W-Tao Sushi

400 Walnut St #101, Des Moines
(515) 777-3636

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Ryan O'Halloran

Excellent food and service at a great price

Miranda E

I absolutely love this place. I dine here every year for my birthday and other occasions as well. Their sushi, appetizers, and drinks always exceed my expectations.I also order delivery often. I always order a Tao Chef roll for delivery with mango added. Today I forgot to add mango to my order, the store called me personally to make sure I still wanted mango. I could not love and appreciate this gem of a sushi bar more!

Kheem Bade

friendly staff, and great food...


Who knew the best sushi was in Iowa? Along with fresh and tasty fish, they have a unique cocktail menu. Do yourself a favor and order their bloody mary - it is unbelievably good! Great service and kind employees as well.

Ryan McDermott

Went for my wife's birthday dinner, just the two of us. The spicy edamame was a great starter, and the sushi and sashimi for two was perfect - great fish, great roll, and excellent presentation. The server recommended a nice cold sake for us, which was served in a cool ice bath. And then he surprised my wife with a tempura ice cream, complete with candle, on the house! Our kids would not have appreciated the place or the food, but it was a perfect date night.

Stephanie C.

I had a delicious meal with great service. I loved the Tao chef's roll and the spicy edamame. The other rolls we got were all great. I liked the ambiance a lot. The sashimi was good quality, and it tasted good, it was just not the best I've had, so I will probably go with another specialty roll instead next time, and I have no doubt I'll be delighted.

Julian Matias

Loved their Chirashi there. Its the only place I've ever been to to use furikake ( japanese seaweed seasoning) in their bowls.

Karianna Graber

This was a great experience! The food, the atmosphere... everything! Bruce was our server and did his job well, making us feel comfortable and at home with timely service and a relaxed demeanor. We will be back!

Jennifer T.

My dining companion and I decided to try out this restaurant last week. He had been here pre-Covid but this was my first time. We were both in the mood for Yakisoba (stir fried noodles). When we received it, we thought our server had brought the wrong dish. The noodles were not stir stir fried and were sitting in a little broth (not normal). Our server insisted this was the correct dish, just a bit watery. It did not have the traditional sauce either. I had the shrimp and he had the steak. The shrimp was ok but the steak was tough & chewy. We also had a shrimp tempura roll. The tempura was not light and crispy. It was actually chewy! We had ordered another roll but didn't receive it (but it wasn't on the bill either) Japanese is one of my favorite cuisines, and I'm very familiar with the cuisine having lived there a few years, so I was quite disappointed. Maybe they were just having a bad night, but I don't think I'll try it again.

Neceto Leung

I forgot to post this review. Best Ramen I've ever had. High quality food. Took some time to get the food but worth the wait.

Richard Snyder

Nice place downtown for casual lunch or lunch meeting. Not too noisy for conversation and the place is not filled up with TV screens.The food is always good as well as the service. I have my "go-tos" but also enjoy trying dishes that are new to me. Love the miso soup.Needless to say, I'll be back again.

Jessica Reinert

Great staff and great food!

Mike D.

I ate here with a friend on Memorial Day and it took 2.5 hours to get our food. The table next to us waited as long. The server spilled some of my miso soup on me. I have to say the sushi was really good--the wait and atmosphere not so much. What really bothered me was when I paid, the server took my credit card to the back of yhe restaurant for awhile. I never like to watch my credit card go far away from me and for good reason. Two days later someone used my credit card numbers to make a $238 purchase for themselves. Thankfully my card company alerted me and canceled the charge and my credit card. I can't say for certain it happened at this restaurant but that was the only time someone else had my card. Won't go there again.

Courtney B

Been coming here for years, reliably great sushi...not too much rice, quality fish. Awesome lunch specials, 2 rolls and soup/salad for $10 really can't be beat! Spicy egg drop soup is the best anywhere. Best happy hour downtown, the service is excellent and you can get in and out quickly if needed

Mark Park

It appeared that they were short staffed for memorial day but none the less the service they had were still quite acceptable and the food was great. Generous sashimi portions that were quite fresh. The salmon toro tartar was quite delicious. Recommend!

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