Jack In The Box

1124 S Vista Ave, Boise
(208) 429-4171

Recent Reviews

Josh Drewien

Great food

Michael Zilinski

Closes at lkke 8pm used to be open 24 hours. They could at least give me jacks munchies at the normal 6 bucks since they closer befors 9pm when it starts


Horribly ill managed. Website says it's open but clearly no one works here. I sat in the drive thru for 5 minutes and no one answered

Jerry Welch

No inside tables.. no restrooms ..hamburger was warm not hot..won't be going back to that location

Ian Pena

Came at 2PM on Saturday August 28. Was greeted by a nice blonde woman who was cheerful, outgoing, and offered amazingly good service for a fast food joint. The outdoor seating offered an opportunity to eat fast food out of our house for the first time in months, which was incredibly relieving. The experience altogether was surprisingly refreshing and made my day that much better.

Hal Christensen

They closed while we were in the drive through line and wouldn't let us order! Don't you think you would complete orders for people in line and then close?

Karlie Robinson

Just got a breakfast sandwich this morning and I took three bits before noticing that the bread was moldy. I immediately spit the third bite out. I also have gotten food poisoning from this location once before. Yes it is my fault for even coming back but it is also their fault for continuing to serve old expired food. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS LOCATION!!

Levi Reed

Online said they were open until 12 am. Get there at 11pm and they close while I'm in the drive thru line. I think the employees are making up their own hours.

Stephanie Gump

The sandwich was good and so was the drink . It satisfies for a quick pick me up.

Jerry Aggson

My favorite go to for fast food and bkfst all day!

Justin Katzmark

They do as good as you can for such a busy location! Will continue to eat here regularly since I live so close.

Jason Fields

I can't believe fast food chains such as this one refuse to pay people a living wage. I haven't been able to purchase breakfast here for two months. Are you really that stubborn Jack? You're already charging $12 for a burger meal. What a joke!

Les Eric Lewis

What can you say...it's just Jack's place. Nothing derogatory here...just decent fast food with a Jack twist!

Brian C.

The worst fast food place ive ever seen, and thats saying something. The last straw is when i ordered online and went to pick up my food. They had the drive through shut down on a supposed 24 hr place. When i pulled up domeone hid in the back and 20 minutes later takes off out of the restaurant with a bag of food jumps in a car and takes off. I had already paid for my food. To make it all worse jack in the box refuses to make this theft right.

Brian Corbett

So i ordered online at this store I went to pick up my food. When i got there at 1:40 am the drive through board was off,but there was someone inside. So i pulled around i waited for 7 min. Someone pulled from the side parking lot and got behind me honking their horn. I eventually pulled around, and waited. The car behind me parked back in the lot. 5 minutes later that car pulls into the drivethrough and someone runs out of the store with a bag of food hops in the car and takes off. Apparently the person in the store was hiding in the back. I had to leave without the food i had payed for. The store was supposed to be open.Update i had already submitted complaints in two different places, requesting a call. I got 1 form letter email response that clearly was intended to make it even more difficult to get, just a refund.

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