Boise Fry Company

6944 W State St, Boise
(208) 391-1573

Recent Reviews

Mellie Turrittin

Delicious food, especially the Funguy burger with Extra Heat!

Ellen S.

What comes to your mind when you're from another state and visiting Idaho? Potatoes should be one of them. I was searching for good eating places and Boise Fry came as one from Yelp list. They have several locations so we ended up choosing this location due to convenience from where we stayed at. Plus sides: + Wonderful customer service + Parking is in private lot, ample space + Several kinds of fries as the name says Not so good sides/nothing special: - Fries were sitting (not freshly made when we placed the order) - Mediocre taste - Tried the beef classic burger and funguy BFC original burger but nothing special or so good about either one I'll say if you're curious about their food, go ahead and give a try, but once was enough for me. The best thing is still their customer service, very friendly employees.

Shadrach G

Excellent bison burger! Big selection of fries. The large fries are probably enough for 3 people! Next time I’m in potato land I’m stopping here again!!!

Gabe S.

Fries and burgers are good. Not the best and a bit too sweet. Fry sauce options are awesome. We do go back every once in a while but not our first choice for fires and burgers.

DeeAnn Allen

A neat concept to try different potatoes and sauces.

Bryan Atwell

Burgers are delicious and freshly made and the fries, there a big assortment to choose from, are fantastic. You need to try the flash fried Brussel sprouts...awesome!

Justy Thomas

One of Boise's best fry joints! Fun vibe. Happened to be National French Fry day today. Yay for us-free fries!

Crystal Stovall

They were really delicious and flavorful. They gave me a regular bun when I asked for a gluten free bun. I didn't realize it until I was halfway done with my hamburger. The Tiki Juice Seltzer was really delicious! The fries and sauce are exceptional!

Michelle McFadden

Burgers are fabulous and love the choices of potatoes for fries and the myriad of toppings / sauces.

Tien D.

I really wanted to enjoy this place. I mean.....Idaho is known for their potatoes right? I got the truffle oil gold potato fries and tried a burger as well. Usually I love all sorts of truffle fries but these tasted burnt. I was sad that I couldn't finish all my fries. Perhaps they needed to change out the oil and I just got a bad batch. They weren't crispy at all. Mostly the fries were soggy and you would get one or two fries with a nice crunch. I do like that they have different flavors of dipping sauce.

Michael Steward

My fun guy burger and russet fries were ok. Half the fountain soda options were out and others in my party didn't finish their burgers because they were overdone.

VideoArcadeLand Land

This is one of my favorite places to eat in Boise. Unfortunately, my order is incorrect or missing items nearly everything I go. It is on the expensive side for burgers and fries so its rather disappointing when items are missing altogether. I attempted to call the state street location and there was no answer after several calls and was unable to resolve the issue of missing items.

Mike Maloney

I got the bison burger. It was a pretty good homestyle burger. I also got the yam fries which weren't my favorite although they were prepared well. Nice place. I'll go back next time I'm in town.

Jamie Folks

Great food! Staff was friendly, patient and efficient even while training a new employee.Thoroughly explained all the fries to me as it was my first time at a BFC

Anthony Garner

Fantastic burgers and fries with locally sourced produce. The taste is immaculate and the price is awesome!

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