The Seafood Trap

1552 E Grand St, Des Moines
(515) 266-6244

Recent Reviews

Leova Salinas Gustafson

Very good service, and our meal was delicious! Highly recommend!

Xavier Dupree

Great service and amazing food! Good portions and fair pricing and clean environment highly recommend

Tiffany Brown

We thought this place would be great after reading the reviews but it was a total disappointment and rip off. They were out of lobster n king crab legs, the flavor wasn't good, and they substituted what they didn't have for shrimp except u didn't even notice they substituted it with anything because u got so little of it. And it was way over priced. I could have went to wal mart and for 20 bucks had 3 times the shrimp we got. Never again

Matthew Fusco

I had the catfish and a couple Blue Moon ales. Those waffle fries are killer, and the catfish, erhmahgerd!My friends had that massive steamed happiness thing will the lobster and other greatness.Overall pretty good. Especially being born and raised in Connecticut.Would go back again in a heartbeat. Cheers.


Awesome food. Really great ppl there. Will always go back.

Ivan Guerra

Absolutely wonderful! We ordered a Trap Star! Yummy. All the seafood was plentiful and delicious. Personally I love the sausage the best. Service was great! Food was out in a flash.

Tee Armstrong

The calamari and shrimp poboy was amazing! We are visiting from Texas and really enjoyed this place!

Chris Haugen

Just go. Tried a little bit of everything and it was all great.

Heather Amanda

Always fresh and best seafood here

Hea There

Spend 80 and left hungry. I really don't know how any one could rate them 5 stars.

Rodney Buchholz

good service very friendly awesome atmosphere. very amazing food.

Laura Henderson Lizotte Vangundy

everyone is very friendly and food is delicious.

Caylyn Wallace

Very unprofessional & rude employees. Found a metal shard in my seafood bag & was accused of lying about it before they even offered a resolution. This is the SECOND time metal has been found in a seafood bag from this place in the last month. Why would anyone lie about metal being in a $50 bag of seafood they PREPAID FOR. Health department has been contacted, hopefully no one else goes through this. Very shameful.

Guest Account

My door greeter / server was exceptional. Very polite, very attentive. All 3 of the servers stopped by my table to say hello, ask if there was anything needed, top off my drink. The food, fried cod basket was delicious. But so many fries that I couldn't finish it all. Sparse on decorations, but a cozy welcoming atmosphere. Will certainly return soon. Highly recommended!

Levi C.

i went there and i usually enjoy my food because the crab is amazing but last time i found a metal shard n it after i ordered to go and payed over 50 dollars then when i took a pic of it on my phone i was Told by the manager that there's no possible way there could've been a middle shot in it so basically I was told that I was lying and she asked me if I kept the crab legs which I didn't because I didn't want to think of my house and who keeps crab legs just a right in their kitchen anyways so basically since I didn't keep the crab legs I was out of my money.

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