Barbacoa Grill

276 West Bobwhite Ct, Boise
(208) 338-5000

Recent Reviews

Kristi Lynn Smith

Great ambiance, yummy table side guacamole, fantastic cocktails, great wine, excellent food.

Patti Sarro

Very trendy/hip type atmosphere, but they don’t rely on that for attracting the crowd they get every night, the food and service is great. Indoor dining is really loud, so if you want to enjoy conversations, it’s best to wait for an outdoor table, which has a great view of the large pond


.I ordered 2 appetizers for my meal .... The short ribs were so overdone that I couldn’t chew the meat! And the stuffed poblano Chile filling tasted like week old mush! Very thick and salty. Was so disappointed with the quality of the food. I wonder if they ever taste what is leaving the kitchen ? Expensive and awful!.....

Kathy Silk

This is one of the best restaurants in Boise, great food, great service, highly recommend !


Based on positive reviews and recommendations, we had dinner here to celebrate my husband's birthday. It was not a good experience. The restaurant was LOUD making it difficult to have a conversation. The drinks and wine menus are on a computer tablet ( what happened to good old menus? The food menu was not electronic.). We each chose a cocktail and were about to review the food menu when the server wanted to take away the wine menu tablet. We said we wanted to choose a wine after we decided on our meal. He said there weren't that many tablets and they needed to keep them charged but allowed us to keep it. When our cocktails were served as we were deciding on dinner, the different server again tried to remove the wine list but we said we still needed it. Once we'd made our decisions we found it difficult to talk so we looked at the art pieces we could see from our booth. We were near the service door opening to the (very full) patio which allowed heat and flies to enter. My steak cooked on a hot rock was tasty but you have to move it off the rock onto the cutting board or it will overcook. Then you're left with the hot rock keeping you warm. The arroz con crema y rajas was mass of cheese that was not appealing. My husband's Mexican style steak was fine but the rice was dry and needed flavor. The dining experience was not comfortable for us.

Bob Morgan

One of the coolest atmosphere I have ever been to. We were visiting friends who raved about it and to be honest I was skeptical. This restaurant would fit right into Vegas! Moroccan theme with Mediterranean food. We had the tableside guacamole, a must followed by hot rock steaks and finally cotton candy dessert and ice cream pops. If you are around Boise this is a must try.

Pei-Ching Sung

Must go before 6pm to get the BOGO cocktail!Love the food and the service are great!


Our server was excellent. Appetisers were 3 to 4 on scale of 5. Our main dishes were excellent. It's an eglectic atmosphere so, it's fun. Views of water are very nice. For something different, I highly recommend.


This restaurant was recommended to us and it Hass to be the best recommendation I have ever received this place was so awesome I would drive back to Idaho just to go here all over again customer service was over the top yes the restaurant is a little pricey but when I tell you it’s worth the money you would not regret it!!!

Joy H.

This is one of our favorite spots in Boise and we *always* bring out of town guests here. It is more than a meal, it is an experience! This past weekend my parents came to town and we were excited to bring them to Barbacoa. Made a reservation (of course) and were super disappointed when they sat us in a room off the main dining room. It was way quieter and easier to talk in there for sure, but you don't get the overall experience -- the vibe of the restaurant, all the art, etc. We asked to move and didn't feel hopeful as they were packed (as usual), we were a party of five, and had already ordered our drinks and guac even. Unbelievably, one of the managers made it happen! They moved us outside to a table facing the pond and under the water misters. We were thrilled! Even though we weren't inside with the art, it was sooooo much better to be on the patio than in that separate room with nothing going on in there. My parents walked around the restaurant to take everything in, and also checked out the bathrooms before we left. So, all in all, it turned out great and they got to experience Barbacoa!

Nate S.

Best place ever!! Great food and I will always go back.

Holland V.

This place never disappoints. Drinks in ice cups and food that will leave you satisfied and talking about your meal for days. You really can't go wrong. They also now have an entire vegetarian menu if you ask for it. The way they present the food is innovative and impressive. If you come for happy hour 4-6, it's BOGO on drinks!


There’s much to commend this restaurant for, but some concerns as well. First, the positives, you have a creative and eye-catching interior design. Then you have an interesting menu and daily specials options that are delicious and artfully presented. Lastly, you have quality servers who are knowledgeable and can engage in dialogue as well as answer questions. We had three individuals separately suggest Barbacoa when asked “where should we go to dinner in Boise”, so we knew we should give it a try. A few concerns kept us from an “excellent” review. Service, both to speak with our waitress, and to receive our food, was noticeably longer than would be considered appropriate. This was especially surprising given the number of staff visible as well as having both a waitress and an assistant to serve our table. Additionally, almost from the time we sat down until our dinner was served, a woman was seated at the bar and completely passed out. I don’t know what the protocol for this in the food service industry would be, but for us as bystanders, it was completely distracting and worrisome - wondering whether she was okay or in need of medical attention. The bartenders obviously saw her, along with multiple staff members, and no one batted an eye. Even her companion (when we finally could determine who it was) did not pay her any attention and continued to drink and visit with others at the bar. When he finally roused her to leave, she knocked over a chair, fell on the floor, and needed much assistance to stand and depart. I haven’t witnessed that level of intoxication since college, and never in a reputable public setting. The whole situation was seedy and seemed much more akin to our local beer joint than a classy, 4$ restaurant. And lastly, Barbacoa is a lively and energetic restaurant, and the noise levels where we were sitting made it difficult for us to have a conversation. If we return, we would call ahead to make a reservation requesting a table outside to enjoy the views, beautiful weather, and lower noise levels.


Super cool atmosphere and definitely great for dates. Menu is pretty large. They are known for the hot stone steaks which I got the filet. Normally I am not a huge filet mignon fan but this steak was excellent. Probably more rare than medium rare as I ordered but no compliant. The real star was the cognac and green peppercorn sauce that they lit table side. The oysters was also great with plenty of briney flavor. I appreciate that they were fully clean and ready for slupering. A little more expensive than necessary but worth the try.


So many friends told us that visiting Barbacoa Grill was a MUST when we were in the Boise area and we were not disappointed! Make reservations ahead of time because they are always busy! The service by our waitstaff, Brytni and Austin was superior! The food was exceptional and so many different and unusual choices. We had the octopus appetizer suggested by friends and it was amazing! My husband had the steak on the hot rock and it was fun and delicious! We sat outside and enjoyed the amazing view and then Connor (a very nice waitstaff person we met inside) gave us a tour of the inside and there is too much to take in on one visit! Gorgeous paintings (ask about the huge painting on the ceiling in the bar area), historic pieces and blown glass worth millions! A MUST when visiting Boise! (There is also a "secret" dessert menu!)

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