Latin King Italian Dining

2200 Hubbell Ave, Des Moines
(515) 266-4466

Recent Reviews

Audrey Jones

The lasagna was overcooked and tasted like tomato paste. Could probably throw some sausage or something in the meatless meat sauce. The noodles were the same consistency as the sauce. The appetizers were to die for though!!!

James Vibar

Six of us first timers here- All plates emptied- we had to order dessert to go in fear we would miss something!(There must be a Latin King in heaven)Not one negative factor here. We are all absolutely astonished. Seriously, the food was so good we cannot find words worthy enough for this review. The service was on point, ambiance legit, and so classy it makes you feel like your in a movie.

Life of Vi

Such a great atmosphere, friendly staff and the food is fabulous! This place does not disappoint! Try the mozzarella sticks you will not regret it.


Was so dissatisfied. My Spiedini was BURNT, dry and in general gross. Waiter never checked back. This was not an inexpensive meal. They’ve changed management and it shows

Tracy Adam

Awesome service...steak de burgo..amazing as always great family atmosphere!!!

Macguire Brooks

Wonderful food, beautiful environment, and an awesome serving staff! The food is out of this world. Their Steak Deburgo is without a doubt the best I've ever had.Always a pleasure eating out at Latin King!Shout out to Molly! Thank you for the excellent service tonight!

Deb W

Nice atmosphere and service. Recently switched ownership but the food was the same..SUPERB!! Highly recommend a visit to this iconic landmark in east desmoines

Deb Hoyt

Was disappointed they were out of chicken livers. Theirs are the best!! Had chicken marsala. It was yummy! Strawberry Shortcake to die for!!

Nate Beylin

Wow, awesome place. Both the food and the astetics were sublime. I ordered the stuffed pork chops.The pork chops were awesome, the sauce paired well with the potato croquet that came with the dish and the inside of the pork chop was full of cheese and bacon.I was sitting outside so service was a bit slow but all the same turn around was great and the food was more than worth the wait.

Seeta Mangra-Stubbs

I know this place is beloved, but I'm just meh about it. I haven't been since the pandemic started, so maybe it's better, but the tables were way too close together. There's barely room to move. The food was good, but not really memorable.

Rod Biondi

Drop whatever you are doing and go to the Latin King! It is strawberry shortcake season. Get one to eat and one to go. You will need to share so be sure to have them serve the one to eat now with two forks.

Carol L.

First of all food was delicious. We came in a little in the later side and we were put on the fast food time track. Salad and main course were our before the appetizer we ordered all in a matter of 20 minutes. Had no time to enjoy the cocktails we ordered at all. Also what Italian restaurants doesn't throw baskets of bread at you? Not here, you have to ask and you get one piece per person.

Karen Frahm Oaks

Great atmosphere, friendly waiter, great food!

Jennifer H.

Well that sucked. Their specialty is the chicken spiedini and it came out burned and dry. Would have sent it back but the waiter went to get my pasta that was supposed to come with the meal and never returned. We did see a busser after 1/2 an hour to pack up leftovers but what was the point. Dogs wouldn't eat this. So sad. What a waste. Next time I want authentic Italian I'll go to Tomea and Sons

Lisa Heckart-Wood

Love to eat here. We drive 90 miles for the wonderful food and the best cannolis! The atmosphere is great and staff are wonderful.

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