other issues, including noodles and cooked and fried meals being left to cool inside large, plastic bins; multiple soups and house-made sauces stored outside of any sort of hot-holding or cold-holding units; frozen dumplings and frozen chicken left to thaw at room temperature; the lack of a food thermometer; boxes of green beans, bags of rice, and boxes of leafy greens that "were stored directly on the ground;" glass cups stored in the dining room for customer use that were stacked while wet and unable to air dry; the lack of a testing kit for the sanitizing solution; and a ventilation hood that was heavily soiled with accumulated debris. The inspector noted that his visit was part of "an illness complaint investigation regarding allergen contamination and intentional contamination of food conducted," but classified it as a routine inspection. The inspector determined the allegation of allergen contamination was verified but the claim of intentional contamination of food was unverifiable.

Carolyn Moore

This was my first experience with a Thai restaurant. My husband and I enjoyed everything. I've had sushi before but you must try Dirty Old Man, awesome and the curry puffs are to die for. I will definitely come again.

Nina G.

So glad they opened the Ingersoll location closer to my home. Great menu options and friendly service #deliciousfood

Nikhil Modi

Nice ambience with great food. We were served fresh and hot.

Ksenia Stith

We loved tom kha and tom yum soups! The ambiance was also very cozy! Will definitely come back!

M Gillam

Excellent service, fast and delicious. Be sure you want spicy food if you order spicy! Its so good, we ordered this after a very stressful day and it was the perfect balm to our frazzled nerves. Fantastic comfort food.

Patsy Shelburne Lewerke

good food great service.

Yulin Yin

Enjoyed the food and drinks. I had Thai style noodle, the broth was exceptional, but the beef was overcooked, a little bit tough. Great price though. Highly recommended, especially the lunch special.

Rebecca Vestal

Really tasty food! I had the Thai fried rice and it was perfect for me with a level 3 spice. The atmosphere was lovely and the service was excellent.


For some reason, my wife and I had never tried Thai Flavors in the 2+ years we've lived in Des Moines. I think it's the only Thai restaurant we've not tried. We were very pleased. It sure doesn't look like much from the outside, but the inside is nice and the food was really tasty, for the most part. All of the ingredients were fresh & flavorful. The Som Tom (papaya salad) was excellent--best we've had in DSM. The Green Curry was also excellent. Both of those two dishes had the authentic, complex flavors Thailand is known for. The Pad Thai was good, but a bit on the oily side, and the Cashew Chicken was not very good--the sauce was too salty. The service was incredibly fast as well. Oh, and we ordered heat level 3, which was just right for us--a bit of a kick but not overwhelming.

Louise Valin

I usually love Thai Flavors!! Today.. My beef drunken noodles and steamed egg noodles were extremely bland. I called to let them know because I wanted to make them aware. They offered to remake everything. I didn’t want to bother, all though the manager asked twice. I declined however she was able to credit us for the drunken noodles. The food wasn’t on point but customer service is

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