The Walnut

1417 Walnut St, Des Moines
(515) 282-1000

Recent Reviews

hristiana vidinova

The food was very, very tasty. This is my favorite place in Des Moines

Blake A.

So dang good. I get the chicken Philly and you can thank me later... I wasn't sure how it would be with the cream cheese, but boy oh boy it gives it such a nice velvety flavor and texture. The pretzel bites are also INSANE. Highly recommended.

Tiffany Alberti

I am homeless and because I have an arm cast on and another cast on my left leg I cannot work and I cannot make money until I heal so I went to this restaurant to find a Good Samaritan who would be willing to buy me food and the staff chased me away claiming that I was scaring the customers.\\nHow can anyone be scared of a crippled homeless person who can barely walk or stand up? The staff that chased me away seemed terrified of me. Am I just that ugly? Is that it? Staff and customers there seemed rude and stuck up and holier than thou.\\nWhenever I do heal and start working I am not going to go there. Why should I spend my money there when they do not consider me to be a human unless I have money?

Janell Clason

Amazing! I ordered the west coast burger(pepper jack cheese, smoked bacon, mustard, ketchup, and avocado with parmesan fries and it was great! Husband got chicken wings and pork belly burnt ends(sorry no pics). I tried the burnt ends and they were so flavorful! Waitresses both were attentive and great. Definitely going to be a go to place!

donald maas

Very good food and service

Jamie B.

Update the website and your door if you're going to close at 8:45 on a Thursday night before the Art Fest.

Mark Carter

Relaxed, cool city vibe! Focused menu made daily by owner-chef. The waitstaff, Sam, was great. Had the rueben and pasta salad today. Very good!

TJ Rushing

Better than expected food, the Tobacco Turkey Melt is a 10. Service is always on point. And added bonus: it’s a good spot to watch a game.

Andrew Glass

The west coast burger is amazing. Patio is great with good service. Good booze selection

Ojas Gokhale

Nice sandwiches and bowls.. good service.

Brian Berry

Great restaurant!! The royal bird might be the best chicken sandwich I've had! Good local beers on tap and nice wet bar options too.

Angie M.

My husband and I love coming here for a number of reasons. First and foremost the food is delicious. The pretzel bites are a staple. The staff is friendly and always welcoming. The place has a cool vibe about it. Our favorite comfort spot downtown.

Google user

Great restaurant!! The royal bird might be the best chicken sandwich I've had! Good local beers on tap and nice wet bar options too.

Jeremy S.

Stopped in for lunch today with my better half. I never post on Yelp, but I was impressed with my experience. The food was great, the service above par, at a reasonable price. If you are a burger guy, you will enjoy the menu, I personally had the mushroom Swiss burger, and it is the best burger I've had in awhile. Worth checking out, we will be back for sure, they had a chicken sandwich on the menu we both want to try.

Olivia Nelson

first time i went there and never going back. get more staff that know what their doing. go to grumpy goat instead. literally on the same block. they’ll know who i am when i say that. walnut is weak.

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