Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery - Boise

610 W Grove St, Boise
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Jillian Phippen

We had fish tacos and pumpkin poutine. It was a special for September and was amazing. I am currently planning Thanksgiving around it as an appetizer. I'm giving myself 2 months to figure out what the chefs did to make it amazing.The sauce on the fish tacos was great. Our server Cora was so bubbly, helpful, and available if we needed her. We ate outside on Friday night, and even though the place was packed, service was quick.They had some new wines and a huge cocktail list (and the names of their cocktails were punny and awesome).Definitely recommend.

Cinthia Herrera

This place has delicious drinks and food is very tasty! Highly recommend this place for a quick lunch date or just a fast drink! Our waitress was awesome I wish I would have remembered her name! I got a salad with salmon and the red panda! I will def be returning soon!

Brett Dugué

SUPERIOR DRINKS! The THAI FIGHTER was SO GOOD it would have made DARTH VADER PROUD!!! Excellent food as well...the TUNA & CHEDDAR sandwich was a GREAT choice! FUN ATMOSPHERE to boot!?

Sarah Afshar

Upon entering this establishment, I noticed the industrial yet rustic ambience that reminded me of an old inn you would not normally find in a city area. It works well though among the city of trees. The staff here are extremely enthusiastic and welcoming. I’m all honesty, I felt like my overall service was great here. The food is modestly great too. The Cheeseboard, the Veggie Eggs Benedict, the Idaho Greek Grilling Cheese Satay, and the Ginger Rum Raisin Carrot Cake were all amazing. In addition to this, they offer an extensive selection of both wine and beer. My only con would be offering more vegetarian and plant-based options. As our nation’s first restaurant distillery, this is a great place to enjoy wonderful food and wonderful drinks. I will definitely return in the near future.

Susan A

The staff was so nice, friendly, accommodating, and we felt very special and appreciated. Food was ready pretty quickly (we had placed an order to go), and they brought us ice waters while we waited. When I couldn’t decide between regular fries or sweet potato fries, they offered for me to get half & half! My son ordered the Mediterranean Steak Pita and said it was fantastic - “high quality meat!” - would love to return

Monique Nilsson

Great food and loved the drinks. Friendly service!

Dana O'Connor

Had a great time at Bardenay. The food was tasty, nice portions, not to much or little, my basil cocktails we're perfectly made, had two so I know for sure. Service was good, some servers better than others but what can you do? All in all recommended as far as food, drinks and atmosphere. Would surely go back.

Alexander Lavdas

As part of the Basque community in Boise, this restaurant takes no backseat. The food is superb and the atmosphere is quite enjoyable. The service is on point with very little delay with a large helping of delicious food. A must visit for anyone wanting to satisfy their pallet.

Kari Smith

We really enjoyed date night at Bardenay. We went downtown on a Tuesday night thinking that was obscure enough that we’d be able to find a place to eat easy enough. Boy were we wrong.I am a wheelchair user and we went to 6 or 7 restaurants downtown that had several steps to get into their establishment. I was feeling incredibly frustrated. I called Bardenay and was ecstatic to find that not only was their restaurant accessible, they didn’t have a wait list either!We rolled over and found the place pretty accessible. I had to scoot a few chairs out of my way to get to our table in the back but for the most part it was like a breath of fresh air.We ordered the steak satay as an appetizer and I could have just eaten those for dinner. The steak was tender and juicy. It fell off the skewer and I had very little fat on mine. Normally I am the slow eater but I gobbled this down.My boyfriend ordered the pork sandwich and I ordered the sea bass with gnocchi.I have to say, I’m not a very adventurous eater, and I was nervous. The nerves were unwarranted. That fish was one of the best dishes I have ever eaten. The lightness of the fish paired with the dense gnocchi, all balanced with a creamy garlic and Parmesan sauce, was the perfect blend of fat and protein. Even though I thought it would be heavy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was full but not too full, and I didn’t feel heavy or bloated after. This dish was a real winner.My boyfriend’s sandwich was much larger than his mouth and he spent a few minutes contemplating the best way to eat it before squashing it a bit and diving in. He was a huge fan. I didn’t taste it all together because, like I said, not an adventurous eater, but I tasted the pork and it was tender and very flavorful. He was in hog heaven with this sandwich.We both had canned beer and skipped desert as the portions were hearty.Overall I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. My only drawback and the reason for a 4 star rating is the price of certain items seems disproportionately overpriced. They do seem to have an awesome happy hour that we would likely try to go for next time.Well done Bardenay!

Dennis Porter

Well when you walk in and taste the cocktail or wine you know your in for a treat!!!. Lemon drop or the very nice house glass of wine!!! Once you order and Findley now what you want your taste buds start to ?water!!. The specials are to die for and the salads will take you to the top!!! By the way the service will make all of your problems go away!!! Enjoy, just the best!!

Lisa Carter

I'd give 4.5 if I could! Awesome cocktails which alone are worth coming here for - try something you haven't had before! I enjoyed the Basil Instinct and Spanish Coffee immensely. Both times I've dined here the food has been solid, the portions huge, and I suspect that it's some of the best you can find in town. Great location, great ambiance, and the menu has something for everyone and every dietary need. Thank you for being open on Mondays when so many other restaurants in town are closed!

Kathleen Warner

Great food, fun atmosphere and good service!


We were a big party that placed reservation in advance (1 week in advance). When we arrived we asked for the outside seating and there were plenty of tables available. We also were ready to split the tables. Also she said there are “people are waiting fir these tables” and we weren’t considered for the “people” definition. I got stories that I couldn’t buy. So finally Mike the manager arrived and helped , somehow , with our requests. Eventually we split to 4 tables and kids (7 years old) had to seat in a separate table. Thanks Mike and Aidan for improving the experience.

Morgan S.

Food was okay.. I got the fusion pork tacos and they were dry, the corn tortillas were hard. I ordered sweet potato fries to come out first to snack on... that didn't happen. They came out with the food, which is fine, but here is where my rating goes down. We got there and put our name on the list with a 5-10 minute wait. (For 3 people). So we went to the bar and got drinks. Well after about 10 minutes, we started noticing people walking right in the door being seated. When we talked to the hostess, she forgot we were on a waitlist. We finally got seated, but waited for about 30 minutes for a waitress to come. A girl walked up and thought we had been waited on because we had drinks from the bar. We didn't have any silverware or water. She took our order which was tacos, fries, salmon linguine and shrimp linguine, and 3 waters. Waited about another 30-40 minutes for our food. A different girl brought our food and we still didn't have water, so she got it for us. All this time, our waitress had not been by to check on us or give us water. I will say, it was a Saturday around 7, but with as many people who were coming in and out of the restaurant, it seemed a bit odd for us waiting so long for everything. Our waitress never refilled our waters as we were eating. I know she was busy, but we definitely felt a bit invisible haha! I think our situation was just unfortunate. We looked at reviews online and it seemed great. I can't say we'll be back.

Lindy Smith

Great service and good location within the Basque area. There is a museum as well as a Basque grocery store.We had fries and street tacos. Both were good! Lots to choose from on the menu and everything we saw looked appealing. Drink menu suited for even the picky drinkers. The spicy banana ?margarita was interestingly tasty!!

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Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery - Boise

610 W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702
(208) 426-0538