West End Lounge

2309 Forest Ave, Des Moines
(515) 255-9760

Recent Reviews

Noah Bamonte-Grebis

Best bar in the Drake neighborhood. You can meet people and drink cheap!

Adam Goldberg

Best bar in America

Craig Miracle

Great place

Mark Coulter

Yuck I saw fruit flies in a drink and that's what you advertise gosh take it down or fix the problem

Alvin mathew

dank vibes

Ethan S.

Yeah this place sucks. Bartenders are trash and they do not know how to make drinks. It takes forever to get a simple drink and they won't even make it right

Kevin Mathew

The blessed end...not much more to be said

Victor M. Lima Jr

Good plce to drink good music and nice chicas

Daniel B

Love the outdoor patio, indoors is nice too. It's worth the walk.

Coda Emmett

Just another another college bar. If only the bartenders could figure out how to properly pour a drink. Atmosphere is cool.

Mitch D

It is comforting that West End Lounge has changed very little in the 30 plus years since I was a student at Drake University. Great place to sit and have drinks before and after a Drake basketball game. I would not think of visiting Drake without visiting West End.

Coach Marty

Best bar on the planet. If you like real bars.

Aleksandra Plewa

It's your typical college bar. Watered-down drinks, loud young adults, and once in a while a good song will come on.

Jon Lueth

Great college bar. Drinks are usually made well, staff is generally responsive. When the weather's nice the back patio is a blast. Small space so be prepared to be close.


Fun bar with a bunch of college kids in it. You can order food from the pizza place which is located around the corner. They have a good selection of beers and the normal drinks, although bartenders are young and place is primarily a beer joint. They have outside seating if you're a smoker. Not a bad place, but bathrooms have no locks and are dirty. Just drinking, fun, jute box and sports TV.

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