Tonic Bar

210 Court Ave, Des Moines
(515) 777-1182

Recent Reviews

xx w

Atmosphere wise it's ok, nice bartender had a beer did a shot. Before I met my sister at another bar.The next day I checked my bank account and saw an extra charge.That's an instant red flag for me be weary of this location.

Nathan Simler

Great location, great people working, great tasting mules!!!

Moniqueca Duncan

Service was really good. Accidentally put 3 stars instead of 4... I wasn't paying attention (distracted)

Topshot man

You can't beat this place! It's even better when regulars Sauce and Juice are in the house.

Anousith Macvilay

Dogs were allowed here before it was the cool thing to do

Allan Merz-Rosendale

Pretty alright place to hang out, there's a pool table that's in good shape but the cues have seen better days.

Clint Hutchcroft

Come for the drinks and stay for the kisses!

Emmanuel Robertson

I usually start my evenings at tonic bar, getting tipsy for the night and preparing for other bars... With several options on Court Ave, Des Moines, tonic bar will be a great start for anyone who like to be alone while having a drink... So peaceful... A poll table and other electronic games are also available, for fun...

Bill Heaning

Great Service!

Zac Ross

Great people, they treat everyone like family

Zachary Ross

Tonic is my place to go, ever since the pandemic they have done a great job of filling government regulations. The bartenders are great about requiring guest to wear their masks. I always feel comfortable when I’m here. The staff and the people are great!

Kyle Pritchard

I literally love this place. The people who work there and the people that hangout there are second to none!!!

John Meiers

Probably the best place downtown I’ve been in years. The staff: incredibly fun. The atmosphere: great people, great vibes. Everything else: 10/10

Shaun Eilander

Tonic is my home bar. The staff is amazing, especially Mama Jen! This is my home bar and I enjoy seeing all of the the staff and people that visit.

Kyra Eidbo

Love Tonic on Court Avenue! Fun place, great music! Always have a great time here!?

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